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(BBC)   Woman injured when she tried to be swift in rescuing birds from aviary, may have egrets and grouse, bittern after hearing shrikes from the 18 consumed by the flicker of flames. Let osprey   ( ) divider line 34
    More: Sad, Dalkeith, smoke inhalation  
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2454 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Sep 2013 at 9:11 AM (2 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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Archived thread
2013-09-23 08:56:05 AM  
Those are puns most fowl, submitter...
2013-09-23 09:15:33 AM  
I suspect Subby of winging it.
2013-09-23 09:15:38 AM  

xanadian: Those are puns most fowl, submitter...

They really tern me off.
2013-09-23 09:16:06 AM  
I dont get the grouse part....but the rest was pretty good/stretched.
2013-09-23 09:17:40 AM  
Subby is really stretching it with words that sort of sound like other words.  Or maybe he's just hard of heron?
2013-09-23 09:18:13 AM  
Way too many puns in the headline. You need to leave a few so others can have a tern.
2013-09-23 09:19:04 AM  

Pangit: I dont get the grouse part....but the rest was pretty good/stretched to the point that it wasn't funny at all.

2013-09-23 09:19:32 AM  
Who needs a penguin you have a keyboard, eh subby?
2013-09-23 09:22:27 AM  
I sense that subby was trying to communicate something.  Not sure what.
2013-09-23 09:22:41 AM  
I was expecting the Weeners to be Boobies
2013-09-23 09:23:47 AM  

SuperChuck: I was expecting the Weeners to be Boobies

You have a strange view of biology...
2013-09-23 09:24:46 AM  
If only there was some way birds could escape fire. Perhaps by going over it somehow.
2013-09-23 09:25:52 AM  
In other news... "wilful fire-raising"???  Don't normal people call that "arson"?

/they even mis-spelled "willful."
2013-09-23 09:27:17 AM  
If your birds are in burning aviary, omlet go, because man, they're roasted
2013-09-23 09:30:36 AM  
I'd flip you the bird but...

Ah, fark it.
2013-09-23 09:31:49 AM  
Well, that was a tortured headline.
2013-09-23 09:33:33 AM  
On a side note, the fire department had a lovely lunch.
2013-09-23 09:34:44 AM  
I want a wheelie bin.
2013-09-23 09:38:08 AM  
Subby you have a lot of gull to submit this falcon piece of crap!  You must have done it on a lark, but you pigeon-holed yourself, and Owl not be reading your headlines again.
2013-09-23 09:38:55 AM  
...And I'm sorry if that was hard to swallow.
2013-09-23 09:41:33 AM  
Did I mention that your headline was nothing to crow about?
2013-09-23 09:42:21 AM  
Toucan play this game, Subby!
2013-09-23 09:46:59 AM  

xanadian: In other news... "wilful fire-raising"???  Don't normal people call that "arson"?

They have fires which have a lot of will.
2013-09-23 10:00:26 AM

will swoop in and nab the hooligans.
2013-09-23 10:19:18 AM  
I don't give a hoot about subby's tweetment of this headline.
2013-09-23 10:56:35 AM  
Oh you hadn't heard?
2013-09-23 11:08:59 AM  
::slow clap::, subby
2013-09-23 11:32:42 AM  
No regerts!
2013-09-23 11:37:50 AM  
There still may be two in the bush.
2013-09-23 12:40:01 PM  
What kind of a tit writes a headline like that?
2013-09-23 01:30:00 PM  
Arsonists who set fire to inhabited (by humans or animals) buildings are the scum of the earth.
2013-09-23 02:56:51 PM  
That could not have been too pheasant.
2013-09-23 03:45:48 PM  
Subby here, and marking a minor milestone (#100). I was hoping to strike a tone not so much as humorous, but one which might induce a mild form of revulsion, similar to listening to PDQ Bach, or seeing the Mona Lisa on a velvet painting. Personally, I hate puns, and often quote John Dennis, "He who would tell a pun would pick a pocket." So I am considering this a moderately successful troll.
2013-09-24 12:45:02 PM  

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