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(IndyStar)   Just because the Monday Night Football game isn't unfolding how you wish it would does not mean you get to spike your girlfriend on the driveway   ( divider line
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2013-09-10 01:21:43 PM  
What else are you going to do?
2013-09-10 01:22:02 PM  
Says you.
2013-09-10 01:22:16 PM  
I blame Chip Kelly for not passing the ball in the second half.

2013-09-10 01:22:19 PM  
I think he was probably more enraged about the money he was going to lose betting on the game, not just that his team wasn't winning.
2013-09-10 01:22:23 PM  
So...spike her in the street, instead?
2013-09-10 01:23:05 PM  
"spike your girlfriend" sounds like a euphemism for sexy time.
2013-09-10 01:26:16 PM  
Lady, on the off chance you read this.  Leave him - never go back, never speak to this farkwit again.
/end white knight
2013-09-10 01:32:07 PM  
"spike your girlfriend" sounds like a euphemism for sexy time.

I was going to recommend he spike her in the bedroom next time. And after reading the story, how the hell do you assault yourself?
2013-09-10 01:35:12 PM  
That'll teach her to mouth off.
2013-09-10 01:36:49 PM  
He was just standing his ground.
2013-09-10 01:38:33 PM  

ShamanGator: "spike your girlfriend" sounds like a euphemism for sexy time.

I was going to recommend he spike her in the bedroom next time. And after reading the story, how the hell do you assault yourself?

Like this
2013-09-10 01:38:53 PM  

ShamanGator: how the hell do you assault yourself?
2013-09-10 01:42:25 PM  
Since this guy has all the signs of being a BDFJ, I am betting he is considered a 'nice guy' who works hard and makes decent money. That is what they all do, yet people like this guy are way more common than folks want to believe, because they fit into that BDFJ mold that says you are destinede to be a success even if you are a complete a**hat when it comes to the little things, like the fact there are other people on the planet and therefore you need to keep your 8 yo temper tantrums to yourself.

/I have no patience or sympathy for 'Big Dumb Frat Jocks', especially ones like this guy
2013-09-10 01:49:40 PM  
It is so clear. We need to ban sports and any access to them. Think of the children.
2013-09-10 01:51:21 PM  
Oh. Big surprise. A sports fan is violent.

Next you're going to tell me Jezebel bloggers hate men.
2013-09-10 01:59:10 PM  
Guess she ask "What 'chu talkin' bout" one too many times.
2013-09-10 02:17:52 PM  
The woman made a quick move to fight past him and was walking across his driveway when the man threw her to the ground, police said.

I have spotted her problem.  Ladies, there are times when when it's okay to be a lazy fat ass.

"He was consuming alcoholic beverages," the report reads. "She stated that Frederick appeared to be getting worked up and she knew that he would become abusive. (The woman) stated that she wanted to leave because she knew what was coming given his behavior."

This is not one of them.      Next time,
2013-09-10 02:27:11 PM  
Article did not mention she was wearing a Houston Texan jersey and waving a banner in his face as Phillip Rivers went south.
2013-09-10 02:31:25 PM  
It does if you're stupid and they aren't covering the spread and your "friend" is into you for $17k and you make less than $20k a year.

Seen it time and again.
I used to call the houses to let the wives know it was time to go to Moms house or visit a friend, for a day or two.
It's what they called being a Full Service Bartender.
"Hi!  Been watching the game?  Bob's not covering his spread and he's into the well bourbon so there's that to think about"

would also call the Mrs.'s when the collection service would be traveling.
Everyone liked that, less screaming, police calls, hard to explain bruises at work yada yada yada.
2013-09-10 02:31:39 PM  
Pfft.  She's a wimp.  My wife calls that foreplay.
2013-09-10 02:59:34 PM  
Get him good and drunk
let him pass out
blow out the pilot light
Go to reputable relative's house
Practice "Oh My gawd! My house! My Husband!"
2013-09-10 03:02:27 PM  
Must have had money on the Redskins.
2013-09-10 03:22:02 PM  
They really should have clarified whether he's a Redskins or a Texans fan. It makes a big difference in what I think of him.
2013-09-10 04:04:53 PM  
She was talking during the game instead of waiting for the commercials. Nobody will admit it, but this guy is a hero to men everywhere.
2013-09-11 02:55:43 AM  
Indy fan.  The Texans come back from big deficit and realizes Luck isn't on his closed...
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