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(Yahoo)   Siberian 'forest boy' found after 16 years living in the wilderness, asks if those stories he heard about your Mom are true   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, Siberia, personal identification, Altai, Rudyard Kipling, mineral springs, forest boy  
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2013-09-10 05:08:57 PM  
Siberian Forest Boy Rescue Party

*Feral man grabs rescuers frozen beard and begins devouring it*

Dear God man, were you raised by wolves?

*belching loudly*  Slush actually. *begins feasting on snow-encrusted snowmobile tread*

For the love of all things holy, placate this deranged slush-fiend with some flavored syrups before he kills us all!
2013-09-10 05:32:07 PM  
Reminds me of this family.
2013-09-10 05:34:32 PM  
Wut?  Is the wilderness telling stories about my mom again?
2013-09-10 05:42:15 PM  
That's a nice, fake story you have there, Russia.
2013-09-10 05:42:25 PM  
And where did they go? Just decide that life was not for them but he would be ok by himself?
2013-09-10 05:43:06 PM  
I smell a Larry Flynt masterpiece coming soon.  I stand corrected - it was my lunch from last week in my top desk drawer.
2013-09-10 05:44:37 PM  

Ambitwistor: Reminds me of this family.

Exactly, hence the following bit in the article:

He said that the man's family went to live in the wild as a conscious decision, but apparently not for religious reasons. "They are not religious people," he said.
2013-09-10 05:53:47 PM  

Ambitwistor: Reminds me of this family.

That was a great story. Making everything from bark.
2013-09-10 05:54:10 PM  
We like to think we're adaptable to any environment but really it's that we're able to adapt any environment to us.
2013-09-10 06:02:33 PM  
That's just silly.

I've spent more time hiding in the closet.
2013-09-10 06:09:34 PM  
If a fit of jealousy, Putin runs off into the forest to beat his record.
2013-09-10 06:15:59 PM  
Putin wants you to believe this is true.
2013-09-10 06:23:02 PM  

DubtodaIll: We like to think we're adaptable to any environment but really it's that we're able to adapt any environment to us.

We change what we do and how we use resources to fit the environment.  Our ability to use our brains to survive makes us adaptable.  Nobody said we can sprout gills and prehensile tails.
2013-09-10 06:46:35 PM  
Great what the fark happened to the kid's parents? And then what happened to the kid? Did he make it back to the hut? Is the hut ok?
2013-09-10 07:03:39 PM  
What did he use for lotion?
2013-09-10 07:07:49 PM  
The greatest thing he'll ever learn is how to love...
2013-09-10 07:19:39 PM  
2013-09-10 07:43:11 PM
//Wanted for questioning
2013-09-10 07:47:33 PM  
Mowgliski? Is that you?
2013-09-10 08:50:33 PM  
Locals near the town of Belokurikha found the man...Belokurikha is a well-known resort area in Russia's picturesque Altai region in south Siberia, known for mineral springs, health spas, and skiing.

There was a story shockingly similar to this in the United States. Some Santa Fe property owners were visiting their vacation residence and noticed an indigenous boy walking alone on Canyon Road and called the authorities.
2013-09-10 09:30:42 PM  
Is FB the father?
2013-09-10 10:16:57 PM  
kinda read the headline as "Serbian film boy" on the first scan. Completely different scenario in my mind, altogether
2013-09-10 11:54:54 PM  

Ambitwistor: Reminds me of this family.

2013-09-11 02:05:54 PM  
I think Werner Herzog did a documentary about people living off the grid in Siberia. It was fur trappers or something like that, though, not some ultra-religious types or other randoms.
2013-09-12 01:52:19 AM  
It's titled Happy People and it's on netflix.  Very interesting the stuff they are able to do pretty much all alone out there for months on end.
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