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(Entertainment Weekly)   Will Breaking Bad shut out the competition? Will Modern Family dominate the comedy category again? Will anyone watch, since the Bears play and the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad is on? It's your official Emmy Awards Discussion Thread, 8PM ET   ( divider line
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778 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 22 Sep 2013 at 7:30 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-09-22 08:22:10 PM  

rugman11: Well, I'm 0/1 on my calls.

I'm 1/1 on my "fark Big Bang Theory" scorecard.
2013-09-22 08:24:13 PM  

Dwight_Yeast: LesserEvil: Biggest question of all... will the Emmys honor the passing of an honest-to-god WWII hero and revered veteran of TV, or some overdosed heroine junkie who couldn't handle the success of a mid-level rated TV show?

Oh, no question at all... of course they honor the gutless junkie punk.

Learn to spell the name of the drug and people might take your trolling seriously.

Posted from my iPhone?
2013-09-22 08:25:47 PM  
Tina Fey for Comedy Writing!

2013-09-22 08:25:56 PM  
...somehow I'm gonna say "Louie" deserved that one.
2013-09-22 08:28:35 PM  
Tony Hale on "Veep," nice.
2013-09-22 08:28:36 PM  
2013-09-22 08:28:40 PM  
Booo, should've been Hader.
2013-09-22 08:30:16 PM  
Jonathan Winters?  What cover of Tiger Beat was HE on?
2013-09-22 08:30:19 PM  
......and here come the tributes.
2013-09-22 08:30:27 PM  
Hale was a good choice. Would have also accepted Hader, and maybe Driver if Girls was actually, you know, really a comedy.
2013-09-22 08:31:01 PM  
God dammit Robin Williams is terribly unfunny.. He's like the Dane Cooke of the 80s.. Same shtick... Every-single-time..
2013-09-22 08:32:14 PM  
You'd think they'd actually show some clips of Winters' work.
2013-09-22 08:34:11 PM  
That's an attractive audience
2013-09-22 08:36:35 PM  
Wow, this is horrible. Will Breaking Bad farking get here already?
2013-09-22 08:37:09 PM  
Did John Hamm join Duck Dynasty?
2013-09-22 08:38:29 PM  
JLD wins for "Veep."  Easy pick.
2013-09-22 08:38:32 PM  
I'm DVR-ing both Emmys & Breaking Bad. Watching the Emmys until about 20 minutes into BB then switching over to BB so I watch it without sitting through the commercials. Then I'll pick up the Emmys where I left off.
2013-09-22 08:39:05 PM  
Now I really need to watch Veep.
2013-09-22 08:40:03 PM  
Julia Louis-Dreyfus  looks incredible for 52...
2013-09-22 08:40:05 PM  
"Your family."

"My family!"

"You love them so much."

"I love them so much!"
2013-09-22 08:40:28 PM  
I need to watch House of Cards according to everyone
2013-09-22 08:40:40 PM  
Veep is so good. I thrilled with all three wins so far. Merritt. Weaver plays my favorite character on Nurse Jackie.
2013-09-22 08:41:00 PM  
Good for Julia. Would have also accepted Tina or Amy. Especially Tina since it was 30 Rock's last season.

Still maintain Girls isn't a comedy
2013-09-22 08:41:14 PM  

styckx: Julia Louis-Dreyfus  looks incredible for 52...

Really. She's hot.

What's the lunch lady doing up there?
2013-09-22 08:41:35 PM  
funniest people on tv there
2013-09-22 08:42:05 PM  
Did Will Arnett go to the Boehner school of tanning?
2013-09-22 08:42:13 PM  
Oh, wow, great bit with Tony Hale and Julia Louis Dreyfus.
2013-09-22 08:43:38 PM  
"Please stop ruining my show."
2013-09-22 08:44:10 PM  
2013-09-22 08:45:24 PM  
Did that chick have a stroke or something?
2013-09-22 08:46:09 PM  
Oh my farking Christ, Sofia Vergara.
2013-09-22 08:46:38 PM  
How did Hendricks move to match?  lol
2013-09-22 08:47:24 PM  
Quick play-off for the directors I guess.
2013-09-22 08:48:11 PM  
Seriously, Parsons over Baldwin or CK?
2013-09-22 08:48:13 PM  
I never considered Tina Fey's butt until  tonight
2013-09-22 08:48:17 PM  
Jesus Chris, quit sucking Parson's dick Emmy voters. Leave that for his boyfriend.
2013-09-22 08:49:18 PM  

wjllope: BalugaJoe: What is Breaking Bad about?

Just another cooking show

You. You brought the funny.
2013-09-22 08:50:40 PM  
That dude can be on the same stage as Sofia Vergara and still be be that gay?

Oh here we go, the dead woman.

10 minutes till Breaking Bad.
2013-09-22 08:51:27 PM  
I don't know, I don't think she ever sold an iTunes single.
2013-09-22 08:51:53 PM  
Dang. JL Dreyfuss is drop dead gorgeous.
2013-09-22 08:52:49 PM  
Robin Williams is 2 slurs away from Ozzie.
2013-09-22 08:53:19 PM  
Would it really be that hard to show a couple scenes for the tributes?
2013-09-22 08:53:38 PM  
err... Ozzy
2013-09-22 08:54:07 PM  

rugman11: Would it really be that hard to show a couple scenes for the tributes?

They could show the Glee guy OD'ing.
2013-09-22 08:54:41 PM  

wiredtolain: rugman11: Would it really be that hard to show a couple scenes for the tributes?

They could show the Glee guy OD'ing.

2013-09-22 08:55:29 PM  

dugitman: Dang. JL Dreyfuss is drop dead gorgeous.

2013-09-22 08:55:39 PM  

rugman11: Would it really be that hard to show a couple scenes for the tributes?

"This woman died and she was so wonderful while she lived that I'm tearing up. Here's a yogurt commercial."
2013-09-22 08:56:36 PM  
Jesus H. That's one beautiful 52yo billionaire woman there.
2013-09-22 08:57:26 PM  
Annnd over to Breaking Bad.
2013-09-22 08:58:26 PM  
Michael Douglas is still alive. Sort of.

Elton John! I'll go ahead and watch commercials on TNT for the next 3 minutes.
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