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(Bleacher Report)   Can Bryan even the score with Orton, the Corporate Bagman? Can RVD and Ricardo survive the Wellness Policy together? Have the Wyatts sold Kane on fiat currency? Find out tonight on RAW (8pm est)   ( divider line
    More: Cool, Corporate Bagman, skin, Intercontinental Title, Rob Van Dam, Joe Louis Arena, Night of Champions, Paul Heyman, Alberto Del Rio  
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2013-08-26 08:25:19 PM  
Oh my, Tripps, just gave Pretty Stinky, a used 2008 Escalade.
2013-08-26 08:25:20 PM  
So I'm tired of this "guest commentator" schtick, but Sandow talking is OK by me.

2013-08-26 08:25:24 PM  

cman: I voted for Heyman to be the special guest referee


I have the feeling your vote counts as much on the WWE app as it does in Zimbabwe
2013-08-26 08:25:24 PM  
I miss Cody's mustache.
2013-08-26 08:25:44 PM  
The further adventures of Rhodes and Sandow.

More material than Summer Rae usually wears, BOOOOOOO.
2013-08-26 08:25:45 PM  

robsul82: silgryphon: robsul82: Of course, this is feeding into 4 straight nights of Danielson on his back, but.

I don't think it matters.  He's fighting the corporation on his own right now so he has to lose

Keep losing and keep losing and see how long they keep chanting for him.

It depends, if he loses because he's at the end of match 3 and the other group cheats and he's only on his back because of a four person beatdown, he stays red hot (since you are just waiting for him to find his spot/get lucky to beat the odds). He's also less likely to get stale right away like Cena (oh will Cena stop the almighty Big Show, no way he can AA him...this time).

Now on the other hand, if it is DBD on his back because HHH just kicks him in the crotch and hits the pedigree, then well, that would be sad and totally possible.
2013-08-26 08:25:52 PM  
And there goes my fantasies of Summer Rae doing a Miley twerking impersonation.
2013-08-26 08:25:55 PM  

ShiningWizard: Captain Steroid: clintster: robsul82: You're not even a B plus anymore!

Just a B!

That's it. BEES! Fill the car with BEES! MUTHAFARKIN BEES!!!

[646x885 from he%20Denver%20Broncos/pinkiepiebees.jpg~original image 646x885]

Gee Captain, pinkie went a little dark there huh? lulz

I made it for a Nic Cage thread a while back. I think it's my best work. ^_^

2013-08-26 08:26:01 PM  
Looks like everyone's done with fandanghomo
2013-08-26 08:26:05 PM  

Fisty Bum: I miss Cody's mustache.

Enjoy watching Fandango and his beard now then
2013-08-26 08:26:05 PM  

ShiningWizard: Fisty Bum: ShiningWizard: Gee Captain, pinkie went a little dark there huh? lulz

Just look at her eyes.  Those are psychopath eyes.

No.... but these are!!!
[472x360 from 2.jpg image 472x360]


(gotta enjoy this triple crown while I can, lulz)


2013-08-26 08:26:17 PM  

MattyFridays: Dumb question:

I just saw an ad for Twisted Tea.  When the hell did WWE accept booze advertisements?  Is it another page in the slow death of PG?


Twisted Tea has been a sponsor forever.

WWE may market to young children, but their key demographic skews much older
2013-08-26 08:26:28 PM  

tbaughm: verbaltoxin: Karate Explosion: Calling it: he wins first 2, loses last match...

/smarter than you

Last match ends with a schmoz. Big Show, Mark Henry and maybe Ziggler get involved at some point. They're the, "Well, got nothin' better to do," team that's going after the Shield's belts.

I wouldn't be shocked to see Ziggler vs. Ambrose for the US Title and Punk vs. Axel for the IC title at NOC

We're gonna need to raise the bar for wizard hats. I'm already in bad need of a haberdasher.
2013-08-26 08:26:28 PM  

freak7: Time for AJ?
2013-08-26 08:26:30 PM  

Fisty Bum: I miss Cody's mustache.

We all do, just some are willing to admit it.
2013-08-26 08:26:36 PM  
I like how we are getting a set up for a RVD vs. Sandow feud over Big Gold after NOC
2013-08-26 08:26:55 PM  
I thought Sandow was going to reference Cody's pubes there
2013-08-26 08:27:15 PM  
Dammit, Sandow is on commentary. What's he saying?
2013-08-26 08:27:21 PM  

Tenor Reaper: freak7: Time for AJ?

[350x258 from 827258_display_image.jpg?1307578556 image 350x258]

Whoops, that was supposed to say NOPE, CODY

Got excited about no knees, I guess.


/Jericho did it first.
2013-08-26 08:27:23 PM  
"Uh, I believe that to be a falsehood."
2013-08-26 08:27:30 PM  
It's Mizdungo!
2013-08-26 08:27:32 PM  
Oh, god, no. . .
2013-08-26 08:27:34 PM  
2013-08-26 08:27:36 PM  
haha is that whats her name
2013-08-26 08:27:40 PM  
Go away, Miz.
2013-08-26 08:27:41 PM  
Who is dancing with Miz?
2013-08-26 08:27:43 PM  
2013-08-26 08:27:45 PM  
2013-08-26 08:27:54 PM  
2013-08-26 08:27:58 PM  
Mid card feuds? Nice.
2013-08-26 08:28:02 PM  
Double run in?  Why the hell not?
2013-08-26 08:28:06 PM  
No. Do not let Miz on TV. Bad Vince. Bad.
2013-08-26 08:28:12 PM  
2013-08-26 08:28:12 PM  
tag match playas
2013-08-26 08:28:17 PM  
2013-08-26 08:28:23 PM  

Tenor Reaper: LMAO MIZ

/Jericho did it first.

Remember Miz constantly claiming victories over Cena for doing nothing?  He clearly has a favorite to swipe from, lol.
2013-08-26 08:28:24 PM  
Although we did get a Rosa sighting out of that.
2013-08-26 08:28:28 PM  
3. Lame match

2013-08-26 08:28:30 PM  
LMAO DJ Maestro Maddox XDD

2013-08-26 08:28:31 PM  
DJ Maestro Maddox...lulz
2013-08-26 08:28:35 PM  
And Maddox pulls a Teddy Long!
2013-08-26 08:28:39 PM  

clintster: And there goes my fantasies of Summer Rae doing a Miley twerking impersonation.

I'd rather Rosa
2013-08-26 08:28:41 PM  
Teddy Long looks way whiter than normal.
2013-08-26 08:28:44 PM  
Maddox is awesome.
2013-08-26 08:28:45 PM  
Good call by DJ Maestro Maddox.
2013-08-26 08:28:54 PM  
Hey, it's Teddy Maddox
2013-08-26 08:28:58 PM  

IAmTheTagTeamChampions: HOLD UP, PLAYA!

And you were first
2013-08-26 08:28:59 PM  
Brad Maddox just channeled Teddy Long

Tag Team match playa
2013-08-26 08:29:00 PM  
GAWDALMIGHTY! Someone get Teddy Smooth out here to put the beatdown on Pretty GM!
2013-08-26 08:29:01 PM  
I was hoping to some awkward promos between these two guys before a match.  They could do some hilarious mismatched personality stuff.
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