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16708 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jan 2004 at 11:12 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-14 01:27:16 PM  
klatubaradanikto, I was thinking the exact same thing.
2004-01-14 01:27:33 PM  
The original Humvees are fun to drive, especially off road in the shiattiest conditions you can find.

The H2s suck royally. They are the SUV version of a ricer. Instead of sticking a bunch of stickers on it to make it look fast, they jack up a piece of shiat to make it look like it can actually go offroad.

There's quite a few video clips online of yuppies trying to take their H2s offroad and totally destroying the suspension.
2004-01-14 01:28:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-14 01:29:05 PM  

i'm just laughing at your "needs" and "preferences". that's all. sorry to offend your precious sensibilities.

oh, for the love of christ, I bet you drive a Gelandewagen and talk really loudly. more power to you.
2004-01-14 01:29:12 PM  
You don't NEED to concern yourself with how other people spend their money. The "need" is all in your head.

Of course it is. That doesn't make me less likely to scoff at silly justifications people use. Why don't you just say, "I really wanted a big car, because it's the fashion and I would rather die that own a minivan." At least you admit it, you know? I myself want an audi TT. No reason, it's dumb, I just want it. At least I admit it. I understand the aversion to Minivans. If I had the misfortune of being a parent to six kids, I would probably wind up with a ford explorer too. well, if I could afford it, with all those mouths to feed.

Cars are necessary. SUV's, in 99.9% of cases, are owned for pure fashion. I laugh at people who follow Brittney Spears antics, why not laugh at people who think they "need" an SUV?

Kymry Since you don't have an suv, what praytell do you spend all that extra cash on?

Rent and subway cards. Ick, sometimes I wonder why I live in this city.

I am not trying to say that you don't have a right to own and SUV, folks. I am just saying I have the right to laugh at you if you do, and to try and get some industry standards passed so that your SUV manufacturers might in the future make less gas-consumptive cars.
2004-01-14 01:29:19 PM  
The Original Hummer

[image from too old to be available]

The H2
[image from too old to be available]

The H3T
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-14 01:29:57 PM  
You need not be concerned with kcm.

/ESH, Arbiter of All Concern has spoken
2004-01-14 01:30:42 PM  
yes, you could help me with the toe-fungus condundrum instead.
2004-01-14 01:31:07 PM  

hummers are not totally useless. i would like to see you mount an M2-50cal to the top of a normal car and see how far you get. Plus try carrying 40 AT-4's, 5 people, a frequency jammer, 8 boxes of water, 100 pounds of C4, 200 blasting caps, 25 targets and stands, 900 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 2 An/PRC 119C's, a radio anttena amplifier, 5 M-16 A4's 5 boxes of MRE's and various other gear across mountainess terain filled with ditches and rocks the size of VW Bettles, in a normal car. Never seen a Civic do that.

But you are talking about a military Humvee, a kick ass super tough utility vehicle, not the pussy H2 Hummer. The hummer h2 is crap. Check out the video that jumperless posted. Crap.
2004-01-14 01:33:33 PM  
ofcourse you should have the right to buy one of these pieces of cr@p. That doesn't mean that you should get a free pass from suffering the social stigma of looking like a j@ck@ss to the rest of the population. And for all you thinking that an SUV is a status symbol- welcome to lower middle class and you are not impressing anyone but the other numbnuts who think they are doing alright.
2004-01-14 01:33:39 PM  
the things you own
own you
2004-01-14 01:34:01 PM  
I didn't see the need of spending all the money on an suv so I bought a used AWD minivan for my family of 5 going on 6. I also have a 1990-beat-to-hell nissan pick-up for my hauling needs. When I want to have fun, I ride my motorcycle. When I go to work, I drive my maxima. Having said all of that, I guess the only thing I "needed" was the van. Oh well, please forgive me for my wasteful attitude. I guess I shouldn't have purchased the car, truck, motorcycle and van. Maybe I should have just bought one SUV.
2004-01-14 01:35:55 PM  
H3T = teh gay.
i'd like to hear -anyone- try to defend that thing. purely for entertainment purposes.

too small a bed to haul cargo, too small of a cab to haul people, if it's built like an h2 it's completely inept at actual off-road use -- and it looks uglier than sin.

the only thing the H3T says about its owner is: i'm a massive tool.
2004-01-14 01:36:32 PM  
P.S. I think the H3 looks cool.
2004-01-14 01:39:20 PM  
I was researching buying a cargo van for my business and was told by the GM dealer that with the tax breaks for vehicles over so many lbs the price for an H2 would be about the same as for the GMC cargo van. I didn't go for it because a cargo van is more practicle for cargo (go figure?). But now I see plenty of other contractors buying these things to take advantage of the tax loophole. I'd like to slap a bumper sticker on the back of each one that says: YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR MY IRRESPONSIBLE LUXURY!
2004-01-14 01:39:24 PM  

Either that, or "I am a wealthy mofo who has insecurity problems."

