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(YouTube)   Today's McNuggets rampage is bought to you by Toledo, Ohio (Language is Not safe for work)   ( divider line
    More: Scary, McNuggets, Toledo  
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2013-08-31 06:51:48 AM  
That's some seriously out of control shait.

/Mods, you need to add NSFW language to the headline
2013-08-31 08:24:09 AM  
Holy shiat.
Spawn of crazy rhubarb lady?
2013-08-31 08:37:44 AM  
It would have been scary to be the customer in line behind her. She looked pretty focused on the window, but I would have been terrified through all that that she'd glance back and give me a "What the fark are YOU looking at?"
2013-08-31 09:16:46 AM  
God damn that woman is crazy

/in the sack
2013-08-31 09:18:16 AM  
she actually said at one point "do you know who I am"... a crazy meth head would be my guess as to who she is...
2013-08-31 09:28:40 AM  
I lost it at Super Saiyan. That explains it
2013-08-31 09:29:59 AM

2013-08-31 09:52:10 AM  
*car rolls up after*

So... can I have her mcnuggets?
2013-08-31 09:55:04 AM  
In before the Fark Brand Racists not watching the video claiming it must have been a black person.
2013-08-31 09:57:33 AM  
Fake and dubbed.
2013-08-31 10:01:10 AM
2013-08-31 10:03:53 AM  

FC Exile: Fake and dubbed.

Yeah it seems so at times... also the manager's voice seems a little... well, overdubbed.
2013-08-31 10:41:01 AM  

FC Exile: Fake and dubbed.

Oh, it really happened back in January, 2010, but the dubbing is faker than fake. And the incident happened around 6:30 a.m., so Chicken McNuggets weren't available then.
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