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(LA Times)   New species of legless lizard discovered living underground just beneath the surface.. Scientists haven't decided what to name it, but are leaning towards calling it Douglas   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, Los Angeles International Airport, Cal State Fullerton, San Joaquin Valley, Cal State Northridge, species  
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2013-09-19 07:53:10 AM  
" lizard lineages have lost their legs "

Say THAT 10 times, fast.......
2013-09-19 07:56:20 AM  
As a Doug, I am okay with this.

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2013-09-19 07:57:38 AM  
2013-09-19 08:13:37 AM  
after reading the reasons they're not snakes, i conclude they are snakes who can blink and just aren't very limber.
2013-09-19 08:40:50 AM  
Well, it  looks like a snake.
2013-09-19 08:52:15 AM  
Quadruple amputee skink?
2013-09-19 08:52:45 AM  
2013-09-19 08:55:25 AM  
Boooooooring.  Call me when they find me a unicorn.
2013-09-19 09:05:51 AM  
2013-09-19 09:10:50 AM  

Carn: Boooooooring.  Call me when they find me a unicorn.

2013-09-19 09:51:12 AM  
Just below the surface?

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2013-09-19 10:05:28 AM  

Best Princess Celestia: Carn: Boooooooring.  Call me when they find me a unicorn.


If someone finds you do they get three wishes?
2013-09-19 10:06:06 AM  

abhorrent1: Just below the surface?

[ image 300x168]

"They're under the GROUND!  Get on your roof!"
2013-09-19 10:15:18 AM  
2013-09-19 11:03:22 AM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

Wants nothing to do with those shenanigans in the sand.
2013-09-19 11:19:30 AM  

abhorrent1: Just below the surface?

[ image 300x168]

dagnabbit, I wanted that one.

2013-09-19 11:40:46 AM  
hrwiki.orgView Full Size

Pictured: Douglas
2013-09-19 12:14:02 PM  

Flakeloaf: [ image 545x394]

Pictured: Douglas

Fir real?
2013-09-19 12:16:45 PM  
You didn't want to name it Eddie?
img.fark.netView Full Size

(thanks to Dinobot for the image)
2013-09-19 12:49:34 PM  
Come on, people! They're legless. They should be named after Charlie Sheen.

Of course, if you keep one as a pet, you should call it Eric. Eric the Legless Lizard Who is Definitely Nothing Like a Snake.

What Eric the Legless may have looked like:
farm6.staticflickr.comView Full Size

2013-09-19 02:22:25 PM  
how do they know it's not just a snake
2013-09-19 05:14:22 PM  

lawboy87: Graboids?

2013-09-19 10:53:34 PM  
I found one picture of Orlando Bloom in LOTR costume and another of an iguana but then I realized I am too tired and lazy to do the obvious 'shop.
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