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(Yahoo)   Ain't nothing gonna stop me from eating my fried cow-brain sandwich   ( divider line
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8509 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2004 at 7:43 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-15 02:44:41 PM  
Natural selection at work.
2004-01-15 02:53:24 PM  
That sandwich has more brains than he does.
2004-01-15 03:16:54 PM  

Across the Ohio River in Kentucky, eating squirrel brain served with fried eggs was once considered a rural delicacy in some parts. Its popularity declined, however, after researchers in 1997 found a possible link between eating squirrel brains and contracting mad cow.

Ooook. Freaks.
2004-01-15 03:17:05 PM  
See? The hispanic community isn't the only group that is affected by this. I was getting so sick and tired of the news outlets around here acting like the only people who would eat food made from this stuff are hispanic.
2004-01-15 03:19:21 PM  
Oh, and squirrel brains sounds like alot of work without any much reward.
2004-01-15 03:49:54 PM  
Isn't there enough things on a cow that you can eat without having to dig around in the cranial cavity?
2004-01-15 03:51:50 PM  
"You're going to die anyway. Either die happy or you die miserable. That's the German attitude, isn't it?"

What the fark do the Germans have to do with this????/
2004-01-15 04:01:05 PM  
I generally just microwave my cow brains. Ooops, gotta go, my bacon is coming to a boil.
2004-01-15 04:28:27 PM  
Yeah, farkin' Germans... nothin' changes.
2004-01-15 04:37:35 PM  
barbacoa is made from the "cow's head and brain"? That can't be the same stuff they serve at Chipotle, can it? It's pretty good, whatever it is.
2004-01-15 04:41:54 PM  
And stop making fun of people with German heritage. We're a fun-loving bunch. And that whole Nazi thing? Totally not our fault.
2004-01-15 04:48:37 PM  
My cholesterol count went up by just reading that article.
2004-01-15 04:49:45 PM  
barbacoa is made from the "cow's head and brain"? That can't be the same stuff they serve at Chipotle, can it? It's pretty good, whatever it is.

Doubt it. It's probably some kind of roast. I think the article is wrong though. It is, traditionally, made from the head, but I don't think that includes the brains. I'm not positive though.
2004-01-15 04:58:38 PM  
I have a habit that has served me well my entire life. I never, ever eat anything referred to as either a "rural delicacy" or a "local delicacy."

If it's good, it'll make it out of the backwaters of the world. If it isn't, they're welcome to keep it.
2004-01-15 04:59:02 PM  
"picking up a brain sandwich to go"

Would you like spine with that, ma'am?
2004-01-15 05:17:30 PM  
This reminds me of headcheese. My grandfather used to make it down in the basement. He would feed it to us, but he would never tell us what was in it or how it was made. All of the grandkids loved it. When we were about 13 years old, he would tell us what it was made from. Out of 20 grandkids, I am the only one that still eats it.
2004-01-15 06:48:54 PM  
That's sammich dammit.
2004-01-15 07:25:26 PM  
Ah, this makes me so proud from Evansville. I haven't tried the cow brain sandwich, but I've heard that it is very good if made right (and there are no crazy viruses swimming around in it).
2004-01-15 07:46:31 PM  
They just loooove Scrambled Eggs & Brains here in the sunny south. Yeck!
2004-01-15 07:49:58 PM  
I ate monkey brains in Thailand. They were kind of like cold eggs. I wouldn't eat cows brains.
2004-01-15 07:51:05 PM  
"You're going to die anyway. Either die happy or you die miserable. That's the German attitude, isn't it?" Coan said.

Er, won't getting Mad Cow disease make you miserable? I don't get it.

Also, seeing that picture of fried cow brains makes me want to become vegaterian. Ugh.
2004-01-15 07:51:08 PM  
For years, there was a place in North St. Louis County that was famous for its brain sandwiches. Never had one myself.

Ritenour '72
2004-01-15 07:51:45 PM  
That's the German attitude, isn't it?"

WELL....? ISN'T IT?!!?
2004-01-15 07:56:53 PM  
Mmmm, prions...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-15 07:59:20 PM  
"More brains!"

