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(WWE)   Did Triple H learn another new word this past week? Are Paul Heyman and Ryback going to fulfill more slashfic fantasies? Has Dusty Rhodes recovered from being fisted by the Big Show? Find out on WWE Raw is Abeyance, 8 PM on USA   ( divider line
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2013-09-24 08:39:51 PM  
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Triple Oak: Daniel Bryan ending the show positively = good
Rest of show = not as good


/I have a job interview next Monday. Same company, but career-type position. Triple Oak is excited. Not watching wrestling for a little while yet but still reading the fWc and all its goodness
//SW again?? I laugh at the pony haters. She said it best: 40 of you, and one of her, and she keeps winning. Excellent effort with a Horseman at 1003.
///creeps back into the shadows


Raw Review, 23 Sept. 2013


I missed it, but you get the deal: set up the main event, other bullsh*t. Angelo Savoldi was mentioned though, which was pretty cool.

Del Rio vs. Kingston

Del Rio continues to be a scumf*ck and it works for him. Kingston set up an injury angle that sort of came into play later, mainly to show Kofi rising above ARMBAR!

Miz/Orton segment

Miz tried Owen voice for his promo. Yikes. It's not gonna get Orton heel heat if people WANT to see Miz beat-up in front of his own parents. It's a called a clue, WWE. Get one.

Wyatts vs. Prime Time Players

PTP's uneven push continues as they get fed to a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! Brodie Lee - er, I mean Luke Harper - stuck out here, and to me that clothesline just might help make him a star. I love a good, tall Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen type, as long as there's only one active on the roster at a time. Eric Rowan's not doing much for me other than he's tall, and has a beard. If Harper starts showing some of the same mic skills as Wyatt, he's gonna go somewhere.

Also I did notice Chicago popping for Wyatt and crew. I think that will just be the way of things until Bray does something other than catchphrases and Snake-lite promos.

Serious Miz is Owen voice serious

Two things: one, we're seeing Big Show heel turn #829 in progress. The other is Stephanie McMahon's heel heat is so strong, I think people might start turning their backs on her. She doesn't get the massive boos Vickie Guerrero gets, at least not yet, but she's the only character who's totally evil in this story. Triple H keeps trying to say he's really a nice guy, honest, he's just doing his job by f*cking you in the ass. Steph though gives NO f*cks and it's working for her.

Oh and Big Show decked Miz to the applause of the entire WWE Universe around the world. Not a good sign for a prominent babyface in this program.

Orton vs. RVD

RVD continues delivering good TV matches, playing the hits and not overtly popping someone in the chin too hard. In this match his offense style was refreshing, because so many WWE wrestlers rely on the same old repertoire of rest hold, punch, kick, suplex, punch, finisher. I mean if I was RVD, and I knew that The Shield might show up and the RKO is a factor, I would spin-kick the sh*t out of Orton too. F*ck grappling the guy.

And to his credit Orton has been a strong performer since Summerslam. I can't really call him "Boreton," when he's reverted to some of his old, Legend Killer antics, he's consistently putting in good free TV matches, and being an arrogant dick comes quite natural to him.

But there's one problem: okay so the villains are smart and powerful. The heroes are earnest and (somewhat) inspired. But the heroes are DUMB. They are sooooooo DUMB. If WWE is going to throw in meta crap and work the internet, then the faces need to be meta too and start taking advantage of wrestling logic.

Del Rio sneak attack

Hey, did you know WWE is stupid enough to schedule two ppv's in October, and call neither of them Halloween Havoc? Oh yeah, better get the Big Gold match booked already!

Orton and Stock Bella

This face turn feels SO unearned. Holy logic gap, WWE, this is so you it's not even funny. So we care about Brie now, even though you spent 3 weeks building towards Nattie vs. AJ? Nothing against Brie, but GFYS, WWE Creative.

Steph and AJ

And once again, Steph pulls rank on a diva for no reason but that she can. Except oops, it's on the HEEL champion. Yeah, no logic. NO f*cking logic. We're just doing sh*t because, because....a reality show that's on hiatus? Oh and why wouldn't AJ jump Steph and beat the hell out of her, exactly? I thought she was totes cray-cray or something, and had that spider monkey finishing hold.

Santino vs. Fandango

And your Wresting Challenge match of the night is....

