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(ABC News)   38,000-year-old Columbian mammoth discovered in Texas with collectable DNA. Jeff Goldbloom unavailable for comment   ( divider line
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2004-01-13 05:17:46 PM  
OMG, I can't believe this made it here. This damn mammoth is all that has been discussed in this area for the last week. They're even giving tours of the dig site. Oh, the owner of the land it was found on named it Asiel, Hebrew for creation of God.
2004-01-13 05:17:54 PM  
Pfft! :oP~~~~~

What's the difference?

Ted Nugent will just shoot it anyways...
2004-01-13 05:19:04 PM  
<been said before but...>

Does this mean we can disspell that whole religon thing yet?
2004-01-13 05:19:58 PM  
Anyone else see that ad with Michael Jackson in it and wonder how he was involved? Maybe it has to do with that Elephant Man skeleton he has to entertain the kiddies....
2004-01-13 05:20:17 PM  
I thought Aggies were supposed to be devoutly religious folk and here they go directly contradicting The Word. What would papa Bush think? Pure heretical blasphemy I tell ya.
2004-01-13 05:21:03 PM  
Anna Nicole is not Columbian, but is one mammoth of a girl who likes really old things. And she resides in the Houston area too.
2004-01-13 05:21:43 PM  
The Texas A&M Agriculture Extension Department recently discovered a new use for sheep.


/Thank you, I'll be here all week, try the veal.
2004-01-13 05:22:31 PM  

egad, he sneaked in! Sorry for that, i missed it.

hello Bevets. What, no random anti-evolution quotations? Well, since you disappoint me so, enjoy some random atheism quotations from Positive Atheism.

join us in the world of the rational. It's beautiful here.
2004-01-13 05:24:55 PM  
38,000-year-old Columbian mammoth discovered in Texas with collectable DNA

If it's not LE or come with a COA, I'm not interested.

/former collector of...things...
2004-01-13 05:25:06 PM  
Of course, size is irrelevant if a guy doesn't know what to do with it. Shouldn't digress, though...
2004-01-13 05:31:53 PM  
you guys are just plain wierd. You summon Bevets so you can scorn him. Until he shows, you take turns saying what he might say if he were around so you can scorn it. Are you so insecure in your positions that absent a straw man you will make one of your own?

As for the mammoth - cool stuff. I think it would be interesting to get 'em going again. But not particularly useful. There is probably a perfectly good reason they aren't around anymore.
2004-01-13 05:31:57 PM  

just a quick thought on re-reading your post - if the bible is accurate on everything it asserts, would you care to explain how it is that Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 contradict each other?
2004-01-13 05:33:45 PM  
I can't belive nobody's done this yet . . .

Columbian Mammoth:
[image from too old to be available]

But maybe my mind's on something else . . .
2004-01-13 05:34:25 PM  

No no no, ordinarily you'd be right, but this is a Columbian mammoth. He's been driven mad with cocaine and fine arabica based coffees.

He wants steak.
2004-01-13 05:34:47 PM  
Hey! Everything in Texas is Mammoth!
2004-01-13 05:34:54 PM  
Genesis (and tons of the Bible, for that matter) is not about "this happened" or "that happened." It's more about "these are the kinds of things that always happen." Except for Genesis 1 & 2, I suppose.

2004-01-13 05:35:30 PM  

what's weird about enjoying debating?

not that bevets debates, of course. But his fixed opinions allow others to exercise their intellect in rebutting his points.

It was the evolution threads that stopped me lurking. For that, God bless Bevets.

he's still wrong tho'.
2004-01-13 05:40:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Life... uhh... finds a way.
2004-01-13 05:43:12 PM  
Thanks Bevets, I now know for sure that bats are indeed birds and hare's have a cloven hoof and something about cud. Pesky scientists with their brainwashing agenda.
2004-01-13 05:45:54 PM  

Dude! How can you say that about Genesis 1 and Genesis 2? Okay Genesis 1 most definitely pwn3d the Super Nintendo! I mean come on... I for one welcomed our new hedgehog overlords.

And Genesis 2! That brought Spock back to life... the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few bro. Remember that!
2004-01-13 05:47:35 PM  
Damn those cavemen and their global warming! ! ! !
2004-01-13 05:49:45 PM fossil record proof that is something worth pursuing.
2004-01-13 05:50:27 PM  

now that's funny. :)
2004-01-13 05:52:46 PM  
For some reason, the urge to hunt large game with a spear and dance around fire is rising...
2004-01-13 05:52:55 PM  
I see the Bevets program is still running.

I am worried though. It did not properly credit its source on its last statement. I doubt that the programmer, who had such decency to write in a source-crediting code, would remove it... so perhaps he managed to find a way for the Bevets program to assemble simple statements of its own? Or maybe it's just got a virus, or a glitch of some sort. That's probably it.
2004-01-13 05:54:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Oooh! Ahhh! That's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming. "
2004-01-13 05:59:21 PM  
Damn! Think about driving at night and hitting one of those things. They better splice the Dayglo gene in there.
Damn! Think about flourescent mammoths wandering around. Farking hippies have all the fun.
2004-01-13 06:00:25 PM  
"Truth does not require an exhaustive list of trivial details."

