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(Dlisted)   Caption this biker Paparazzo that just knocked Nicole Kidman flat on her ass   ( divider line
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8340 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Sep 2013 at 7:34 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-09-12 09:59:36 PM  
2013-09-12 10:15:06 PM
"Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here!"
2013-09-12 10:42:56 PM  
The WEASaaaaaaaaaaaaal...
2013-09-12 10:45:55 PM  
"My eyes were wide shut - what a terrible mess!"

 /now with envotinated goodness
2013-09-13 12:59:19 AM  
2013-09-13 11:55:08 AM  

libranoelrose: So did Nicole Kidman knock her over, or did she knock over Kidman and they both fell down?

Pap is a dude... Article HERE...

Basically he was riding his bike on the sidewalk trying to take a pic of her and plowed into her.

Oh and my caption entry is:

"Oh, look at this seat.. I just KNEW I should have worn clean underwear today!!"
2013-09-13 01:09:05 PM  
A little HELP here?
2013-09-13 04:27:30 PM  
"Ah, my pelvis! I'm not supposed to get sidewalks on it!"
2013-09-13 05:13:18 PM  
"Oh no, her face isn't must have been paralyzed in the crash! Oh god, I've ruined Nicole Kidman's beautiful face!"
2013-09-13 07:39:49 PM  
"She'll buff right out."
2013-09-13 07:44:15 PM  
"Don't sue me"
2013-09-13 07:46:43 PM  
"Fat bottom Kidman, you make the rockin' world go 'round!"
2013-09-13 07:49:13 PM  
I'm ok, thanks for asking!
2013-09-13 07:49:32 PM

"Charges?  No harm, no foul lady.  Your ass already is flat."
2013-09-13 08:00:01 PM  

TrollingForColumbine: does this bicycle make my ass look big

No, but the handlebar jammed in your rectum does.
2013-09-13 08:04:39 PM  
'The just came alive...'
2013-09-13 08:06:03 PM  
"I was listening to Death Metal on my earbuds and I suddenly got the urge to hurt someone."

(ABC News says this goofus is one of the most hated paparazzi in the biz.  Name's Carl Wu. He was all apologetic after the crash, but he was trying to get a closeup.)
2013-09-13 08:13:08 PM  
2013-09-13 08:14:35 PM  
A sphincter says what.

Pap: What?

Case closed.
2013-09-13 08:40:21 PM  
Don't be such a biatch about it, you are in a lot better shape than Princess Di was after I made her crash.

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2013-09-13 08:45:36 PM

♫ Kick 'em when they're up. Kick 'em when they're down... ♫
2013-09-13 08:55:25 PM  
I'm sorry I thought you we're an A list celebrity.
2013-09-13 09:06:53 PM  
I call it the low down, one handed, flying papaseatgrab. it only seems to work when a lack of talent is nearby.
2013-09-13 10:02:02 PM  
2013-09-13 10:20:54 PM  
I was Just Kidding around.
2013-09-13 10:44:38 PM  
I'm going for an ULTRA RARE photo caption of the photo.

Hold on to your hats, folks....
2013-09-13 10:54:44 PM  
I was on Cruise this...
2013-09-13 11:09:23 PM  
Paparazzi: "I swear I am not a biker. I only make a vroom vrooom noise while I ride so I look tough and not feel like a sissy boy or girl or hermaphrodite who rides a bicycle way to much."
2013-09-14 12:08:32 AM  
So the carpet really does match the drapes!
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