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(WWSB ABC 7)   How do you follow up arrests for giving people wedgies and jumping over a deputy? Steal 2nd base in your underwear at MLB game   ( divider line
    More: Florida, Major League Baseball, Bradenton, infielder, Suncoast, Tropicana Field, arrests  
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2013-09-17 09:20:07 PM  
Had to make sure it was at a Rays game, because I was going to have to refute the MLB part of that statement if it was at a Marlins game.
2013-09-18 01:23:04 AM  
This guy is going places.

2013-09-18 01:26:23 AM  
Looks like the referee is calling him safe.
2013-09-18 01:36:10 AM  
He looks way older than 19 in that photo. Can't tell if attention whore, or crazed drug user with evanid ties to reality.
2013-09-18 01:45:04 AM  
And yet, still not the worst performance on the base paths at the game.

\I'm looking at you Ian Kinsler!
2013-09-18 01:49:39 AM  
This guy again?
Put him away for awhile.
2013-09-18 01:50:46 AM
2013-09-18 02:01:44 AM  

Eh. I find these people funny. Plus baseball needs livening up.

Maybe when I'm retired...

I'll do it doing prince fielder's kid's home run.
2013-09-18 02:13:29 AM  
Since the attendance was probably less than 15,000 and most getting beer and/or hotdogs, I doubt many noticed Mr. Wild & Crazy attention slut.
2013-09-18 02:15:28 AM  
Baseball sucks.

Always has, always will.

/dude, try to give me a wedgie and I'll kill you
2013-09-18 02:27:45 AM  
Well, that IS one way...
2013-09-18 02:43:27 AM  
Wish he had sharted right after he hit the field running. Nothing like wet skid marks on the tighty whities for all to see.
2013-09-18 03:10:48 AM  
A shining example of Florida tag, I must say.
2013-09-18 03:27:35 AM  

autopsybeverage: He looks way older than 19 in that photo. Can't tell if attention whore, or crazed drug user with evanid ties to reality.

Yeah, he looks middle aged in that picture.

Bi-polar, in a manic state, perhaps? Somebody get this guy some meds, please.
2013-09-18 04:21:35 AM  
This guy should go on Dr. Phil's show and get help for his undie fetish
2013-09-18 06:48:12 AM  
boogie-dy, boogie-dy
2013-09-18 06:51:51 AM  
I don't have abig problemw ith streaking a baseball game.

Wedgies to random people? I wonder how many peopel he did that to. I can't imagine that going on long wihtotu him getting his ass kicked.
2013-09-18 08:13:45 AM  

erb4230: Looks like the referee is calling him safe.

Whoa! Not so fast there. Let's look at that on instant-replay.

Runner interference?
2013-09-18 08:23:28 AM  
Hilarious photos in the story!  Truly photoshop-worthy!  Looks like the security dude is about to pounce on a hamburger here...or maybe jumping off the top many choices!
2013-09-18 08:25:11 AM

For a moment, I thought it was Joe Biden. But then, I realized Joe wears traditional boxers with the e-z access front opening so Mister Winkie can get right to Mizz Biden's tuna factory. It's a real time saver if you're ever called to break a tie in the Senate and the misses is wearing those black silkies and saying "What's the rush VP?

Also, you can tell by their faces, these security guards rally don't want to be touching no nekkid white guy.
2013-09-18 08:45:22 AM  
Ahh, Bradenton.

Almost time for a Florida sub-tag.
2013-09-18 08:47:30 AM  
C'est en faire n'importe quoi, qu'on devient n'importe qui.
2013-09-18 10:25:56 AM  
And no one was there to see it.
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