I want to key every hummer I see.

But I am too nice, and I don't. I just curl my lip.

You know what else is dumb? SUV limos. If there was ever a more obvious sign that the SUV has become the newest status symbol of the upper middle classes...
2004-01-14 01:40:23 PM  
That H2 video only shows that the driver screwed up and went over those rocks poorly. I know drivers who could take a 2WD Jeep Wrangler over that no problem...
2004-01-14 01:40:59 PM  
I'd hit it...

/long day...just keepin myself away, don't mind me
2004-01-14 01:41:26 PM  
so, is this one going to be jeep sized, or something?
2004-01-14 01:43:48 PM  
They are hybrids (and bad ones at that) of the military hmv. They have a Chevy Tahoe suspension and other than the body style, are nothing like the real hummers. They are for small dicked men and insecure women. I lived in one for 9 month's while patroling the zone of seperation in Bosnia, and I laugh when I see them driving down the road.
2004-01-14 01:44:07 PM  
SUVs for some, miniature American flags for others!
2004-01-14 01:45:20 PM  
Since lightblub brought them up, what's the point of a 2WD Jeep Wrangler anyway?
2004-01-14 01:45:46 PM  
To all of the anti SUV and anti Hummers can now stop whipping that horse. It's been dead for several years.
2004-01-14 01:45:52 PM  
I don't think the wealthy have insecurity problems. It's the pseudo-wealthy and barely upper-upper-middle class that do. Very wealthy people are much less concerned with appearance and wealth than those that are trying to get to that point.

Richard Gere, I think, said something like, "Once you have a certain amount of money in the bank, it loses it's affect on you."

The worst people are the wannabe poseurs, but really wealthy people don't worry about what other people think about their wealth.

/just a theory
2004-01-14 01:46:30 PM  

baja-racing trucks are only 2WD. locking differential is the key.
2004-01-14 01:48:01 PM  
SUV haters are mindless sheep.

Complaining about poor gas mileage is a valid point. That's the only valid point. Most of you geo driving tow truck calling sissies couldn't change an air filter. You really annoy me.

As far as the H2 goes, one video, showing one retard breaking his truck doesn't mean squat. I've seen rough and tuff 70s trucks simply fall apart driving down the road. The implication that all the H2s are crap is what's asinine, not the H3.

And last but certainly not least, if you want a badass SUV, get a full size chevy blazer. Having owned 3 of them so far, they are simply ass kicking trucks. Just watch out for those 350 and 400 turbo auto transformers, they are easy to trash. The manuals, while harder to find, are major ass kickers.

If you don't like the current American SUV trend, move to frickin Europe or invent cold fusion. Otherwise, GTFO of my way before I run you over.
2004-01-14 01:48:36 PM  
But then why buy a jeep? Why not buy a less expensive truck with a locking diff. that'll actually keep you warm in the winter?
2004-01-14 01:48:39 PM  
One good thing about 2WD Jeep Wranglers...

going over a set of rocks that KILL AN H2, and then showing them that, "Hey - check out this thing that cost less than $20,000"
2004-01-14 01:49:03 PM  
i totally agree...take a look at my previous post. i love my HMMWV cant kill that thing (*drool*).

/wishes AMG would of kepth their civilian contract :(
2004-01-14 01:49:35 PM  

you wouldn't be a naval aviator, per chance?
2004-01-14 01:50:50 PM  
I'll bite ForceMcCocken (that didn't sound right).

1. It's a pickup, lots of people use pickups in fact the Ford F-150 is the best selling vehicle on the road and the Silverado is 2nd. Now this is smaller than full-size which may be better for some with less parking or who listen to whiney socialists that say a full size truck is more than they "need".

2. I'm guessing that that bed will still hold anything any Jeep could carry, and you can just hose it out if the mulch splits in transit. There are lots of small pickups on the road so someone must be using the small beds for something.

3. Hard to say about off-road since it is only a concept. It should be at least comparable to the S-10 or the new mid-size truck that is replacing it.

4. I think it looks cool. It certainly doesn't look like all the Nissans and Toyotas and Rangers so it gives the driver a sense of individuality and exclusivity (which according to the farkers on this board makes you a sheep or have a small deal). Fact is, there probably won't be one next to you in the parking garage.
2004-01-14 01:50:59 PM  
I dunno. they're an image vehicle for most, and it saves cost.. I don't complain, though, because they aren't nearly as HUGE as these SUVs that clog parking lots, roadways, and intersections.

I think I wouldn't mind SUVs nearly as much if I could see around them / park near them without fear.

