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(   Tanker truck flies off overpass, lands on I-95... onto two other tanker trucks. "Short" backup ensues   ( divider line
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2004-01-14 12:30:27 AM  
"That's Gotta Hurt!"

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-14 12:31:21 AM  
old ass news.
2004-01-14 12:31:44 AM  
I saw the gas tanker truck turn over at 295 in new jersey a couple of years ago, dude was flying like crazy on the on-ramp. I mean it was one of those things the mind reacts to, your body reacts to, but the sheer scale of watching a tanker flip over and bust fuel everywhere and preparing for an explosion...

well thank goodness for movies, cause after I got off the ramp I was like holy mother of god I can't believe that just happened, where's the film crew?
2004-01-14 12:33:16 AM  
Gasoline and propane are carried in two very different types of trucks. Propane is transported in a pressure vessel. So the idiot "official" doesn't know what's in the tank? Some of those emergency response guys are as stupid as rocks.
2004-01-14 12:45:33 AM  
Something like this happened in Dallas a couple of years ago.

Some guy flew off an overpass in an SUV and landed on a tanker truck. The thing exploded and damaged the overpass so bad it had to be shut down for months to be repaired.
2004-01-14 12:45:33 AM  
I live a stone's throw from US-1 as it passes through Fredericksburg, and it did seem pretty damn busy for the middle of the week today. Not backed up this far south, but pretty damn busy.
2004-01-14 12:48:10 AM  

From the sound of it, the explosion more or less obliterated everything it touched. They were probably in no great rush to figure out what was what (apart from making sure it's not toxic of course) at first... it took them an hour to put out the fire, and the first firefighters on the scene didn't have hazmat equipment. Accident reconstruction can wait until after the fire's out.
2004-01-14 12:48:19 AM  
"Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. said there were no indications that the crash was an act of terrorism."

Who else is tired of this shiat?
2004-01-14 12:49:07 AM  
Some wiseass with an "Oh, the humanity!" in 5...4...3...2...
2004-01-14 12:50:28 AM  
Huge explosions, infernoes and fire.... Umm, where the fark is the vid?
2004-01-14 12:51:28 AM  
Not quite a newsflash to those of us DC area Farkers....
2004-01-14 12:53:19 AM  
"Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. said there were no indications that the crash was an act of terrorism."

Who else is tired of this shiat?

2004-01-14 12:53:19 AM  
Inaccurate headline, devastating accident.

Hazmat drivers get all the room I can give them. "Surge" is a problem in most tankers, especially "shotguns". Even baffled tankers only slow the surge down front to back, not laterally. That fuel just crawled up the outer wall and pulled him over when he had to tighten his turning radius.

Was it evasive, or overspeed? Any other links?
2004-01-14 12:53:50 AM  
1....Oh, the humanity!

2004-01-14 12:54:18 AM  
Impressive disaster...
2004-01-14 12:54:55 AM  
It is sad that people died.

It also would have been cool as all get out to watch. Sounds like it was right out of a movie.
2004-01-14 12:55:05 AM  
I think a lot of these officials are all scared to make ANY kind of an announcement as to any thing, deaths, spill problems, type of tanker, anything until they get a confirmation from some one else so that they will not be blamed for any type of mistake. No one wants be the person who started a panic, or over reacted, or gave an all clear statement that turns out to be wrong. It is bueracracy (sp)at it finest.
2004-01-14 12:56:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-14 12:58:14 AM  
The Wizards responded with true class. Good for them. They're offering a ticket exchange.
2004-01-14 12:59:08 AM  
Sid_6.7 : No shiate, I live probably a couple of blocks from you, off of leavells/salem church road. I refuse to make the transition from 495 to 95 because it's insane. 95 is insane.

If you saw that happening in front of you, I guarantee you would crap your pants.
2004-01-14 01:03:45 AM  

Another link

[image from too old to be available]

Boy this tore up my commute home today - I drive right by there every day.
2004-01-14 01:05:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Fireman 1:"OMFG PWNED!!1"
Fireman 2:"What?"
2004-01-14 01:08:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Hey down there! Everyone okay?
Whoa, the road melted"
2004-01-14 01:12:45 AM  
Yeah, I think that this is old news to every DC area farker who hasn't been under a rock all day
2004-01-14 01:14:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"stupid pointless grunt work mumblemumble screw the fire dog once mumblemumble
2004-01-14 01:15:16 AM  
"The non-hazardous foam is made of animal blood and binds with oxygen to smother fire."

Eh? Animal blood?
2004-01-14 01:15:43 AM  
2004-01-14 01:17:08 AM  
BarGirl Me Too!
2004-01-14 01:24:23 AM  
Jerry Bruckheimer held for questioning.
2004-01-14 01:24:43 AM  
Hipshot: Wait, there were people that actually had Wizard's tickets? You mean people GO to those games?
2004-01-14 01:29:57 AM  
dannyweb: Theres only 23 images now, did they pull one for some reason?
2004-01-14 01:31:40 AM  

Even masochists deserve a break once in a while.
2004-01-14 01:31:49 AM  
Backuparity ensues.
2004-01-14 01:34:11 AM  
Scary and very sad. It's not going to be easy to identify the charred human remains for the victims' families.

