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(Yahoo)   Wow! IT's a scooter. Too bad they missed that craze by two years   ( divider line
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11333 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Dec 2001 at 7:49 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-03 07:52:00 AM  
Worst invention ever.
2001-12-03 07:55:23 AM  
Good. Don't get one, Fb-...easier for me to get one. ^_^
2001-12-03 07:57:40 AM  
Huh that's funny cause my roomate was just saying a week ago..."I bet the damn thing is a scooter" Weird...
2001-12-03 08:00:09 AM  
[OBVIOUS] IT revealed, turns out to be stupid and crappy.
2001-12-03 08:01:31 AM  
Well, I wasn't impressed with drudge reports pic of it, and I watched the GMA segment on it and wasn't impressed either. They were all wearing helmets! If this thing is self balancing and all safe, why do they need to wear helmets? Buncha sissies.
2001-12-03 08:02:23 AM  
They should hit up Tellytubby Po to model their new "cootah". Fiedee! Fiedee!
2001-12-03 08:03:10 AM  
And the lazy just get lazier...
2001-12-03 08:06:06 AM  
Mr. Garrison wasn't that far off. I don't think 17 miles and hour is all that great, and if it only can go for two hours it isn't going to get you very far.
2001-12-03 08:06:39 AM  
What an overhyped piece of crap
2001-12-03 08:07:13 AM  
I think it said you get two hours of battery for every hour you charge it.
2001-12-03 08:09:23 AM  
But it doesn't say what they capacity of the battery is. Which means that it probably has a max capacity of around a half hour. Only 15 minute charge time, though.

Don't we just love hype?
2001-12-03 08:09:59 AM  
In the times article it said you can run the thing all day on 5 cents of electricity.
2001-12-03 08:11:14 AM  
5 cents? i won't even pay 5 cents for adobe photoshop. and i didn't. ;)
2001-12-03 08:12:23 AM  
Bigger than the Internet? No.

Bigger than the automobile? Maybe in 10 to 15 years...when it runs on a hydrogen engine, weighs less than 15 lbs and costs under $150.

For now, in consumer circles, it will be a gee-whiz status symbol with little practical purpose (where will you park it, will it be legal on the streets, will it be considered in cases of DUI, will people want to get soaked in the rain, how can it replace group travel and if it can't, what family could afford one for each member, what are its weight limits, life span, and projected repair costs?)

Overall impact for me at this time? On par with the Pocket Fisherman ä
2001-12-03 08:14:56 AM  
What sort of crap is this? 'IT' is supposed to replace the car, but what about driving in the winter? What about in the rain? The reason the car replaced the horse and buggy was because the car was BETTER. Dumbass, self-agrandizing, overhyped, inventor. Also, now maybe writer of the article was wrong, but it said that the thing could only go 17 miles on a single charge, on level ground! WTF use is that! Unless you are a KID, living in the inner city, in Kansas or Nabraska. Sheesh!
2001-12-03 08:17:29 AM  
You're all so short sighted. This is just a preliminary first model. I wonder what you would of all said if you were around when the first car came out. "Gee...what a piece of crap that is"
2001-12-03 08:21:21 AM  
i like to walk
2001-12-03 08:21:25 AM  
The automobile industry would also like for you to
believe that this sucks. This guy could end up as
dead as the guy who made a car that runs on water!
2001-12-03 08:21:55 AM  
All this hype has achieved is to get the attention of ambulance chasing lawyers, or "scooter chasers" as they will come to be known.
2001-12-03 08:22:43 AM  
"You're all so short sighted. This is just a preliminary first model." - Alterian

I said in 10 to 15 years...that is short sighted? Alterian, please tell me how this invention will impact humanity as the automobile has? Or even the sneaker?

2001-12-03 08:23:03 AM  
Yeah, but I think early cars had like roofs and stuff to protect you from weather. Oh, and they could hold more than one person.
2001-12-03 08:23:34 AM  
the first cars? No.
2001-12-03 08:24:34 AM  
Shrapper: I wasn't referring really to you. Just to the people who take one look at it and say it sucks and go on their way.
2001-12-03 08:24:52 AM  
Though I guess you could fit like 2 children on one of these things.
2001-12-03 08:29:39 AM  
RE: Battery capacity, according to​_is.html :
"Kamen says the Segway can take its rider up to 15 miles on a six-hour charge from a regular wall socket."
2001-12-03 08:30:32 AM  
Alterian, the first cars allowed for the rapid (at that time) expansion of American citizens to other parts of the country and emboldened them with a "pack up and go anywhere" attitude. sh(IT) will do neither (unless taking it on a Starbucks run would make you feel liberated). Cheers to the inventor's contributions to the medical world...Jeers to his play for the cash of the Rich.