CM Punk, and hating bowlies

F*ck you, I like this Ryback. I hated that Goldberg/Terminator sh*t he was doing. I find what he does funny. Yeah it's stupid. Yeah it's one dimensional. But Paul Heyman makes it f*cking WORK, and Ryback finally feels comfortable out there, instead of rigid and unsure. This also fits Curtis Axel, as his only real strength is being the "me too" guy who kicks people when they're down. I loved this whole segment. I was done with this feud but dammit, if it means Triple H is no where near it and Heyman will continue being this smarmy, I'm gonna keep watching. I seriously haven't enjoyed Heyman this much since he managed Rick Rude in WCW.

Divas Tag

Brie showed more spark in the ring, and a few more moves. It seems they want her to be lady Bryan, with more intensity. I'm expecting her to wear maroon tights and start doing the "YES!" chant in about a week. But this whole night did AJ no favors. She's an after-thought in her own program, three weeks removed from her pipe bomb. I mean they talked more about a TV show that's ON HIATUS AND HAS NO NEW EPISODES than AJ Lee the F*CKING CHAMP.

Shield promo

Alright, so this is the area where I love Dean Ambrose. Promos are his thing. Doing shaky cam promos are his thing too, going back to CZW. Rollins is getting there, a little more comfortable than he was, and Reigns has figured out the less he says, the more effective he is when he  does talk.

Also let's face it: this Raw sent one message home - The Shield are the real stars of the neo-corporation angle. Daniel Bryan may be the main protagonist, and Triple H the chief villain, but make no mistake The Shield are the engine. Booking them in a second handicap match pretty much assured that. They are the guys you need to take out, before they take you out. I'd actually love it if Triple H wasn't poking his nose into everything.

The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan and the JOB Squad

The ending was a "send 'em home happy" deal, but all it did was show The Shield are ten miles above everybody else. It buried the whole tag team division and most of the midcard roster. Some of these guys got 1-2 minutes in the ring, tops, before taking a spear and eating a pin fall. But hey, Zack Ryder got to main event Raw, right?

This whole thing's become a mess. 2 ppv's in October is a horrible idea. The whole angle hinges upon two things happening: Triple H being humiliated by Daniel Bryan, and the babyfaces outsmarting the heels. NEITHER of these things have happened. It's good we're not ending each night with a beatdown, though.

Oh and I'll just call it now: Royal Rumble arrives, and John Cena returns, eliminating the entire Shield in one fell swoop.

Because fark you, that's why.
2013-09-23 10:01:52 PM  
1 vote:

BATMANATEE: Dougie AXP: Punk is the only man I know who buys his hockey jerseys one size too small

He doesn't have a beer and poutine gut to hide.

i find this comment funny how i was eating poutine and drinking beer at the beginning of the show
2013-09-23 09:49:20 PM  
1 vote:

eagles95: Here's more lulz

WWE Creative Humor @WWECreative_ish 14m

The 11-man team is quickly turning into Mr. Burns' softball team. Hopefully one of the Usos doesn't get addicted to nerve tonic.

Well, HHH had done it
Randy Orton had won it
With Zack Ryder jobbing all the while
Scott Hall's tragic illness made us smile
While RVD lay unconscious on the bar room tile

We're Talkin' Wrestling
From Maine to San Diego
Talkin' wrestling
Bobby and Gorilla
Great Khali's grotesquely swollen jaw
Swagger and his run-in with the law
We're talkin' Bryan...
Danielson, and the Beard

We're Talkin' Wrestling
From Maine to San Diego
Talkin' wrestling
Bobby and Gorilla
Great Khali's grotesquely swollen jaw
Swagger and his run-in with the law
We're talkin' Bryan...
Danielson, and the Beard
2013-09-23 09:43:09 PM  
1 vote:

TheManofPA: Is the footage HHH drugging her and raping her in Vegas while making Test watch?

That's the way I'll always remember it.
2013-09-23 09:39:42 PM  
1 vote:
stock bella is best bella....mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm
2013-09-23 08:58:58 PM  
1 vote:

The Bestest: also.. I admittedly want to see Machete Kills

Same here.  The first one was stupid fun and this one looks like it ramps it up several times.
2013-09-23 08:19:30 PM  
1 vote:

Morrius: I would not download the WWE app even if it downloaded AJ porn directly into my brain.

now now, don't be irrational here
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