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(CBS News)   Lion mummy found in Egyptian tomb   ( divider line
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2004-01-14 10:10:21 PM  
I heard about this. The lion was found in the tomb of the former entertainer King Hornkhamun
2004-01-14 10:30:10 PM  
They found it right where I'd left it too.

Seriously. This is ancient news. I scribed this one a dynasty ago with a much funnier headline.
2004-01-14 11:57:38 PM  
You can't hide......your lion eyes....
2004-01-15 12:33:59 AM  
body of gay looking magician found next to it.....
2004-01-15 12:35:22 AM  
ravaged body of gay looking magician found next to it.....<v1.1>
jbc [TotalFark]
2004-01-15 12:35:32 AM  
Actual proof of the Lion King?
2004-01-15 12:36:54 AM  
2004-01-15 12:37:24 AM  
This must have truly been a lion among lions.
2004-01-15 12:37:34 AM  
So what? The Lions have been a dead team for years...
2004-01-15 12:38:43 AM  
That's nothin'. Anyone remeber when the found cocoa and tabbaco leaves in an egyptian tomb? Or did I just dream it?
2004-01-15 12:39:40 AM  
What is a wet nurse? I'd google it, but I fear I may find some NSFW stuff...
2004-01-15 12:40:02 AM  
You dreamed it. What they actually found was alien writing.
2004-01-15 12:40:30 AM  
Oh. Well. That's still pretty cool.
2004-01-15 12:41:38 AM  
2004-01-15 12:44:37 AM  
Now I'm confused. If this lion was found here, then who is the lion buried in Grant's Tomb ?
2004-01-15 12:44:40 AM  
This story reminds of the terrible Faux special that ran last year.

A robot was sent up a tunnel to investigate and came to a wall. Next hour long special consisting of hype and speculation to air this year.

Most likely outcome, gets through the wall to find another wall. More in 2005.
2004-01-15 12:44:49 AM  
i thought it was mufasa
2004-01-15 12:45:04 AM  
That's nothin'. Anyone remeber when the found cocoa and tabbaco leaves in an egyptian tomb? Or did I just dream it?

No - that's what they used to write on the jars so the Slaves wouldn't smoke up their stash.
2004-01-15 12:45:07 AM  
Tabbaco and Coca in Egypt:

First thing I found, seems to be a lot of other info on it. This may not be too reputiable, but...
2004-01-15 12:45:36 AM  
Oh boy we found another dead thing in a tomb. *gasp*

When are they going to find out the important stuff? Like what's up the wierd air shaft/tunnel in the pyramid? or What the hell is under the sphinx?
2004-01-15 12:47:27 AM  
What the hell is under the sphinx?

Big Kitty pan.
2004-01-15 12:47:50 AM  
John Gotti.
2004-01-15 12:49:13 AM  
Poo? Or hairballs?
2004-01-15 12:50:12 AM  
That's nothin'. Anyone remeber when the found cocoa and tabbaco leaves in an egyptian tomb? Or did I just dream it?

It was actually a hot cocoa sampler box.

2004-01-15 12:50:27 AM  
"What the hell is under the sphinx?"

Shinx shiat.

Actually, I'd like to know that as well. I remember reading about hollow areas, possible rooms beneath the Sphinx. If they're untouched by graverobbers, it could yield some interesting finds.
2004-01-15 12:51:46 AM  

Yeah, you're right.

2004-01-15 12:52:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Got a condo made of stone-a...
2004-01-15 12:53:32 AM  
That is so Farking exiting, ... I'm going to bed.
2004-01-15 12:55:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

this guy unavailable for comment...
2004-01-15 12:57:13 AM  
I'd hit it.
2004-01-15 01:03:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

King Felinekhamun the second.
2004-01-15 01:05:18 AM  

A wet nurse is a woman hired to breast feed your baby for you. It became popular with 18th century aristocratic women who thought breast feeding was degrading and below them.

2004-01-15 01:08:01 AM  
Their probably lion.

/ducks and hides
2004-01-15 01:08:22 AM mummy was always lion around the house too...
2004-01-15 01:15:24 AM  
"That's nothin'. Anyone remeber when the found cocoa and tabbaco leaves in an egyptian tomb? Or did I just dream it?"

No, you were not dreaming. It was an ancient Hot cocoa sampler box, and a blunt. (really good cigar for you Utah residents).
2004-01-15 01:16:35 AM  
what Spanish_Inquisition said. Sometimes the wet nurse also more or less raised the kid.

Did you catch the paragraph about lion breeding among the Egyptians? I wonder what the life expectancy of a professional lion breeder was....
2004-01-15 01:17:33 AM  
More important matters, sorry for robbing this thread, but i can't seem to find the link to the pics of the busty redhead girl in the sbb gif in the top left of main page. Anyone give me a link to this gallery please? Would like to see those in high res.
2004-01-15 01:20:14 AM  
Do you think it hurt the wet nurse when the lion started teething? I can only imagine how akward it must have been...
2004-01-15 01:40:11 AM  
Lion mummy found in Egyptian tomb

Has Michael Jackson put out a bid yet?
2004-01-15 02:11:30 AM  
Old old old. Dang. C'mon boys, step it up, we gotta stop gettin' beat by the AP.
2004-01-15 06:44:45 AM  
There's nothing under the sphinx. That's a myth propagated by Edgar Cayce and his followers... so much digging/surveying has been done in the vicinity of the sphinx and nothing, at all, has been found. There is, sadly, nothing under the sphinx. No libraries or secret rooms or anything.

And the tobacco/cocoa theories are not usually considered reputable. There's a whole school of thought that wants to see Old World/New World contact as early in history as possible, with people like Thor Heyerdahl suggesting that it was technically possible. If contact happened, it was minimal.
2004-01-15 07:25:41 AM  
I thought all of the mummies were lion down.
2004-01-15 09:03:07 AM  
The neat thing is, they reckon these lions might have been kept in captivity until they died of old age, then mummified. So when someone important croaked, you just got an off-the-shelf pre-mummified lion and stuffed it in with the body, I guess. That's forward planning!
2004-01-15 09:03:26 AM  
Well my name is Emenhotep, Im a prince of the Nile
And when my daddy died, he really went in style
They put him in his burial chamber, with his favourite things
For his after-life journey: thats because he's the king.

Now, my Daddy is a mummy, hes a son of Pyramid
Yes, my daddy is a mummy, close the door and shut the lid

Well, the priests made a potion, and they rubbed on lots
They wrapped him up in bandages, and put him in a stone box
Then they covered it in gold, and they sealed it up tight
Cos you wouldnt want him sneakin out in the middle of the night

Three thousand years later, well its really too bad
They put him in a museum, wont you come and see my Dad?

Cos my Daddy is a mummy, he's a son of pyramid
Yes my Daddy is a mummy, close the door and shut the lid

Yes, my name is Emenhotep, be my pen-pal, write to me
Just send me a postcard, to a thousand BC
Then send it off to Egypt, thats the name of my land
Please write in hieroglyphics or I wont understand
2004-01-15 09:32:23 AM  
Archaeologists are still trying to determine if the hieroglyphics on the tomb translate as "Heavens to Murgatroid or "Exit, Stage Left"

/gad, I'm old.
2004-01-15 11:59:18 AM  
2004-01-15 12:30:40 PM  

Can't be Aslan. The Stone Table is broken, and Aslan is on the move.

/he is not dead, he is risen
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