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2013-08-24 10:14:38 AM
Why Gnomes? Why not Elfs or Fairies? Are they racist?

/also repeat
2013-08-24 10:19:46 AM
2013-08-24 10:22:01 AM
There's no place like gnome, there's no place like gnome.  Someone has to say it.
2013-08-24 10:22:45 AM
Times that we met
Before we met
Times that we met
We'll go there
To the mystery gnome
The mystery gnome
2013-08-24 10:33:32 AM
FYI to you religious farkers: the gnomes denote places where pagans commit Satanic ritual sacrifices on nights of the new moon.
2013-08-24 10:38:01 AM
If you carry the gnome all the way to the rocket ship and put it in the nose cone, you get an achievement.
2013-08-24 10:45:26 AM
Where is the outrage? Parks department spokesman Sean Reilley should resign and fall on hos own sword over this.
2013-08-24 10:48:15 AM

Opennnnnnnnnnnnnn (It's not an invitation)
Opennnnn for the mystery gnome

Opennnnnnnnnnnnnn (There will be penetration)
Opennnnn for the mystery gnome

The magical mystery gnome is dying to roll in the hay,
dying to roll in the hayyyyyy, oh and he's gay
2013-08-24 10:56:16 AM
2013-08-24 11:35:01 AM

David and Lisa approve
2013-08-24 11:45:10 AM

abhorrent1: Why Gnomes? Why not Elfs or Fairies? Are they racist?


Well...there goes the neighborhood!
2013-08-24 02:10:45 PM
I wonder if they're infested with Figgleforths, or Winklebottoms.

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