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(Yahoo)   Actor Spalding Gray missing in New York.   ( divider line
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13717 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jan 2004 at 12:26 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-14 12:28:36 AM  
Maybe he's swimming in Cambodia
2004-01-14 12:31:10 AM  
. . .Or eaten by the Monster In A Box.
2004-01-14 12:31:13 AM  
Maybe just another fake suicide attempt.
2004-01-14 12:33:05 AM  
perhaps he is missing because no one knows who the fark he is...
2004-01-14 12:33:47 AM  
I was thinking of taking the MFA program at LIU just so i could work with Spalding Gray. I really hope he's ok. It's way too cold here to be out wandering around pondering the universe. It wasn't that many years ago that he jumped off a bridge under similar circumstances.
2004-01-14 12:35:41 AM  
Maybe he's swimming to Long Island. But hope he's OK. Sad when someone reaches the depths of depression that they do themselves in.
2004-01-14 12:36:14 AM  
just wait for the smell
2004-01-14 12:36:45 AM  
Puzzlin' evidence.
2004-01-14 12:37:05 AM  
He's the Spalding Gray of Spalding Gray.
2004-01-14 12:37:45 AM  
New Yorkers respond, "He's not in 'Our Town.'"
2004-01-14 12:38:35 AM  
Oh, shiat. A famous guy is missing.

/getting my flashlight
2004-01-14 12:38:42 AM  
Surely you people know his work. and what's led to his depression. Imagine coming home from school one day as a child to find your mother and she says, "How shall I do it, son? Shall I do it in the garage with the car?" and then she does?

Also, for you farking assholes who come in here saying "Who?" the farking headline says ACTOR. Go to to find the roles he's played if that'll do it for you. asshole.
2004-01-14 12:38:43 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
'Missing' is such a relative term.
We prefer 'borrowed.'

2004-01-14 12:38:44 AM  
Tin Foil Hat:the program at CW Post or Southampton?
2004-01-14 12:39:02 AM  
A balding gay missing in New York? Look harder, you will find dozens.
2004-01-14 12:39:56 AM  
I don't have a Spalding Gray. But I do have a very nice Norwegian Blue for sale. Beautiful plumage!
2004-01-14 12:40:05 AM  
Southampton. He teaches a couple courses there. Besides, how can you resist a resort community?
2004-01-14 12:41:18 AM  
I saw him in Huston. I expected a monolouge, I didn't expect a parade of dumbshiats saying what they thought the audience wanted to hear, trying to get laughs, and generally being very uninteresting. Spalding maybe said fiveteen words that night. I want my two hours back, Spalding.
2004-01-14 12:45:52 AM  
I never lost a Spalding Grey, buy I've had many Spalding Pinks get lost over the fence, never to be found again. Ah, stickball!
2004-01-14 12:46:08 AM  
You're like the Spalding Gray of crap

/Family guy
2004-01-14 12:52:14 AM  
I just saw him eating a dog in times square!
2004-01-14 12:54:31 AM  
I'm a Spalding Gray in a Rick Deeds world! Change me back to the blissful boob I was!

I'm sorry... We don't play God here.

You do nothing but play God. And I think your octo-parrot would agree!

*craaaaaawk!* I shouldn't be! *whistle*

/couldn't resist
2004-01-14 12:54:42 AM  
The sea is is a lovely lady, Spalding,...but she can be a biatch!

Play in her, but never play with her...

you're lucky you made it're lucky to be alive...

/wishing you well, Spalding...
2004-01-14 12:58:14 AM  
He's busy having his special moment.

/get some culture, you plebes
2004-01-14 12:59:15 AM  
An elitist attitude works better when you use proper spelling.

/grammar nazi
2004-01-14 01:00:10 AM  
It's neither big nor clever to be ignorant.

Spalding - wheverever you are..
2004-01-14 01:00:31 AM  
Isn't Spalding Grey a brand of basketballs?
2004-01-14 01:01:26 AM  
I am just thankful that this link MIGHT stop being posted to TotalFark.
Might...........but probably not.
2004-01-14 01:06:44 AM  
An elitist attitude works better when you use proper spelling.

/grammar nazi

A grammar Nazi post works better when you talk about grammar.

/pedantic twit

(btw, "plebes" was spelled correctly. I think. At least, according to my spellcheck :P)
2004-01-14 01:08:22 AM  
I was channel surfing and "Swimming to Cambodia" was on. It was strangly addictive.
2004-01-14 01:10:24 AM  

I have played with his balls many times!

/original joke in "Swimming to Cambodia" book
2004-01-14 01:11:23 AM  
On the downside, I mean upside, Jorn has been sighted.
2004-01-14 01:21:16 AM  
well that is sad, I hope they locate him soon.

Severe Depression sucks arse...
2004-01-14 01:25:36 AM  
"SAD" tag for this one.
2004-01-14 01:28:37 AM  

A balding gay missing in New York? Look harder, you will find dozens.

It's Gray. Definitely not gay. I dated his girlfriend once. Long story....
2004-01-14 01:29:10 AM  
GodzillaJoe: It's one of the uglier truths around here, unfortunately. Never fails...
2004-01-14 01:35:29 AM  
newmoonpuppyhead, not the famous muse and companion Renee of the unspellable long last name that begins with S, was it?

Go on, tell the story. We're all interested.

Spalding, stop raking leaves for Hasids at ten bux a pop and go HOME!
I sure hope he's ok...
2004-01-14 01:40:50 AM  
is that the guy from Caddyshack?
2004-01-14 01:41:46 AM  
hahahahhaha not even close tin
2004-01-14 01:45:48 AM  
is that the guy from Caddyshack?

nah, it's Doc Brown from Back to the Future.
2004-01-14 01:45:53 AM  
Bummer. I hope he turns up intact. His stuff is great.
2004-01-14 01:56:47 AM  
Spalding, meet Wilson. He's missing too.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-14 02:00:01 AM  
"I was having a lot of suicide fantasies. I was darkly convinced that at age 52 I would kill myself because my mother committed suicide at that age. I was fantasizing that she was waiting for me on the other side of the grave."
~Spalding Gray
2004-01-14 02:06:52 AM  
I never thought I could watch one man speak for so long.

I hope he turns up alive.
2004-01-14 02:12:05 AM  
Nothing But Net beat me to it.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-14 02:12:43 AM  
This is really too bad. I hope he turns up somewhere and is okay. "Swimming to Cambodia" is amazing - really unbelievable how watching a guy sit at a table and talk could be so riveting and moving. "Monster in a Box" is fantastic, too.

Depression just sucks.

2004-01-14 02:18:29 AM  
In Swimming to Cambodia he tells the story of a Thai Whore doing tricks with her vagina "boobly oobly"

pretty farking funny
2004-01-14 02:28:15 AM  
I saw Spalding's live show "Gray's Anatomy" in Minneapolis. He's seriously one of the most amazing story tellers around. I would say his live stage work and writings are more relevent then any of his movie rolls. In that regard I can see how many haven't even heard of him.
2004-01-14 02:34:04 AM  
Few things make me shudder more than the phrase "Experimental Theater".
2004-01-14 02:37:19 AM  

"mime school"
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