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28411 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2004 at 4:11 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-15 12:58:49 AM  
Stopped reading at the term "No Muss, No Fuss"

Was that ad written in 1955?
Who talks like that anymore?
2004-01-15 01:02:48 AM  
The company formerly known as The Wonderful World of Walter Drake, aka The Old People's Mail Order Catalog of Choice.
2004-01-15 01:22:04 AM  
Is it really that hard to roll a hard-boiled egg between your hands, cracking the shell all around, and then peeling it off?

I don't need some friggin' 20 dollar plastic pain-in-the-ass peice of shiat to do it for me.
2004-01-15 01:43:41 AM  
I'm hearing Magic loud and clear on this one...
2004-01-15 01:51:28 AM  
But if they had a fancy gadget like this for, say, apples or cheese, I'd be all over it in a second!

How cool would that be?
2004-01-15 01:58:43 AM  
I just invented the worlds greatest peanut butter spreader.
Does anyone know off hand if the butterknife has been patented yet?
2004-01-15 02:05:59 AM  
I'm sorry to say that it has, TommyymmoT.

The PeanutButterKnife game is still wiiide open though.
2004-01-15 04:15:27 AM  
I will be trying this on a raw egg. God, I bet it'll be awesome.
2004-01-15 04:17:58 AM  
how the hell did that get posted??? my link on the guy growing tomacco, plant from the simpsons, got rejected!
2004-01-15 04:19:40 AM  
I'd like to peel the shell off cheese too.

More importantly, who the hell eats hard-boiled eggs? I'm a scrambled man, myself.

/said too much (again)
2004-01-15 04:20:24 AM  
Since when has FARK started shilling for RONCO, anyway? AskMen was bad enough.
2004-01-15 04:23:08 AM  
Boardhead01 I do believe that was posted some time ago.
2004-01-15 04:26:11 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
Some of us didn't even get to read the article....

2004-01-15 04:26:22 AM  
Nothing But Net
Since when has FARK started shilling for RONCO, anyway? AskMen was bad enough.

That's a point. We haven't seen any for a while now. No wonder why love life is so bad recently. Without their advice, I'm lost!
2004-01-15 04:26:53 AM  
ohhhh, musta missed it. the tomacco growing guy lives about 10 min from me. thought that was pretty cool
2004-01-15 04:27:24 AM
yeah ...but it ain't as cool as the inside the egg scrambler from Ronco.
2004-01-15 04:29:18 AM take the shell OFF? But then they're not crunchy! You people are weird.
2004-01-15 04:30:56 AM  
What they don't tell you is that it can also be used by a Mohel.

Mazel tov!
2004-01-15 04:32:21 AM  
Kitchen appliance theme today?
2004-01-15 04:35:23 AM  
If you gave this to me, I would not keep it.
2004-01-15 04:35:40 AM  
i used to use a chainsaw to peel legs till i cut my leg with it, now i use the ronco egg scrambler that Dahnkster mentioned. it's also good for giving frontal lobotomies.
2004-01-15 04:37:34 AM  
Can also be used for circumcisions.
2004-01-15 04:39:35 AM  
Is there an echo in here?
2004-01-15 04:40:27 AM  
While I won't be buying one, I am curious as to how it works.
2004-01-15 04:40:46 AM  
As a deviled egg junkie, I am probably the only farker that actually thinks this thing is pretty spiffy..
2004-01-15 04:40:56 AM  
Hey, at least it's not, Cosmiverse.
2004-01-15 04:44:06 AM  
personnally, I love it, and you.......
2004-01-15 04:47:42 AM  
For the young and supple of hand this gadget would be a waiste of money.

I do see it useful for the elderly or people with arthiritis as the constant bending of fingers too peel of the egg shell maybe painful.

I think it has it's market
2004-01-15 04:51:19 AM  
If God had wanted us to use these things then he would have given us egg-peelers intead of hands.

2004-01-15 04:51:43 AM  
2004-01-15 04:17:58 AM Boardhead01

the Tommaco plant guy was posted like a month and a half ago.

unless this si someone different.

/he spliced a tomato branch to a tobacco plant.
2004-01-15 04:53:05 AM  
I'f I'd had egg peelers instead of hands, binnster, my teenage years would have been so much worse...
2004-01-15 05:06:41 AM  
PitchBlende, I rest my case - it's just not natural!
2004-01-15 05:15:57 AM  
All this kitchen equipment will be made redundant after your sink can deliver cold water, hot water and laser!
2004-01-15 05:27:37 AM  
Was this posted by a girl? Cause unless it magically grows some boobs, I dont think it could be the coolest thing in the kitchen. You know what I mean?
2004-01-15 05:30:52 AM  
I still need to fire up the factory to make the greatest invention ever: The Slurpee Spork-Straw.

If sporks are good, and slurpee spoon-straws are good, then slurpee spoon-straws with tines cut into the edge of the spoon part are a force the world may not be ready for.

2004-01-15 05:50:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Henry says: You gimme some eggs, and I'll wiggle these legs! Git down! whooo!
2004-01-15 05:51:29 AM  
Loligo: If you need an expert witness to prove your 'prior art' case in patent court, I can be had for a coupla grand. I'm not an expert, so I'm cheap.

And, young internet readers everywhere - this is not a faucet 'massager' like you see in the catalogs. Do place any body parts (certain ones in particular) near this device. Just cuz it goes round and round doesn't mean it's fun...

(Next week on Fark: Young boys and girls don't listen.)

[So I botched the link. Sue me.]
2004-01-15 06:15:46 AM  
This assumes you know how to boil an egg.
2004-01-15 06:15:52 AM  
does it come in a version to use on people?
2004-01-15 07:06:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Could I put my lad into it?
2004-01-15 07:23:25 AM  
No sorry, THIS is the world's weirdest/coolest kitchen gadget:
2004-01-15 07:35:33 AM  
Feh, it only does hard-boiled eggs. I need help with soft-boiled eggs. It's a biatch peeling those.
2004-01-15 08:25:20 AM  
"Can it core a apple?"
/Ralph Kramden's 'Chef of the Future'
2004-01-15 08:44:19 AM  
This gadget is useless, but I'd be all for a grape jelly softener. You know how, when you're scooping some jelly out of a jar, it lands on your toast in one big blob? They should invent something to de-blob the jelly. Yeah...
2004-01-15 08:51:15 AM  
goddess, just go for the squeeze bottles of jelly. No muss, no fuss!
2004-01-15 08:55:15 AM  
I'll go for the jelly de-blobber -- especially if I can get something with it that will soften butter to the point where it can be spread on toast without (a) flattening or (b) ripping it.

The egg peeler's pretty nifty, though. Of course, I love hard-boiled eggs -- egg salad, deviled eggs, or just by themselves with a little salt and pepper. Yummy!
2004-01-15 08:56:11 AM  
Hey that's Weird AND COOL!!!!!
So therefore, by my math.....

Peel Hard Boiled Eggs
2004-01-15 09:00:07 AM  
I bet this thing doesn't work for shiat on farm-fresh hard-boiled eggs (and by 'farm-fresh' I mean 'just shat out of the chicken's ass this morning'). Those *farm-fresh* eggs in the grocery store sit in a warehouse for 30-60 days before you get a chance to buy them.
2004-01-15 09:01:22 AM  
Mmmmm, month-old salmonella-ridden eggs....*drool*

/had eggs for breakfast
2004-01-15 09:09:32 AM  
So, just how many people are to stupid to peel an egg?
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