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(KHOU Houston)   The best thing about having a teacher at your school get arrested for having improper relations with a student at your school is that you can use the incident to justify not going to school. "Somebody could do that to me"   ( divider line
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2013-09-20 07:58:14 AM  
Well, sure, if it's a male teacher.
2013-09-20 08:00:35 AM  
Headline needs moar "school"...
2013-09-20 08:08:55 AM  
Considering that it is "improper relations" instead of rape-rape, why would the coach do that to anyone else? Did the idiot think she just strolled past the lockers and pick someone at random?
2013-09-20 08:12:29 AM  
Chances are you're too ugly.  Get used to it.
2013-09-20 08:14:09 AM  
Public schools, come for the piss poor education stay for the kid touching teachers.
2013-09-20 08:15:25 AM  

Launch Code: Public schools, come for the piss poor education stay for the kid touching teachers.

About half these stories come from private schools, which iirc means they're statistically more likely to happen there.
2013-09-20 08:21:10 AM  

Snarfangel: Well, sure, if it's a male teacher.

I'll heat the tar.
2013-09-20 08:21:17 AM  
I assume the kid meant getting caught gobbling teacher cock.
2013-09-20 08:21:30 AM  

Launch Code: Public schools, come for the piss poor education stay for the kid touching teachers.

I see what you did there.
2013-09-20 08:30:25 AM  
Seeing as he's charged with "improper relationship with a student" and not statutory rape or sexual contact with a minor I'm guessing this was a 17/18 year old student. I'll save my outrage for something else.
2013-09-20 08:30:41 AM  
Somebody could do that to me.
2013-09-20 08:37:56 AM  
Health class is where they teach what passes for sex-ed in Texas, so maybe he was just using her as a demonstration model.

/"What's wrong with a kiss, boy? Hm? Why not start her
     off with a nice kiss? You don't have to go leaping straight
     for the clitoris like a bull at a gate. Give her a kiss, boy."
2013-09-20 08:46:49 AM  
"I had been hearing he did that but I didn't want to believe it," one student at Westfield said when she heard the news. "Now I don't want to go to school because somebody could do that to me."

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2013-09-20 09:20:33 AM  
Because skipping school is so cool, right, Tardymitter?
2013-09-20 10:53:01 AM  
Freaking the fark out over nigh-infinitesimal risks is very much en vogue nowadays. Is this really so different?
2013-09-20 11:27:56 AM  
It does take away an incentive to go to school...
2013-09-20 01:40:39 PM  
Two quick things for you, student. One, I assure you that you are not 'all that', so you don't have to worry about being jumped in the band room by old Mr. Jackson, the music teacher. And, two, I also assure you that there was no force involved with any of these incidents. Despite the whining of some people who have tried desperately to forget their own adolescence, it takes two to tango, and seeing as I have been around plenty of teens who would never have allowed some of these teachers to even touch them on the shoulder, much less having it get to anything even remotely sexual, I call shennanigans. Unless I see proof that these adults are using some kind of magic spell/high tech machine, I will never believe the teens in this are 'pure as the driven snow'. I have seen too much evidence to the contrary to always conclude the adult is the sole perpetrator/instigator/active participant. Deny reality if you want to. I swear by the time this 'trent' is done, you will be considered a 'child' until you reach the age of 40!

/yes, I have known plenty of people who have the brain of a stupid teenager well into their adult lives, but trying to change the perception of 'innocence' in the name of scare tactics and profit is about as stupid a thing as I have ever heard of. Of course, it is no more stupid than using governmental power to force people to buy something from a private company, but thats another story...
//BTW... I am not talking about some slime who grabs a 6 yo.. that can be force and I accept that there would be force in that case, but to try to convince me that a 16 yo has no way to stop something he/she does not want to happen is just brainwashing masquerading as 'information'. Especially these days. So, either these teachers have some kind of special powers, or our society needs to start using their brains to accept what reality is showing them.
///Yea, like that is ever going to happen
2013-09-20 07:34:20 PM  
Well he's accused let's plaster his name everywhere and ruin his life regardless of the outcome!
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