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(Yahoo)   Alabama and A&M have an off week, ASU's game plan once again is "use Pac-12 refs", Michigan State hopes to find their offense, and the night game involves some Tiger-on-Tiger action. It's your week 4 college football thread   ( divider line
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2013-09-22 12:17:48 PM  
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freak7: Techhell: Still waiting on your explanation for why Appy St would have been ranked in the top 15 in 2007 while Boise St was mid-20's.

C'mon - let the crazy flow!

You wouldn't embarrass yourself as badly if you did a few seconds of research before posting. Boise State did not end the 2007 season ranked. Don't worry, not many people around this thread to laugh at you.

*snicker* I'm loving this! You forgot that Appy St. beat Michigan on Week 1, didn't you, and so the final rankings for the year are somewhat... nonsensical for this topic, much like most of your posts in these threads?  Preseason ranking for 2007 - the ranking that would have been applicable when Appy St beat a 5th ranked Michigan? - Boise St: 24 or 23. The 2006 season - the most recent season which to base potential Week 1 rankings - Boise St. was 13-0, ranked 5 or 6, had a vote for #1 in the AP Poll. (Michigan was ranked 8 or 9 at the end of 2006, below Boise St.)

So why would you put Appy St above Boise St? C'mon, you can do this! I'm not even asking you for you to show your work - if you want to say "Because the Lizard People smelled purple for tacos!", that's okay.

/If that's a better line than anything you can come up with, feel free to steal it.
//M Go Blue!
2013-09-21 09:31:08 PM  
1 vote:

M AGRIPPA L F COS TERTIVM SCRIBIT: I'm rooting for my late grandfather's alma mater, Colorado State.  As he would say, "Go Aggies! ... uh wait, what are they called now?"

2013-09-21 07:40:33 PM  
1 vote:

TheDumbBlonde: Everytime I hear "Johnny Football" my gag reflex kicks in.

blondes have a gag reflex?
2013-09-21 06:11:36 PM  
1 vote:
i232.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-09-21 04:29:55 PM  
1 vote:

AwfulJackass: emtbiz: [ image 598x448]

Don't get me wrong, these girls are all pretty, but not one of 'em looks younger than 30. what gives?

In the south they look like that from 19-45
2013-09-21 04:21:13 PM  
1 vote:
has vern called peterman a junior, sophomore, and freshman all in the first quarter?  DRINK!
2013-09-21 04:01:18 PM  
1 vote:
gamedayr.comView Full Size
2013-09-21 03:44:13 PM  
1 vote:

And this is what the in-game odds looked like for the Kansas/LA Tech game.

With 1:47 to play and the game tied, LA Tech was on the Kansas 18. They had it at 96.3% likely to win.


KU went 60 yards and kicked a 52 yard FG to win.

2013-09-21 03:24:01 PM  
1 vote:

mafiageek1980: Just because:

Woo, go Jammie Jammie-Jammie!  That guy is a stud.  Heisman ftw.
2013-09-21 02:51:20 PM  
1 vote:

Aezetyr: Spaced Cowboy: Aezetyr: Spaced Cowboy: Aezetyr: Welcome to Cupcake Week TM . Well, as Ohio State calls it "Cupcake Season".

The best game this week is #5 playing #23.  I'm pretty sure it's not just Ohio State rolling up on cupcakes.  I suppose we could struggle against a team ranked somewhere in the 100's like Georgia.  I guess that's how the "big boys" do it.

Pretty much all the games are ranked teams vs. cupcakes this week (except the one you mentioned). If you look at OSU schedule, they do not have a significant real challenge until the B1G conference play starts. Truth is, they do not deserve to be ranked as high as they are, based on their strength of schedule.

Even Michigan has a cupcake later on this evening (U-Conn).  Hopefully they play a helluva lot better than they did vs. Akron (WTF?! that game was the bee's knees).

/Michigan fan

FTFY.  Love watching little blue get pummeled by baddies.  It will never get old.  National perception of our conference be damned, I could watch michigan lose to unranked teams every week.

Truth is, the same could be said for Ohio vs. non-conf/unranked/FCS teams. It all comes down to November 30th at the BIG HOUSE.

Maybe you guys can hold out long enough for us to hand Hoke his first home loss.  Maybe.
2013-09-21 01:06:04 PM  
1 vote:

Mart Laar's beard shaver: Damn, Kansas Jayhawks - how can you get all those juco players and NOT be improved from last year's dumpster fire?

i can give you 200 cheeseburgers one reason...
sportspickle.comView Full Size
2013-09-21 01:05:28 PM  
1 vote:

Spaced Cowboy: freak7: When is Ohio State going to stop playing high school teams?

When the SEC teams stop dodging us.  This isn't the first time they backed out of an engagement in Columbus.  It won't be the last.

ohio state fans with their  inferiority complex used to be cute, but after this many years it's just sad.
2013-09-21 11:37:33 AM  
1 vote:

rickythepenguin: ASU's game plan once again is "use Pac-12 refs"

well, considering ASU v Stanford is a Pac-12 matchup.....

/parents are at the game
//ASU season ticket holders
///incredible seats at home, second row south endzone, behind the goalpost, see them on TV during PATs

Pretty sure it was a jab at the huge fark up they refs made vs Wisconsin giving asu the win.

And waiting for people to crow about how ESPN went to an Div II school, see they're relevant! When its only because its shiat scrub weekend in CFB.
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