(*not believing no one has said it yet.)
2004-01-15 08:00:23 PM  
I've had grilled brains, but never fried. YUCK.
2004-01-15 08:01:39 PM  
I don't know about the Hilltop Inn, but the Hilltop Steakhouse here in Mass. used to be fantastic.
2004-01-15 08:01:57 PM  
Actually, BSE (Mad Cow Disease) isn't a virus, per se. It is actually a very unique kind of protien called a prion. You can read more about it here

/still loving medium rare Alberta AAA steaks
2004-01-15 08:02:06 PM  
Go vegan! I'm sure there's a soy replacement for cow brains... ew!
2004-01-15 08:02:44 PM  
I have never been tempted to eat a bundle of fat and nerve tissue.

The cholesterol in brains IS OFF THE FRICKING CHART. In a quarter pound of calf brains, there is approximately 1500 MILLIGRAMS OF CHOLESTEROL.
2004-01-15 08:02:47 PM  
Oppps, missed your post xsfo
2004-01-15 08:03:05 PM  
rawsta: Germans are very frugal. Back during the days of the German settlers, they saved everything, including cow brais.

As for the sandwiches, they're actually pretty good, though I'd rather have a piece of steak fried and on a bun. I think it would taste better.
2004-01-15 08:03:09 PM  
I've grown up eating tounge and chicken feet and kai-n-schpai (necks and pupicks and innards in a tomato sauce) and all sorts of other eastern european jewish "delicacies", so very far be it for me to say "ick" at someone else's childhood comfort food.

Still....the large size photo of the brain burger looks pretty icky to me.
2004-01-15 08:04:08 PM  
Cow brain salad sounds so much better. Mmmm, cerebral cortexy
2004-01-15 08:04:15 PM  
Kinda reminds me of an old British favourite when I was a kid - 'Brain's faggots'.
Don't really see them anymore...

/Darned vernacular
2004-01-15 08:04:36 PM  
Fried brains? that so farking nasty.

I like pickled pigs feet. they're good eatin!
2004-01-15 08:05:39 PM  
Shiat I ain't touchin the front half a dat hefer...Give me mountian oysters any day
2004-01-15 08:05:48 PM  
Evansville sucks and so do the stupid locals who live there and wallow in such lame ass heritage.

I spent a year in that horrible town and I never heard of a fried brain sandwich until I moved there.

I tried on once and yakked. It was the most disgusting thing I ever heard.

They ate cow brains back in the 1800's because that was sometimes all they had to eat. Not because it tasted good.

It is NOT a delicacy, it is nasty.

Evansville, Indiana is a very backwards city.

Avoid it at all costs.
2004-01-15 08:09:23 PM  
MMmmmmmmm cowbrains

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-15 08:11:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-15 08:11:38 PM  
People eat cow brains and they think eating cats and dogs is nasty????
2004-01-15 08:11:45 PM  
2004-01-15 08:13:27 PM  
Brains - it's what for dinner.

/got nuthin
2004-01-15 08:15:54 PM  
Hahah sorry Nvidiot - gotta be quik on the draw!! :o)
2004-01-15 08:19:10 PM  
looks like a crispy chicken burger to me.. i'll have two please!
2004-01-15 08:19:24 PM  
Hey, my wife is from Evansville, and I want all of you people that are doing the hating on Evansville to know one thing:

She got the hell out of there, married me, and relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Meh.
2004-01-15 08:21:56 PM  
My husband and I were walking across a piazza in Rome, the sort where they hold markets early in the morning. As we walked, I spied a severed chicken foot laying there on the cobblestones. This not being the sort of thing ones sees every day where I hail from, I too a picture of it. A group of Italian dudes behind me started to laugh, and one of them made a comment. My husband knew just enough Italian to be able to translate it for me:

"If you like that, there's a dogshiat over here!"
2004-01-15 08:22:57 PM  
This could be the start of a Fark survey: what's the weirdest shiat you've ever eaten? For me, probably caramelized grasshoppers. They were not nice.
And deep-fried cow brains? No thank you.
2004-01-15 08:27:07 PM  
Germans are weird.

Give me a nice, normal, civilized, New England, steak and kidney pie.

(*entirely facetious)
2004-01-15 08:28:50 PM  
I've had a cow brain taco before, and i urge you to NEVER PUT THAT STUFF IN YOUR MOUTH because you'll wish you hadn't. It's disgusting. Think beef jello.
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