2001-12-03 08:30:41 AM  
The inventor lives in my hometown of Manchester, NH. Like I'm gonna get on this thing in feburay to go to work when it's 20 below and 6 inches of snow on the streets.

Of course winter is what beats any electric/solar device. Try running 1 hour at 70mph on a cold winter morning. For many of us that is a daily one-way commute. Oh and did I forget that New England isn't flat?
2001-12-03 08:32:56 AM  
Its steering and balancing mechanisms are super cool - looks fun too.
2001-12-03 08:34:46 AM  
This is pure bullshiat, designed for the same kind of pretentious losers who take the escalator to the second floor of the corporate gym so they can use the Stairmaster. Take a bus.
2001-12-03 08:36:12 AM  
People who choose to criticize things out of ignorance think they're real cool.
2001-12-03 08:36:37 AM  
A bike takes no charging and can go indefinetly. This is worthless. So expensive too.
2001-12-03 08:37:23 AM  
How i am supposed to take my my 3 kids anywhere with that thing? Can't go grocery shopping, can't make out in the back seat. Cool, but not in a revolutionary type of way.
2001-12-03 08:37:34 AM  
This thing is not intended to be a "automobile killer," just to fill a few specific needs (e.g. people in urban areas who don't need to travel very far). If the things range stated above (15 miles) is correct, then this thing will have very limited uses.
2001-12-03 08:38:20 AM  
All_Farked_Up, I live just outside of Boston. This device would be rendered useless about 5 months out of the year (hell, most cars in downtown morph into snowbanks with side-view mirrors until mid-March). And my mind can just not wrap around the image of some little old Italian lady dressed in all black, tooling down to Mike's Pastries fom some canoles on a sh(IT). Too funny.

2001-12-03 08:39:10 AM  
in a world where our oil reserves are starting to run out and we are looking for energy alternatives this is great.
2001-12-03 08:40:57 AM  
But where does the electricity in your wall outlet come from?
2001-12-03 08:42:07 AM  
It's said to be DOA in the states anyway. With opinions like I'm seeing I can see why. Check out the videos on the site tho, looks like instant fun.
2001-12-03 08:43:30 AM  
I'm watching it on Good Morning America right now and its suppose to work fine on snow.
2001-12-03 08:43:54 AM  
The scooter is not revolutionary; the steering and balancing mechanisms *ARE* revolutionary.
2001-12-03 08:44:40 AM  
SnipDaddyDad: Exactly
2001-12-03 08:44:50 AM  
Alterian, I agree, but for this invention to make a true impact, it must be made affordable to the masses. Granted $3,000 is less than the price of an entry level car, but the two really can not be compared. I applaude the concept and I will applaude the product (in about 10 years). I am sorry if I am coming of a bit harsh, but I hate shuffling after the media's "hype-carrot" only to be sh(IT) on.

2001-12-03 08:45:10 AM,8599,186660,00.html

Read the damn article before jumping to conclusions.

Remember automobiles were banned in the cities at one time because they spooked the horses and they were to fast.

We aslo thought we would only need 6 computers at the end of WWII.
2001-12-03 08:46:16 AM  
The time article is a lot better at explaining about IT. I submitted it but it was rejected ::sigh::
2001-12-03 08:48:05 AM  
Yada yada yada, blah blah blah, pffffft.

It will probably be a hit in places that are extremely crowded(like Japan and Hong Kong), but not here.
2001-12-03 08:49:24 AM  
How fast can it go?
2001-12-03 08:49:47 AM  
Prediction: "Segway Human Transporter" will replace the phrase "tits on a nun".
2001-12-03 08:52:00 AM  
It is set at a top speed of 15 mph. But if you read the Time article it says that there are top performance safteys put in so the speed can't go to high.

but if you could overclock one like a computer...bwahahaha

Doesn't anyone see that a system like this could make a mecha possible?
2001-12-03 08:54:54 AM  
check out their web site

shows the industrial model with baggage racks and trailers.
2001-12-03 08:55:10 AM  
At this point, it seems pretty useless, but nevertheless, IT is a pretty cool invention.
2001-12-03 08:55:28 AM  
What a load load crap this was. When I first heard statements like it being "the most influential invention since the inception of the Internet" I wondered.... Renewable energy source? Biological/DNA computers? Some age old mystery found in human DNA? A scooter? A SCOOTER? Now I feel like I've been taken by an infomercial. I hope somebody strangles the inventor with it.
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