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(Russia Today)   5.3 Earthquake at Fukthisplaceashima   ( divider line
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2013-09-20 12:56:57 AM  

JonnyBGoode: L.A. area Farker here. A 5.3 wouldn't even get me out of bed.

Was from SoCal, so I know what you mean. In Hawaii now, and any quake Japan related and I wait for the tsunami warning sirens...those things are loud and scary!
2013-09-20 01:07:32 AM  

Boojum2k: zzrhardy: There have been roughly 500 nuclear power plants built on this planet. Two of them have gone *bomf* with catastrophic consequences. So, if you live next door to a nuclear power plant, there is roughly a 1/250 chance of it wrecking your day, your neighbourhood and a large swathe of your state.

Now, part of my job is risk management at work (as is part of everyones) - anything with a tenth of those odds and impact will be judged as too risky to proceed.

You suck at risk management, failing to consider time scales, building types, and actual effects. Your rough estimate is off by orders of magnitude.

Thanks, I was going to say that, but much less nicely.

ZZR- you fail at considering any of the important factors, and you utterly ignored the NUMEROUS industrial accidents related to coal, natural gas, and a dozen other industries which can and are actually MORE likely to screw up your day, your neighborhood and your state.
2013-09-20 09:30:37 AM  

Glitchwerks: Nukes are old and busted.

I bet they're testing Robotech.

Nope -- that's old-and-busted, too.  The entirety of the 36-episode Macross saga now takes place in the past.

* the SDF-1 crash-landed in 1999 ... it was re-launched in 2009
* the greater Zentraedi fleet decimated the earth in 2010
* the final battle between the SDF-1 and Khyron's forces occured in 2012
2013-09-20 01:24:11 PM  
So someone with a couple 18" woofers drove by?
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