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(Pajiba)   When the showrunners of Game of Thrones came to GRR Martin to get permission to make the show, after a 5 hour meeting he asked them a test question to see if they "got" the books: "Who is Jon Snow's real mother?"   ( ) divider line
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2013-09-11 10:18:41 AM  
(c), it's always (c).
2013-09-11 01:41:20 PM  

The_Six_Fingered_Man: Dingleberry Dickwad: The_Six_Fingered_Man: KhamanV: DamnYankees: nmrsnr: ll. Meanwhile, the other son of Rhaegar, Aegon, has both the silvery hair and the violet eyes of the Targaryens, even though his mother was Dornish, who have dark hair and dark eyes, so the recessive gene argument for hiding the traits in Jon doesn't really work.

Didn't Aegon die when he was a baby? Hard to say what his hair color would have turned out to be - many kids have light hair and then it gets darker as they get older. As for the rest of the Targaryens, didn't they all in-breed, thereby keeping the blond hair?

That.  Joffrey's genetic inheritance underlines how genetics work in Westeros.  Robert's seed was strong versus the Lannister line - likely, so is the Stark bloodline versus Targaryen.

Not sure I am parsing this correctly, but are you asserting that Joffrey is Robert's son?

Maybe he worded it wrong. But Joffrey looking like a Lannister was used as a plot point to show that he wasn't Robert's son because no matter the woman, Roberts illegitimate bastards all have dark hair.

Which is why I wondered why he wrote "Robert's seed was strong versus the Lannister line." There is nothing to indicate that Robert ever fathered a child with Cersei. I was under the impression that all of Cersei's children are Jamie's.

Nefarious: Which is why all his kids being fair haired and resembling their mother was a clue to Arryn that they weren't his.


Also, Jon Arryn (and later Ned) looked up the last Baratheon and Lannister pairing in the big book of marriages which describes the coloring of their offspring. He found the black Baratheon hair won out over the Lannister blond. That information was the additional 'proof' they needed to show Cersei's children were illegitimate in addition to the various bastards. Otherwise, the Lannisters could argue the blond genes dominate.
2013-09-12 12:31:23 AM  

Girion47: bin_smokin: SPOILERS

Essentially, Lyanna was promised to Robert Baratheon at the time her and Rhaegar ran off together during the tournament at Harrenhall.  Ned's older brother and friends then went to the mad king to demand her return which ended in the friends deaths and Ned's brother's imprisonment.  When Ned's father went to demand his brother's release he was burned alive while the older brother was forced to watch and was killed while struggling to free his burning father.  This resulted in all out war which ended in the death of Rhaegar Targaryan at the forks, the execution of the mad king by Jaimie Lanister and the death of the Targaryan family and their Dornish wife and children with some exceptions at kings landing by Tywin Lannister and his bannermen (the mountain). During this time Ned then went to "rescue" his sister and was the only survivor of this endeavor along with his bannerman Howland Reed.  He came home with a baby Jon Snow. The final result was the assentation of the Baratheon bloodline to the throne and the world as it was at the start of the series.  There were a few other notable events afterwards such as the Greyjoy rebellion which also contributed to the world as we know it at the start.

Jon Snow is the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryan.  Jon Snow is the heir to house Targaryan and the throne of Westeros as he is Rhaegar's first born son and Daenery's nephew.

Too bad Jon Snow would still be a bastard.  Maybe a Rivers instead of a Snow, but unless there was a secret wedding with Rhaegar/Lyanna he isn't legitimate

There's nothing that says they weren't married in secret. I always had a theory that it was Thoros of Myr that did it. He showed up before Robert's rebellion to convert King Aerys, so he would have been around at that time, and Rhaegar would have known him. And extra story points for being a priest of the Red God. Plus it would partially explain why he became a fat drunk after the war: survivor's remorse, basically, and stress over keeping the secret.
2013-09-12 01:54:33 AM  

Romanes Eunt Domus: nmrsnr: DamnYankees: Didn't Aegon die when he was a baby?

Spoilers: It doesn't look that way in book 5.

Errr...more potential spoilers for your spoilers: he may not be what he claims to be and Daenerys was warned about the mummer's dragon.

Reading the short stories (featuring Dunk and Egg) and the references to Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers and the Golden Company actually supporting "Young Griff" and it's possible that we may be looking at a potential Blackfyre Rebellion part 3.  Why else would a mercenary company founded by Blackfyre rebels aid a Targaryen?

Interesting.  I like this theory partially because I want Tyrion to be the third dragon.
Has anyone else read the theory about Aerys fathering Tyrion?  Pride prevents Tywin from disowning him, but it gives him extra incentive to despise him.  And since Tywin wasn't actually his father, Tyrion is not the cursed kinslayer that he is perceived since he didn't kill his real father (ignoring the whole "killed his mother" piece).
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