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(Google)   Who is the most evil fictional character ever written, whether in literature, film, or television?   ( divider line
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2013-09-13 10:11:08 PM  

enderthexenocide: nobody's mentioned sauron from the lord of the rings yet?

2013-09-13 10:11:40 PM  

2wolves: Neither Mr. Croup or Mr. Vandemar, but their employer.

That'd be the Angel Islington, then.
2013-09-13 10:12:03 PM  
Lucifer's first
2013-09-13 10:12:29 PM  
Already mentioned, but I'll go for a toss up between Sauron and Mr. Sinister.

Honestly this would've been better if the topic had been more specific. Most sadistic individual killer? Evil guy who wants to end the world? Evil person who wants to burn our retinas out? I went for answering the second question, but were we answering the first, I would've chosen Ashley Stassler from Mark Nykaken's "Bone Parade" and the third would be Miley Cyrus.
2013-09-13 10:12:41 PM
2013-09-13 10:12:46 PM  
When I was a youth, this was the face of ultimate evil.
2013-09-13 10:12:56 PM  
Johan Leibert.

My wife screamed at the end of the series, out of pure fear that somehow the show ending wouldn't be enough to stop him, and honestly it made me shrink a little too. It was amazing, and really at the hands of pure writing rather than any sort of shocking, graphic violence.
2013-09-13 10:13:01 PM
2013-09-13 10:13:14 PM  
Probably somebody played by Billy Zabka.
2013-09-13 10:13:21 PM  
O'Brien - (1984)
2013-09-13 10:13:43 PM  
Who created a world of 6 billion people and tortures them mercilessly?

That guy
2013-09-13 10:13:52 PM
2013-09-13 10:14:07 PM  
Carrot Top.
2013-09-13 10:14:09 PM  

mitchcumstein1: Satan

Since you brought it up, I have to mention this.
2013-09-13 10:14:30 PM  

Precious Roy's Horse Dividers: [ image 350x350]

They said "fictional"!
2013-09-13 10:14:48 PM  
Judge Holden...
2013-09-13 10:14:49 PM  
Ok, someone got to do it.
2013-09-13 10:14:59 PM  

spidermann: [ image 320x240]

be surprised if anyone guesses without reverse google image search

Greg Stillson gets a vote for most evil motherfarker ever from me, since he'd eventually have destroyed the world.

/Stephen King fan
2013-09-13 10:15:07 PM
2013-09-13 10:16:18 PM  

dkimball: Precious Roy's Horse Dividers: [ image 350x350]

They said "fictional"!

The real guy wasn't nearly the asshole the movie made him out to be.
2013-09-13 10:17:29 PM

// even his bobblehead is farking evil

Morden: If restoring the Centauri Republic means nothing to you, what does? What do you want?

Vir Cotto: I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I would look up at your lifeless eyes and wave like this.

Vir: Can you and your associates arrange this for me, Mr. Morden?
2013-09-13 10:17:41 PM  
"...Is it safe?"
2013-09-13 10:17:53 PM  
Judge Doom. Pure evil.
2013-09-13 10:18:19 PM  
Aizen Sosuke
433 [TotalFark]
2013-09-13 10:18:37 PM  

Aetre: "...Is it safe?"

How can I know if it's safe if I don't know what it is?
2013-09-13 10:18:55 PM  
2013-09-13 10:19:08 PM  

basemetal: [ image 499x209]

That's not evil, that's just being an asshole.

Crap, I can't remember if that's from Constantine or The Devil's Advocate.  If that was Constantine, I think that was the worst thing we see him do.  Then he cures Keanu Reeves' cancer so he can make X-Men 6:  Whoa.
2013-09-13 10:19:12 PM
2013-09-13 10:19:36 PM  


Nah, Roose is the more evil of the Boltons. Ramsay is psychotic and insane, but Roose has a cold, efficient, brutal ambition that makes him MUCH more evil. Ramsay, like Joffrey, loses control too easily, which makes him a danger to those around him, but also makes him prone to fark with the wrong person and get killed as a result. Roose never loses control and only plays his hand if he knows he can win. Otherwise, he's the guy in the background you don't even notice.

