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(American Thinker)   Why Millennials won't become greedy, angry, bigoted people who yearn for the way America used to be   ( divider line 106
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2013-09-12 09:22:17 PM  

eiger: "Consider that while a conservative in 1952 America was staunchly anti-communist, a conservative in the Soviet Union at the time was a communist. And "conservatives" in Western Europe are often our liberals' ideological soulmates. This isn't for lack of truth in political advertising. Rather, it's because the only consistent definition of "conservative" is "a desire to maintain the status quo" while "liberal's" only consistent definition involves a desire to change it. This means "conservatism" is always changing: tomorrow's version will reflect today's liberalism's success in altering the status quo. Conservatism is the caboose to liberalism's locomotive."

Hey, American Thinker writer, that's actually a pretty reasonable definition of conservative (that's actually a pretty piss poor definition of liberal if you're trying to create a universal one, but, whatever). And by that definition, most self-described moderates and many self-describes liberals are, in fact, conservatives because they want to maintain the status quo, aka the New Deal state. And very, very few self-described "conservatives" are. Rather, they are mostly radical reactionaries who want to create a system in the United States radically different than anything that has ever existed. Of course, you won't see that because thinking is not a major prerequisite for writing on American Thinker.

They're describing radicals rather than liberals. And what is commonly referred to as conservative these days is actually authoritarian. Most of the authoritarians consider liberals to be radicals, but they in fact are the radicals themselves.
2013-09-12 09:24:56 PM  

eiger: You know I actually read (skimmed) much of that article, and it was, actually, not as stupid as I had expected

Only about the first half...went waaaay down the rabbit hole towards the end.

Maybe he figured he had time to finish it before the acid kicked in and was really wrong....
2013-09-12 10:08:48 PM  
Ah yes, another steaming pile of derp from Selwyn "David" Duke.

Best known for :
as well as having an amazingly punchable face.
2013-09-13 01:34:40 AM  

UberDave: I know.  That totally sucks that we can't let those promiscuous single mothers "twist in the wind."  They should be punished for their promiscuity I tell you!!

Makes perfect sense.  Sort of like how I saw an open pit the other day.  It would be very easy for someone to fall in and hurt themselves.  So I lined the pit with spikes and filled it with hydrofluoric acid as a deterrent.  I like to think I've helped someone make the right choice in not falling into the pit, by making an example of (what's left of) someone who did.
2013-09-13 02:11:34 AM  

Doc Daneeka: No, that fathers are actually the victims! Victims of a conniving scheme to get them on the hook for child support for the rest of their lives. Won't somebody please think of the true victims?

Yeah. I completely block out a friend out of my life when he started going on and on about that shiat. He's Tea party level derp.

/Bonus points. He's a black kid that is barely middle class.
2013-09-13 02:30:13 AM  

give me doughnuts: Right. Just like the Woodstock generation aren't now old, greedy, and conservative.

As opposed to young, greedy, and conservative, like most of them were in the '60s. Nixon's silent majority was real, and they weren't just the elderly. The hippies and the SDS types were always a minority, and for every war protester there was an Okie from Muskogee who wouldn't burn his draft card down on Main Street, or more likely two or three of them.
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