I hate taking 95, 495, and 695. There's always something crazy going on those roads. A while ago, I was on 695 and I signaled to change into the left lane. After checking my mirrors and looking to the left, I slowly began to merge over when I spot this Acura Legend speeding at what had to be at least 110mph (I was going 70 myself) out of nowhere and wayyyyyyy behind me. Damn farking speed demon missed me by inches and would have hit me within seconds if I didn't quickly merge back into the right lane. Plus, because I merged back into the right lane so suddenly, I nearly hit another car that was in that lane. The driver probably saw that asshole and gave way to me just barely in time. The speeding car kept weaving in and out of traffic non-stop like a maniac and you know what? He came horrifyingly close (numerous times) to hitting so many different vehicles (including tankers like the one that exploded today) and there were no cops in sight.

Hopefully, this accident wasn't caused by some jackass driver being totally irresponsible in traffic. People like that shouldn't be allowed to drive at all.
2004-01-14 01:34:33 AM  
That's odd. There were 24 a minute ago. Now there are 23. I looked at them, but couldn't tell you which one was pulled.
2004-01-14 01:37:52 AM  
Wow.. two Fredericksburg farkers out here in the middle of the night. I grew up in Clearview Heights, then moved to Greenbriar Apartments, then to Leavells Road...

Now I'm an expatriate F-burger in Arlington.. wooo hooo
2004-01-14 01:39:35 AM  
couple mins from my house...
2004-01-14 01:50:52 AM  
make that three F-Burgers. I grew up in Woodlawn, there now, not too far from Clearview
2004-01-14 01:52:42 AM  
They forgot "caused farking huge explosion" in the tagline.
For all you non-capital area Farkers, the main reason some people were asking about terrorism is that this happened just a few miles shy of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, which we've all been told would make a very tempting target. I don't think fuel trucks are allowed near it (they have to go over the Key Bridge), which is why some of my friends instantly assumed that it was bound for the tunnel, and just blew before it got there.
Last I heard they THINK there were 4 dead. Considering the fire was hot enough to essentially turn the concrete to liquid, like somebody said its gonna make it tough to make IDs.
Any other MD farkers remember a few years back when the guy towing the crane hit the overpass on I-695? (didn't realize how high the crane was or something, plowed into the overpass at like 80 mph, shut it down for about a year).
(for once, glad I drive into NoVA every day).
2004-01-14 01:52:51 AM  
gromitcu, HipShot
Note, the Wizards were playing Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets this evening. I doubt less would want exchanged tickets for Saturday, when the Sonics come to town.

A horrible, horrible day in Maryland for the poor souls caught in the fire. I hope the investigation leads to safer roads more than it does lawsuits and blame.

/Gaithersburg in da hizzouse. Word.
2004-01-14 01:53:49 AM  
I dated a girl who lived in Arlington. It's nice enough, but the alphabetical streets always creeped me out.
2004-01-14 01:58:54 AM  
"The fire rose a hundred feet into the air and consumed the vehicles, leaving a blackened expanse of burning and contorted scraps of metal."

2004-01-14 02:02:21 AM  
Ex-Frederick MDer here. Lived in Timonium for 5 yrs or so, too.

The "no sign of terrorism" statement was far more appropriate here than with the mad cow statement.
2004-01-14 02:06:52 AM  
Apparently the headline writer has information unavailable to the article writer, on which to base his statement that the tanker fell into two other tankers. Or, that, in fact, more than one tanker was involved.
2004-01-14 02:09:53 AM  
Very sad for the families of the victims. I'm always scare to be next to thoes trucks (sandwich between cars and trucks). I think it's the worse death one could have. Imagine seing that thing coming for a sec. and you know you're going to die.
2004-01-14 02:10:12 AM  
Whoa, this happened about 1700 miles from my house...
2004-01-14 02:14:05 AM  
I got stuck following a similar accident a number of years back. Strangely enough it was on I-95 in Connecticut. They finally cut the steel barrier between the roadways and turned the southbound traffic north to an exit to US-1. After about 4 hours or so we were finally able to pick up the highway south of the accident. I thing that one was fuel oil and so there were no explosion, but enough fire to damage the road and overpass.
2004-01-14 03:04:07 AM  
Brilliant, chakalakasp.
2004-01-14 03:16:15 AM  
I used to live a stones throw away from where this happened. Good thing I moved, or I'd probably still be sitting in traffic. A friend who works in Elkridge (the nearest "town") said that even the back roads were jammed up, and I know there's some long BFE roads up there.
2004-01-14 03:25:07 AM  
Anyone else notice that there's a 10-person auto accident in the city every 25 years? Probably the work of the Creeper. Yessir.
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