Tywin Lannister would be up there too.
2013-09-13 10:19:38 PM  

meow said the dog: Liters. Because they killed the thread of this.

Go to bed meow-thing.

msupf: Blushing Wall Flower: WHERE ARE THE LITERS TO SPONSOR?

Liter a cola?

I sponsored three. New people are the best people!
2013-09-13 10:19:46 PM  

Tom_Slick: SilentStrider: I see what both of you are saying, but to me it goes to Vic as the guy who led Shane down that path in the first place. And don't forget Vic shooting Terry Crowley in the first episode.

The difference is Vic could be evil and remain human he still had a "Greater Good" mentality. Shane went completely over to other side.

That just makes Vic all the more evil to me. Shane did what he did because he lost his grip on sanity. Vic did what he did, knew what he was doing, and showed no remorse for it.

And he was completely willing to throw his friends under the bus to make sure he got away with it.

Hickory-smoked: [ image 474x214]

Never has anyone made eating a pork sausage look so evil.
2013-09-13 10:19:47 PM  
Pennywise the clown
2013-09-13 10:19:52 PM  

Quantum Apostrophe: [ image 400x225]

Holy shiate, is that Mok?
2013-09-13 10:19:59 PM  
Ellen Page's character in Hard Candy.

Yeah, she was supposed to be the protagonist, but jesus christ, that is a twisted character
2013-09-13 10:20:20 PM
2013-09-13 10:20:24 PM  
Jennie Gump
2013-09-13 10:20:37 PM
2013-09-13 10:20:57 PM  
 Stansfield (Gary Oldham);  Leon, The Professional

Leland Gaunt; (Max von Sydow)  Needful Things

Randall Flagg; The Stand, The Dark Tower (Gunslinger) Series

Mr. Dark;  Something Wicked This Way Comes

# 1 Barney the Purple Dinosaur;   PBS
2013-09-13 10:21:03 PM  

Creepy ass mother farker.
2013-09-13 10:21:52 PM
2013-09-13 10:21:56 PM  
Man I wish this hadn't gone green yet,.
2013-09-13 10:22:10 PM  

Catlike Typist: 2wolves: Neither Mr. Croup or Mr. Vandemar, but their employer.

That'd be the Angel Islington, then.

I didn't wish to post a spoiler.
2013-09-13 10:22:24 PM  
Oh wait, forgot an honorable mention!
2013-09-13 10:22:45 PM  
Tomas Nau  from A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge
2013-09-13 10:22:59 PM  

433: Aetre: "...Is it safe?"

How can I know if it's safe if I don't know what it is?

A dentist from the movie, Marathon Man.
2013-09-13 10:23:16 PM  
darth cheney?
2013-09-13 10:23:16 PM  

2wolves: Catlike Typist: 2wolves: Neither Mr. Croup or Mr. Vandemar, but their employer.

That'd be the Angel Islington, then.

I didn't wish to post a spoiler.

I think someone wanted us to know he read a book.
2013-09-13 10:24:00 PM
2013-09-13 10:24:24 PM
2013-09-13 10:24:41 PM  

doglover: I dunno. Mr Teatime from The Hogfather isn't quite as evil in deed as many literary villains because it's a short book, but his motivations and general nastiness are crazy evil. He tried to kill their Santa Claus using children's stolen teeth, for fark's sake. With a longer lifespan or a more corporeal target for assassination and I believe he'd make Cersei Lannister look like a fine, upstanding gentlewoman.

Mr. Teatime is fantastically creepy but I think I'd give the prize to Carcer, as the Moriarty to Vimes' Holmes.

Vorbis and the Auditors are great villains too.
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