I'd still think you are just a sheep, but that's human nature, and will happen with the next car trend after SUVs. can't change that.
2004-01-14 01:52:29 PM  
cheapimmitation: Do a GIS for "Lada Niva". It is a Russian car, has no power (1600cc), but is light, cheap and has great milage. And you can repair with a hammer and a screwdriver. Put a 32" wheel on it, and you can go almost everywhere.
2004-01-14 01:52:39 PM  

"The worst people are the wannabe poseurs, but really wealthy people don't worry about what other people think about their wealth."

Exactly!, which is why H2's are so popular with the pseudo-wealthy and the barely upper-middle-class, because they think it makes them look "wealthy" when in fact it just betrays their middle class conspicuous consumption.
2004-01-14 01:54:29 PM  
This thread in 10 years ...

But do you really NEED a flying car? Stupid, small penised sheep drive flying cars. My H3 is all I really need.
2004-01-14 01:55:19 PM  
I dont like how poeple who are really not trained or qualified to drive a really large cumbersome vehicle can buy something that weighs more than 4,000lbs and is a menace to every other car on the road. You want freedom to choose what you drive, fine, but I want your ass to have a CDL liscence so you really know how to handle that thing and arent driving with one hand, talking on a cell phone threatening me and my family.
2004-01-14 01:55:27 PM  
You people who are emphatically trying to defend your SUV use are really showing your insecurities! ;)
2004-01-14 01:55:54 PM  
But like motorcycles, I think 4wd's, high clearance utilities, minivans and semi trailors should only be owned by people who have an alternate means of transportation, that can be used when its actually warranted.

Why lump motorcycles in with the rest of the list?

As a city dweller owning a car would be a huge pain in the ass, not to mention costly. So I choose to have a bike instead. It's big enough to hold a weeks worth of groceries, and it's much eaiser to park. When the weather is too harsh (ie icy) to ride use public transportation.

It's actually very practical. I wish more people would do the same.

And I will admit that I think my bike is damn cool. :-)

2004-01-14 01:55:55 PM  
For some reason, the phrase "smaller hummer" is just so very sad.

Any hummer at all is not hummer is very sad.
2004-01-14 01:56:58 PM  

Either that, or "I am a wealthy mofo who has insecurity problems."

I want to key every hummer I see.

You want to destroy someone's property because they are wealthy and have nice things and you think they are insecure? Paging Dr. Freud.
2004-01-14 01:56:58 PM  

SUV haters are mindless sheep.

Complaining about poor gas mileage is a valid point. That's the only valid point. Most of you geo driving tow truck calling sissies couldn't change an air filter. You really annoy me.

actually the largest complaint against SUV's is how unsafe they are to the people who drive them and those they ram into. You have taken a vehicle that is inherently unsafe and forced others to drive them for fear of getting rammed by one. Oh and I helped my father rebuild a backhoe one summer.
2004-01-14 01:57:21 PM  

If I was as wimpy as that guy in the Durango commercial, I'd be driving my wife's Odyssey instead of my truck.

Primary reason I bought it: needed a vehicle suitable for carrying 4 people to three-gun matches in muddy locations all over the Pacific Northwest. That 4 people, twelve guns (not including spares and spare parts), five or six thousand rounds of various ammunition types, a cooler fulla lunch, and, perhaps, kickin' tunes.

My old Jetta wasn't cutting it.
2004-01-14 01:58:36 PM  
AlgaeRancher: "weighs more than 4,000lbs and is a menace to every other car on the road."

The H1 weighs in with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 10,300 lbs.

You mean the H2? GVR 8,600 lbs.

H3? don't know yet.
2004-01-14 01:59:16 PM  
hey i think i have justified my use for SUVs and Humvees without showing any insecurities.
2004-01-14 01:59:18 PM  
Hummer too big and expensive for you?

Buy a car.
2004-01-14 01:59:41 PM  

nope, just an ex 10th Mtn., S.F., MP.
2004-01-14 02:00:32 PM  

he is not venting rage at their WEALTH. if it was wealth-related, he would vent his anger on Maybachs, Bentleys, and assorted BMWs/MBs. RTFT, man.

reading comprehension is so 4th grade..
2004-01-14 02:01:11 PM  
Anyway,before I my wife and I head off to work, let us both say "Thank You!" to all those who buy exactly what they like. The H1 keeps me working 10 hours a day,and the H2 keeps her working 12 hours a day. We'll be buying an H3 as soon as we can. It won't do a thing for my small dick,though,because she is the one that will be driving it. I'll still be driving my beater pickup.
2004-01-14 02:01:44 PM  
Enough about Hummers! Let's talk about Bush.
2004-01-14 02:02:14 PM  
"actually the largest complaint against SUV's is how unsafe they are to the people who drive them and those they ram into. You have taken a vehicle that is inherently unsafe and forced others to drive them for fear of getting rammed by one. Oh and I helped my father rebuild a backhoe one summer."


The H1 (for example) is SAFE for the occupants. I don't give one flying fLIck about how safe it is for the others on the road... who are busy talking on the cell phone, driving with music at 130db, etc...
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