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(Huffington Post)   Texas textbook review panelist: "'creation science' based on Biblical principles should be incorporated into every Biology book that is up for adoption"   ( divider line
    More: Fail, Texas, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Texas Freedom Network, Texas A&M University, National Center for Science Education, Texas Education Agency, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Discovery Institute  
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2013-09-12 08:00:00 PM  

FloydA: grumpfuff:
First I was like: *confused face*
Then I lol'd.

/gonna go ask the roommates if we can make thpagetti with vodak thoth for dinner


Evolution threads get really dry and grumpy unless someone adds some humor.

I dunno. I find them mildly amusing usually. But then, I laugh at stupidity, so..yea.

/unfortunately they did not find it as funny as I did
//either way, I found my farky for you.
2013-09-12 09:55:16 PM  
//either way, I found my farky for you.

Is it "Igor"?  Please tell me it's Igor!  ;-)

Let me introduthe you to my dog, Thcrapth!  He'th been in the family for yearth.  Well...partth of him have.

i105.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-09-12 11:19:10 PM  

patrick767: The Irresponsible Captain: [ image 300x362][ image 409x362]

Texas is going to have us teaching kids the following in a few years if we let them.

[ image 443x590]

Please tell me that that 2nd picture is a joke like the Jesus riding a dinosaur coloring book page.

Sorry, it's a real thing from a school run by nutjobs. A friend of mine went to a school like that... and hasn't been a Christian in years.
2013-09-13 12:00:30 AM  

Snarcasm: ciberido: Snarcasm: hailin: My textbook had creationsim, but it was more of a "some people believe there was a supernatural being (God) that created earth, some think it was extraterrestrial (aliens implanted us here), and some believe it was evolution. Choose whatever you want to believe. Moving on." If it is like that I don't see what the big controversey is all about. Offering a multitude of choices and letting the students actually think for themselves! What a novel concept!

Exactly. Evolution is a science with no practical purpose. Peleo profs publish a paper every few years moving an extinct species around on the giant evolution wall chart.

As a science it applies perfectly to mechanical engineering.

/unless I need to worry about those bobcat kittens turning into 500 pound maneaters.

I would award you 10/10 if your name didn't give the game away.  Or rather, I probably would have bitten hard and not given you a score until much later.

Mostly serious.

The problem with the "evolving e coli" is typical of most evolution science. It is too similar to the cold fusion hoopla, you can not replicate it or prove it and it is most likely a contanination error.

Evolution is taught like philosophy. Teach Mendulson genetics, teach the scientific method.

Right now evolutionary theory is being taught as "philosophical proof of no divine being." Commentors wonder how people can even survive in the world without evolution. Can you tell me when you used it for a practical purpose?

I liked it better when I thought you were trolling.
2013-09-13 12:20:28 AM  

SharkaPult: ciberido: [Awesomeness in this thread]

Cib, you are doing the lords wor-....  Err.. Um.  Technically I guess not.But you are doing a great job. I'm fighting a similar fight in my neck of the woods. Much appreciated to see others carrying the torch so to speak.

The really odd part is I'm Christian.  Being pro-science, liberal, and Christian seems to be an odd combination these days.
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