Of course, that's what science is for.
2004-01-13 06:02:56 PM  
well, at least it appears that bevets isn't for a theocracy here in the US. that's points in his favor. (based on a quick scan of his site- i could be wrong.)

as for me, well, my fondest wish is for them to bring back the mammoth (and the giant sloth- the solution to kudzu, i feel) but not a giant mammoth. no, bring back the very last scale mammoths.

just before they went extinct, they had evolved, due to living in a small area with limited vegetation, into 4 foot tall beasts.

think about it- a 4 foot tall trainable animal, with a prehensile trunk. no more need to fetch a coke/beer from the fridge. they'd be perfect seeing eye animals, too!

i for one have never understood how the bible, with its poetic description of the beginning, and science, with its elaboration, can't coexist. works fine for me as a christian. i somehow don't think moses(*) really could handle the full details, and still get it all down into a manageable scroll. besides, don't think about how closely genesis' creation resembles other religions of the day. no! don't look at them! you'll become educated!...

*if you choose to believe that it was he who wrote the pentateuch. and don't get me started on the complete irrelevance of revelations, or they'll be charging me with heresy...
2004-01-13 06:11:04 PM  
I think they found this in a giant sand pit behind my old high school. It is a good place to play paint ball.
2004-01-13 06:20:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-13 06:24:43 PM  
You're a B-wood farker? Angleton rules.

And don't try to trash us here. I've got lots of Clute High School material.
2004-01-13 06:25:40 PM  

Good grief, that's a scary pic. I'm off.

Can't play any longer, have to sleep. goodnight.
2004-01-13 06:28:20 PM  
Live long and prosper.
2004-01-13 06:29:37 PM  
... but before I do: evolutionists, should Bevets return, this site may help your arguements.

2004-01-13 06:29:51 PM  

Are you crazy? If we're bringing anything back to life, it's gotta be the giant extinct beaver!

/I hear that even cavemen wouldn't touch it with a ten foot spear
2004-01-13 06:37:24 PM  
i hated brazoswood so go ahead
2004-01-13 06:37:29 PM  
If we're looking for extinct critters to bring back, I think we really need the giant Capybara (about the size of a cow! Largest rodent ever! "I'll call you SPEAK! Cuz that's what you do!")

And for sheer coolness, look to Australia with Megalania; a frikkin' Komodo Dragon 30 feet long!!, and Procoptodon; a 10 foot tall one-toed kangaroo!!
2004-01-13 06:39:03 PM  

There's a fellow down Florida way who'd be interested in a four legged animal with a prehensile trunk...

/nightmares last night...
2004-01-13 06:45:38 PM  
Yay! Now we can bring them back and put them in zoos, like all the other animals!

Hrm...creating life, for no real reason, despite the fact that its entire existence will be imprisoned misery. And I always thought God was an asshole - good to see we are following in his footsteps.
2004-01-13 07:03:54 PM  
That is one big pile of shiat.
2004-01-13 07:09:47 PM  
while i will concede that a giant beaver, capybara, and kangaroo are all cool, i'll stick with the mini-mammoth.

as for bringing back the giant sloth, i can think of nothing cooler than roaming packs of 20 foot tall sloths. finally, something that will take down the SUV in a collision.

i wonder if the 20 foot long lizards also used sepsis to take down their prey- something tells me they didn't have to.
2004-01-13 07:15:11 PM  
no snl david duchovny ti-chi pic? fark is slipping
2004-01-13 07:20:03 PM  
The cold climate mammoths are Imperial mammoths. The main difference is the direction that the tusks grow.
2004-01-13 08:04:53 PM  
It's not to simple to just implant the mammoth DNA within an elephant. The DNA of modern-day elephants has changed a lot since they evolved from mammoths. I mean, their phenotypes alone point to that fact. In order for an elephant to act as a surrogate "mother" for a mammoth, the DNA would have to be complete enough so that any gaps in the sequence could be filled in with elephant DNA. This is not nearly as simple as Jurassic Park would have us believe (in fact, there is absolutely zero chance that frog DNA could have worked for the dinosaurs... the DNA sequences simply would not be completed). Basically, we'd have to somehow produce a complete DNA map of a mammoth and then painstakingly introduce relevant sequences of purine and pyrimidine bases into the imcomplete DNA sequence of the mammoth, and then pray that the phenotypes would actually manifest themselves when the animal developed.

/Science hat off
2004-01-13 08:06:25 PM  
Too bad we couldnt have just asked Strom Thurmond to grab some and save it from his early teen years....Oh wait, he was too busy schtuping the help...
2004-01-13 08:58:22 PM  
Rageboy666 and 9 seconds

Brazoria farker here.
2004-01-13 09:42:44 PM  
I must break my vow of lurksmanship to say that I also am from Angleton.
2004-01-13 09:48:33 PM  
Oh, and I can imagine the following scenario:
Paintballer #1 - Booyah! I totally killed you, man!
Paintballer #2 - No way man! I totally tripped over this Columbian mammoth tusk! Farking skeletons all over the place!
2004-01-13 10:09:29 PM  
So how long until I can eat my mammoth burger? thats all i really care about anymore in this world, eating a cloned extinct animal, preferably mammoth
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