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(Smithsonian Magazine)   Free museum admission this Saturday for up to two people at museums across the country. Museums are these places where you learned about stuff before the Internet was invented. They are cool, honest   ( divider line
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2013-09-26 10:57:44 AM  
Free entrance to National Parks on Saturday.
2013-09-26 11:29:28 AM  
Full of children and yuppy herders

No thanks
2013-09-26 11:31:26 AM  

robohobo: I wish Kansas City had a natural history museum. We've the Nelson-Atkins, and the wife and I are "Society of Fellows" members cause she digs art, but I'd much rather have a history museum. Artifacts are way cooler than art.

Randomly, it, and KC in general, gets a crapton of asian tourists.

Part of it may be that the Nelson has what may be the largest collection of Asian art artifacts outside of Asia (it's either the Nelson or Chicago).  Even the Beijing museum had to recently borrow a chunk of the Nelson's collection for an exhibit on Dynastic art.

A world class natural history museum would be nice, though.  I understand there is some sort of one at KU (never visited myself), and there's a regional one in the Kansas City Museum (again, never been).  Other than that, we get what traveling exhibits come through Union Station, and that's it.
2013-09-26 12:08:56 PM  
The art museum at the University of Oklahoma offers free museum admittance compliments of the FOOTBALL program.  Finally, Athletics are giving back to the University some of the mega-bucks it rakes in off the backs of the slave athletes.
2013-09-26 12:38:02 PM  

robohobo: I wish Kansas City had a natural history museum.

Is Lawrence close enough?
2013-09-26 01:00:08 PM  

flamingboar: I've always wanted to go to a museum. Sadly, my state only has the creation museum.

Be glad, I remember when museums in my area were free... now it's $5 an EXHIBIT, even worse if something special comes in, cause it jacks the price up.
2013-09-26 01:42:31 PM  

Walker: DC's museums are already free....our zoo is too.

You're welcome.
2013-09-26 03:45:27 PM  
that's quite a list of museums (in their drop-down menu)
I'll have to check some of them out on a non-free day

/already going to a fair on Sat
2013-09-26 03:52:14 PM  

ImpendingCynic: ph0rk: Aww, you got me briefly excited about a trip to Kentucky.

Words never before spoken by anyone, ever.

For what it's worth, I picked up a brochure about a year ago indicating that one of the universities in Kentucky has a large collection of Edgar Rice Burrough's works, including some original manuscripts.  I seem to remember the phrase "Burroughs Bibliophiles" was on the brochure, but when I googled it I found a website that doesn't look like it's been updated since the late 90's.

P.S.  If any of you think that museums are purely educational institutions and/or places to display artifacts, consider the story of the olinguito.
2013-09-26 04:09:34 PM  
Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh has one of the best dinosaur bone collections in the world... in the WORLD I tell you!! Teeth as big as your arm and so on. Truly awesome.

Free / donation
// internal slashie above
2013-09-26 05:35:16 PM  
I think this is awesome, and for people not actually reading the offer, it's for a wide range of participating museums, so check out their list before dismissing it. I'm taking my gf to one tomorrow and it's gonna save us $30 of admission, so why the hell not right? perfect excuse to check out a place neither of us have been to before
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