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(Some Guy) Boobies Alyson Hannigan: 34 pics (NSFW banners)   ( divider line 180
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103484 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jan 2004 at 11:07 PM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-14 03:41:23 PM  
Pics are SFW, but the banner ads are definitely NSFW. Just in case anyone's interested.

Vote for me because....well, I'm sure there has to be a good reason.
2004-01-14 05:26:04 PM  
Random McEric?

Does this make your monkey go boom?
2004-01-14 05:34:21 PM  
I don't know about RandomMcEric, but I'm certainly feeling a litte warm inside right now.
2004-01-14 06:58:16 PM  
If I'm remembering correctly, Random"BoomMonkey"McEric is a HUGE Alyson Hannigan fan.
2004-01-14 07:12:43 PM  
I'm quickly becoming a fan myself!
2004-01-14 07:16:31 PM  
my take, but...

I hate this flat chested, 9-year old looking, nerdy-looking chick... where's my nekkid Catherine Zeta-Jones pics??
2004-01-14 07:57:35 PM  
Rub-a-dub, splud.
2004-01-14 10:27:29 PM  
Well, whaddya know? Not only did they add the NSFW banners to the headline, but they turned off voting, too. Hmph.
2004-01-14 11:10:37 PM  
uh...where's the boobies?

shoulda had a weiner tag fer t3h banners.

no boobies - mucho weiners
2004-01-14 11:11:27 PM  
Mmmmm Buffy Muff. Oh wait no, it's Willow tits. Meh, just as good.
2004-01-14 11:11:59 PM  
Too bad the pics weren't NSFW...

And I was in them.

With her.


Doing her.



2004-01-14 11:12:22 PM  
I think shes tasty..
2004-01-14 11:12:49 PM  
Yeah, so that about wins. I'm all about jingoism today

Unfetchable image my ass. Whatever.

Here, paste it, you monkey.
2004-01-14 11:14:55 PM  
Turns out that "acting" is my given name. "quality projects" is my nickname.
2004-01-14 11:15:17 PM  
jrdncastillo get in line buddy. i've got dibs. right behind her husband. we could team up and kill him.... you in?
2004-01-14 11:15:29 PM  
mmmm, flat chested, nerdy-looking chick....

There need never be any other woman.

2004-01-14 11:16:15 PM  
Why is she not mine? :(
2004-01-14 11:17:44 PM  
What happened to those pics of her where someone boobed her up with photoshop? I know ONE of you has them.
2004-01-14 11:17:59 PM  
I've already got these, and around 600 others.

What we need are links to some good fakes.
2004-01-14 11:18:55 PM  



2004-01-14 11:19:30 PM  
Did someone say weeners?
2004-01-14 11:19:48 PM  
She was okay in the Buffy until the whole lesbian witch thing. Loved her in the American Pies.
2004-01-14 11:21:52 PM  

I haven't seen 'em, but... who needs 'em?

Alyson Hannigan = teh perfect.

N'est-ce pas?
2004-01-14 11:22:23 PM  
If there's no clam, its not worth my time.
2004-01-14 11:23:10 PM  
Aw man, and here I was going to go to bed without fapping tonight.

/too much information, I know.

I hate this flat chested, 9-year old looking, nerdy-looking chick

I think a lot of Farkers' first (maybe only) sexual experiences were with "nerdy-looking chicks". That kind of thing leaves a permanent impression.
2004-01-14 11:24:37 PM  
"200 F*CK GIRLS"

Who would have thought that was NSFW.

On another note, Hannigan is way too overhyped. I see better looking girls coming home on the subway, everyday. And all you geeks out there - sorry to burst your hopeful bubble, but she isn't like Willow in real life.

And she is married to:

(Lazy at the moment, cut and paste)
2004-01-14 11:25:56 PM  
2004-01-14 11:11:59 PM jrdncastillo

My thoughts exactly.
2004-01-14 11:26:07 PM  
Two things that go great in the same headline: "Allyson Hannigan" and "NSFW".

Oh, and why do people think Mena Suvari is hot? She's weird looking and she has an outie for pete's sakes.
2004-01-14 11:26:17 PM  
She's pretty marginal, but I'd hit it if it were right there for the taking.

Of course, a girl has to be pretty nasty, like Paris Hilton or Madonna nasty, before I'll turn her down.
2004-01-14 11:28:07 PM  
She's pretty good at looking good as a red-head.
2004-01-14 11:28:08 PM  
Is it just me or is she not that hot? The FHM cover shot of her was horrible. Don't get me wrong, redheads can be great, but Alyson Hannigan is not one of them for me. Kittens will not be dying tonight.

2004-01-14 11:28:20 PM  
On another note, Hannigan is way too overhyped. I see better looking girls coming home on the subway, everyday. And all you geeks out there - sorry to burst your hopeful bubble, but she isn't like Willow in real life.

Yeah, yeah, we know. Gillian Anderson isn't like Agent Scully either (the opposite in fact, she's kind of a new-age flake). A.H. is still CUTE. I think that's the key. And those girls on the subway, well, if they have sexy pics on the internet, by all means give us the link.
2004-01-14 11:28:57 PM  
Alyson Hannigan and Melissa Joan Hart are two of the ultimate girls next door. 'Nuff said.
2004-01-14 11:30:08 PM  
She's cute, but not in a "I wanna see her boobies" kind of way. More like a "I wanna watch a movie and cuddle with her on the couch" kind of way, ya know?
2004-01-14 11:30:38 PM  
I didn't realize that she had such small teats.

That said, I'd definitely teabag it!
2004-01-14 11:31:54 PM  
We have a VJ on muchmusic that has exactly the same mouth as Alison. Tres Super Sexy.
2004-01-14 11:31:55 PM  
I'd hit it..... and so would my girlfriend.
2004-01-14 11:32:11 PM  

You win, exceptionally well done.
2004-01-14 11:32:29 PM  
Ok, who the F would submit this crap and why in the heck does it get approved????
2004-01-14 11:33:16 PM  
Those banner ads are farking funny. "Womb Raider" - Angelina Jolie butt naked.

Headline should be "NSFW banner ads for the very very gulible"
2004-01-14 11:33:52 PM  
Someone didnt like Shannon Elisabeth's belly button in this pic, because they put a new one on there. Weird. Also, Mena Suvari looks pretty gross in this pic.
2004-01-14 11:34:38 PM  
Server fall down, go boom...
2004-01-14 11:34:49 PM  
Not hot.
2004-01-14 11:35:16 PM  
holy cow...shannon elizabeth can kick all their kitty-fark....
2004-01-14 11:37:27 PM  
I had no idea any one thought she was hot.
I'm sure the guys would hit it, personally I think she's a tad on the fugly side (sorry).
2004-01-14 11:37:59 PM  
Possum Jenkins

Exactly, although I still wouldn't object to seeing her boobies.
2004-01-14 11:38:34 PM  
American Wedding sucked.
And so does this link.
2004-01-14 11:39:06 PM  
damn, she is fugliness at its finest (contradiction?)
2004-01-14 11:39:28 PM  
I've never seen any of the America Pie movies, and I feel pretty good about that.
2004-01-14 11:40:44 PM
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