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2013-09-22 07:41:41 PM
2013-09-22 07:46:25 PM
60 down, 10 up, comcast, near boston
2013-09-22 07:46:38 PM

wow. im glad i did this.. i always thought i had shiatty internet. now i feel cool.
2013-09-22 07:47:50 PM

Raelkcmo: [www.speedtest.net image 300x135]

Google Fiber FTW

Christ I hate you.... At home the best I get is perhaps 30Mb/s. I get totally spoiled at work since there we get 650-800Mb/s on average  >_<

And I want to ditch Comcast with a burning, red hot desire.
2013-09-22 07:49:49 PM
2013-09-22 07:53:30 PM

DuckTroller: [www.speedtest.net image 300x135]

Stuck with 100Mb since the building won't get the SoNet 2GB service.  That would have been fun.

Oh well, at $20/month I can't complain.  Would be interesting to see what everyone is paying for their service.   Only a few have listed what their cost is.

Here in the USA, cable companies get away with charging much more for speeds like that. Where I am, a $20 internet-only package from Time Warner Cable will get you a measly 1.5Mbps, and a more usable 15Mbps is $50. My prediction is that although services like Google Fiber will change this practice within the next few decades, cable companies will try to fight against competition from those services for a while instead of changing what they offer.
2013-09-22 07:55:49 PM
I this is TWC's mid-tier service.  Highway robbery, I tell ya.
2013-09-22 07:56:14 PM

Comcast - "100.0 Mbps".... YEAH RIGHT!
2013-09-22 08:38:56 PM
Victory is mine.
2013-09-22 08:51:12 PM

2013-09-22 08:57:50 PM
On WiFi

2013-09-22 09:12:51 PM

Raelkcmo: [www.speedtest.net image 300x135]

Google Fiber FTW

99% of desktops couldn't even handle that speed.  That is truely insane.
2013-09-22 09:21:59 PM

Charter is ok but they are pricey bastards. Considering moving to U-verse
2013-09-22 09:29:40 PM

Raelkcmo: [www.speedtest.net image 300x135]

Google Fiber FTW


2013-09-22 09:40:26 PM
I'm on fiber:

And is this Calvin peeing on the pyramids?
2013-09-22 09:57:01 PM
2013-09-22 10:24:14 PM
9.5 down
.17 up
124ms ping
It beats having no internets

I'm out here in the middle of the swamp using a tethered verizon phone. nearest tower 4 m, showing 1 bar of 4g
Venus, FL
2013-09-22 10:43:48 PM
2013-09-22 11:00:05 PM
2013-09-22 11:07:37 PM

Not feeling too bad amongst these results, and tomorrow morning I switch to 50/25 FIOS, so it might go up (but they never deliver as much as they promise).
2013-09-22 11:10:30 PM

MacgyverJr: On WiFi

[454/374 MBS]

pharkING HELL!
2013-09-22 11:17:25 PM

unchellmatt: Raelkcmo: [www.speedtest.net image 300x135]

Google Fiber FTW

Christ I hate you.... At home the best I get is perhaps 30Mb/s. I get totally spoiled at work since there we get 650-800Mb/s on average  >_<

And I want to ditch Comcast with a burning, red hot desire.

I would kill for Comcast. I barely get over 1mb with a 5 mb service.
I have wifi turned off on my phone because it slows it down
/gov't sponsored monopoly
2013-09-22 11:47:56 PM
2013-09-23 12:16:56 AM
 Timed out.    : O
2013-09-23 12:29:30 AM
2013-09-23 01:08:37 AM
Cox over Wi-Fi:


My earlier LTE test:

2013-09-23 01:18:12 AM
www.speedtest.netThis really sucks!
2013-09-23 01:21:11 AM
2013-09-23 01:43:00 AM
My office pays for 60mbit each way, delivered via microwave. That's not the max speed, and we're on an isolated link. We can burst up to a sustained 85mbit each way.
2013-09-23 02:12:52 AM
Primary connection:

Backup connection:

/Should really get around to swapping those...
2013-09-23 02:28:34 AM

It's humming along tonight. It's not normally this fast. They must have known that Fark was running this survey.
2013-09-23 03:38:49 AM
I get .73 megabit down and .3 to .4 something up.  BEAT THAT!!!!!  $22 a month Verizon DSL resold by a third party with much better policies.  Only they don't offer this speed anymore.  The only reason I still have it is because I got it while they still offered it.  Now they want $30 a month for 1 megabit.   Damn the US government for allowing companies to call this shiat broadband.

And hey!  WTF is up with Verizon getting to claim their shiat-for-fiber service FIOS is the fastest in the nation?  It's not even 1/5 the speed of Google Fiber at its fastest!

Considering that Google has 1 gigabit speeds and Japan has 2, I say anything less than gigabit speeds is wasting my time for a fiber network.

And how about that "fiber-rich" Time Warner Cable network with it's shiat 50 megabit max speed?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
2013-09-23 04:04:39 AM
2013-09-23 04:25:46 AM
2013-09-23 04:39:35 AM
I get twice this much on Comcast at my den

<a href="http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2985639970"><img src="http://www.speedtest.net/result/2985639970.png" /></a>
2013-09-23 04:40:46 AM
Blame it on Fark automatically converting the URL's in the code to links

2013-09-23 04:52:26 AM
Almost in the running for fastest in Canada? Maybe?

2013-09-23 09:31:40 AM

The server in New Orleans is hosted by "Cox Business Solutions".  So much for trying to end run the carriers so they won't screw with the results.

Actually happy fine with my service, but this does not seem like a truly independent test.
2013-09-23 10:26:34 AM
http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2986227841286mbps down, 43.49 upTried again, got 304 down and 45 up.Winning?
2013-09-23 10:29:04 AM
Damnit. Trying again:
2013-09-23 10:49:29 AM
Fiber Optic
2013-09-23 10:58:19 AM
Ping: 20ms
Download: 48.63Mbps
Upload: 2.93 Mbps
2013-09-23 11:08:51 AM
2013-09-23 11:09:20 AM
159.48Mbps down
26.07 up
5ms ping
2013-09-23 11:26:46 AM
OK, the photoshops are ridiculous. Nobody believes you, idiots.
2013-09-23 11:49:28 AM
Dang, I really thought I was a contender, until those google fiber guys showed up...
2013-09-23 01:26:42 PM
2013-09-23 02:01:58 PM

Tom_Slick: [www.speedtest.net image 300x135]
Fast enough for me, and hey it is not windstream.

This is windstream.
2013-09-23 02:02:20 PM
From work:

Download: 280.43
Upload: 129.86
2013-09-23 04:05:07 PM
I was wrong about work. We use a private ASN with our carrier. Company name obfuscated.

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