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(io9)   Dogs basically don't care if you are a robot or a human. Apparently, they don't have a steak in it   ( divider line
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2013-09-14 05:05:03 PM  

Ishkur: The vast majority of life on the planet abandons their young shortly after birth (or even before).

This is simply not true, most creatures find extraordinary ways to ensure the survival of their young.  The fact remains, all the animals we routinely dominate in our culture for food, clothing, and entertainment, such as cows, pigs, chickens, goats, none of those animals abandon their young and are very nurturing and loving creatures.
2013-09-14 06:08:06 PM  

Lusebagage: This is simply not true, most creatures find extraordinary ways to ensure the survival of their young

No they don't.

Most pregnancies and births are complete failures. The highest rate of death for all animal life occurs right after - or right before - birth, either through internal mechanisms, sustenance issues or hostile environments (predation, weather/climate, disease, infections, abandonment, etc.). Sometimes, birth is the cause of death. And infancy is no walk in the park either. The odds of survival improve significantly as an organism ages, but generally, from conception to birth is the most dangerous part of life (whether it be an egg or a womb). This is true of all animals, regardless of era, location, or species. Nature is completely unsympathetic to the rarity of life and sees almost all of it as a total waste. You are not here because you are special. You are here because you are lucky.

Reproduction is a numbers game. It hits the target by throwing a handful of gravel rather than a solitary stone. Animals that reproduce more (ie: rabbits) have to because they die more. Never has the nurturing care of motherhood, nor evolution, nor even God solved the issue of inefficiency and quality of childrearing and birth. It is messy, risky, painful, and life-threatening for all involved. Insects have successfully endured hundreds of millions of years of this statistical model of insignificance through sheer quantity.

Deaths of children - and occasionally their mothers - were so common in past ages that families usually didn't give their newborns a name until they were certain those newborns were going to live past a meaningful age. This could be anywhere from a few weeks to several years depending on the culture. Even the Bible didn't consider infants to be people nor fetuses human, nor anything young enough to die suddenly and quickly and frequently.

Historically, the only worthy response to high infant mortality rates was higher birth rates. It wasn't until the empowerment of women - especially over their own bodies - and the reduction of fetal and infant mortality rates to near-negligible levels thanks to science and medicine, that people began to regard life as rare, precious and important, and moreover that each child is special and sacred. But this was never the case in the past, and it's not the case among animals. Life is cheap, harsh, brief, disposable and expendable for everything alive.
2013-09-14 06:25:58 PM  
Ya Allah
2013-09-14 11:01:28 PM  

Lusebagage: This experiment is simply another shallow attempt to prove that animals don't express conscience thought, and therefore humans dominance over them is justified.

By using the dog as the model, something many people can relate to, this experiment is really trying to reinforce the idea that animals don't possess intelligence or personality, when almost everyone who has ever owned a dog, or cat, or bird, intuitively knows they do have thoughts, they do dream, and they do have a desire to be loved.

Cows, pigs, chickens, goats, and all animals that are routinely controlled by humans using implements and treachery, are quite capable of feeling and thinking. Anyone who's ever seen a cat give birth to kittens has witnessed first hand that humans do not hold a patient on a mothers love for its offspring, all animals possess the capacity for nurturing.

"I am increasingly convinced that one of humankind's most grievous sins is our anthropocentrism. By cutting ourselves off from the rest of creation, we are left bereft of awe and wonder and therefore of reverence and gratitude. We violate our very beings, and we have nothing but trivia to teach our young."-Matthew Fox

I watched Animal Odd Couples on Netflix earlier tonight. The story of a goat that led a blind horse around for years and watched out for it was amazing, and shows that even mammals we don't normally think are very smart can actually be very empathetic and caring.
2013-09-14 11:32:10 PM  

Ishkur: Even the Bible didn't consider infants to be people nor fetuses human, nor anything young enough to die suddenly and quickly and frequently.

You should tell the pro-life crowd that.
2013-09-14 11:47:21 PM  

blue_2501: You should tell the pro-life crowd that.

I have -- Leviticus 27:6, Numbers 3:15.
2013-09-15 01:14:17 AM  
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