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(Independent)   Absolute certainty is hard to achieve in science, therefore aliens   ( divider line
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1314 clicks; posted to Geek » on 19 Sep 2013 at 2:40 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-09-19 02:27:44 PM  
Looks like a cock and balls.
2013-09-19 02:45:47 PM  
Is this the balloon guys again?  Aliens like repeats?
2013-09-19 02:51:22 PM  

basemetal: Is this the balloon guys again?  Aliens like repeats?


2013-09-19 02:55:01 PM  

Their argument is: "We can't think up with a reason that it could have originated on earth, therefore it is alien."?

Do these guys work for Mythbusters?
2013-09-19 03:02:08 PM  
C'mon, there has to be some way that ground organisms could get that high (Cheech and Chong notwithstanding).
2013-09-19 03:29:24 PM  
they sent a pop bottle attached to a balloon. at no point EVER could earth particles have intermingled with the space particles.
2013-09-19 03:37:37 PM  

basemetal: Is this the balloon guys again?  Aliens like repeats?

Yes, but not as much as FARK.
2013-09-19 04:19:34 PM  
life originated in the primordial ooze.

not in space.

i read that right here on fark
2013-09-19 04:28:50 PM  
The samples were collected during a meteorite shower from a comet. As they hit the earth's atmosphere, the comets melt - ablate, to give it a technical term - releasing the organisms as they break down.

I think we would have noticed comets raining down on the earth.
2013-09-19 04:55:23 PM  
Not this again!

Panspermia is a reasonable and serious scientific hypothesis but I am beginning to dread seeing the name Chandra Wickramasinghe (colleague of the late Sir Fred Hoyle, much belovèd of creationists and Unintelligent Design theorists because of his skepticism about terrrestrial abiogenesis) in an article claiming that alien life has been found.

I very much doubt it. They've announced this several times over the last few years in Indian or British news sources but I am not convinced they have nailed proof that any of these organisms are not terrestrial in origin.

I would regard the following as proof: 1) the organisms are genetically unrelated to living organisms on Earth or 2) the organisms are genetically related to organisms on Earth but very distantly, with a considerable amount of new genetic material not known from Earth organisms or adaptations to conditions which can not be found on Earth or evolved in Earth's atmosphere.

It is possible that alien organisms would have evolved apart from Earth organisms for a sufficient period of time to be distinguishable from Earth organisms, and also that they have been exchanged between Earth and say, Mars, frequently enough to remain more or less similar, but there needs to be little or no possibility that they have simply been lifted into the upper atmosphere or lower space by wind.

There's a lot of violent updrafts which can carry light materials (viruses, dust, microbes) to very high elevations indeed. But that makes the test for alien life all the more rigorous and difficult to pass.

When I see an article in Nature or Science, when it has solid proof that the organisms in question have evolved separately from terrestrial organisms altogether or for a considerable period of time in space or on some other world, then I will welcome the discovery of alien life and the coming of age of xenobiology.

I don't doubt the truth is out there. It just isn't down here yet.
2013-09-20 07:51:11 AM  
Some of the samples were captured covered with cosmic dust, adding further credence to the idea that they have originated from space.
"The particles are very clean," added Prof Wainwright. "They don't have any dust attached to them, which again suggests they're not coming to earth. Similarly, cosmic dust isn't stuck to them, so we think they came from an aquatic environment, and the most obvious aquatic environment in space is a comet.

He`s a moron.
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