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39182 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Dec 2001 at 9:17 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-02 09:20:31 PM  
We all love you, ducks.
2001-12-02 09:22:02 PM  
Hey! I'm a teddy bear! I'm a teddy bear!
2001-12-02 09:27:14 PM  
Is she even old enough for this??

If yes, She's fine as hell..

If no, then I didn't look...
2001-12-02 09:29:15 PM  
That was totally safe for work, I mean I just opened it at work.......uh oh I think the corporate security goons are's been fun......
2001-12-02 09:29:54 PM  
golly she's hot
2001-12-02 09:33:57 PM  
life is good
2001-12-02 09:36:45 PM  
Nice try Shanrick
2001-12-02 09:40:17 PM  
holy shiat.
2001-12-02 09:40:28 PM  
It's farked...
2001-12-02 09:43:24 PM  

up for 15 minutes and the link is hosed already.
2001-12-02 09:45:20 PM  
Try this one​ernanda. htm
2001-12-02 09:48:21 PM  
Soupgoblin: The Fark link was no problem for work but our Info Security filter slammed me on your one. Now a report goes to the info sec people saying basically that I had an internet request bounced for trying to look at porn. Damn. hahahah who cares.
2001-12-02 09:55:33 PM  
Bad link, baaaaad link, spank the link.
2001-12-02 09:56:54 PM  
Oh boy. Another orphan looking girl in tiny clothing attempting to corner the market for pedophile wanna-be's. Yay. This sure gets me hot.
2001-12-02 10:00:50 PM  
I just checked my air miles, I have enough for Brazil, now for accomodations! whats the url for the brazil white pages? hmm thats Fernanda Martinelli....
2001-12-02 10:10:38 PM  
She's in the newsgroups a lot. Good to have a name to a face.
2001-12-02 10:12:30 PM  
damn, that's what would make the world a better place, more semi-nude brazilian teens. terrorism would not exist if there were more girls like her everywhere
2001-12-02 10:21:30 PM  
Brazilian women own. Hot damn!
The Brazilian playboy site has some good stuff too... just tack on a .br after your usual .com fare.
2001-12-02 10:21:36 PM down...I will just check google images....HOLY CRAP SHE IS HOT!! I mean, yea I guess she is ok...I'd give it to her....
2001-12-02 10:32:07 PM  
Who needs DoS attacks when we have Fark?

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator, webmas­ter[nospam-﹫-backwards]g­olyx­*net and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

Apache/1.3.22 Server at Port 80
2001-12-02 10:33:54 PM  
This is from -- they JUST posted these a few days ago.
2001-12-02 10:41:51 PM  
That's my girl from Eponima
2001-12-02 11:01:08 PM  
Dammit, why do you horny fools have to fark the link just when I'm ready to mas... err, read it?
2001-12-02 11:02:06 PM  
This is what we get for having FARK starved of boobies for awhile. More boobies!
2001-12-02 11:17:49 PM  
YOU FARKERS@#@!$)@#*$)@#$*

2001-12-02 11:20:35 PM  
Hmm, I smell a business op for Fark, server stress testing! Just host a picture or two of boobies and Fark will unleash the masses on your server to see how well it will stand under true stresss that only Fark can provide! Forget those unreliable/unpredictable stress testing programs, only Fark can truly replicate thousands of zombies hitting your server every second!
2001-12-02 11:22:54 PM  
Just ask EW! Their server was stress tested for days!
2001-12-02 11:27:23 PM  
CIA Mole It's just another form of DDOS attach and Uncle BillyG can't be blamed.

Yup... get Drew to publish your link to a site you want to put down...hmmm....
2001-12-02 11:29:37 PM  
you guys farked my site lol
2001-12-02 11:30:28 PM  
Some companies pay for this kind of stuff, I know, I've done it. Simple DDoS script from a fat pipe against their thin T1, show them the server load graphs, they fork over money. I even try to tell them how easy this is but they insist on over paying me anyway.
2001-12-02 11:32:56 PM  
So what is wrong with your server? Too little bandwidth or underpowered CPU? Since the site is running Apache I assume not enough bandwidth as even a 486DX2100 can serve up a shiatload of "static" html pages.
2001-12-02 11:36:47 PM  
I have cloned myself and sent my clone into the future. I will now attempt to contact my clone (myself) and find out what the winning lottery numbers will be. If I am succesful I will share the winnings with all of the farkers.
Hello Frost Pubies... are you there?
2001-12-02 11:37:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-02 11:37:21 PM  
yah not enough bandwidth and my server admin is ignoring me because of it heh
2001-12-02 11:38:53 PM  
Hmm, I've a 45mb pipe at work.... must resist the urge to Fark stress test it by hosting a few boobies pictures on it. Arghhh!
2001-12-02 11:43:40 PM  
anyone wanted to host these pics to feed fellow farkers mastubatory hunger?
2001-12-02 11:43:54 PM  
With no evidence to back me up, I think ahwile ago today at 09:20:10PM on 12-02-01 that Shanrick will attempt to be the first person to write a message to this forum.

Instead, a worm hole hit the Internet connection which thrusted the posting forward on the timeline into 09:20:10 12-03-01. One can only guess what whackiness will ensue then but it is sure to be...lame.

Frost pubies!
2001-12-02 11:44:37 PM  
Xylog: How many pictures? Total size of pics as a group?
2001-12-02 11:50:04 PM  
Hey! I finally got through to the site, though it is still loading.
2001-12-02 11:51:10 PM  
40 pics...with html's under 900k...thumbnails are another 200k
2001-12-02 11:52:29 PM  
Xylog: Ignore my last question. Wayyyy to many pictures for my bandwidth. If you want to slim it down to about a dozen pics of the favs, then maybe.
2001-12-02 11:53:24 PM  
Xylog: If it that is all, I can host for a day.
2001-12-02 11:55:02 PM  
Brazil rules.
2001-12-02 11:55:07 PM  
email me how I can get in contact with you, icq, msn messenger or aim I have all three xyl­og[nospam-﹫-backwards]go­lyx­*n­et
2001-12-03 12:06:38 AM  
Xylog: Check your email. I also sent you my AIM info (no I don't use AOL, just the messanger)
2001-12-03 12:08:43 AM  
Messenger even, though from time to time I do like to use messanger on people I don't like :)
2001-12-03 12:30:36 AM  
Link won't work! Must find way to see boobies.
2001-12-03 12:35:27 AM  
Someday, when I can either clone women to my specifications, have a holodeck, or have so much money that she would marry me for that sole reason...

I will have her.
2001-12-03 12:35:28 AM  
Hey, try going in through this...
2001-12-03 12:37:16 AM  
This girl has nothing on the true Brasilian bombshell, Gisele Bundchen
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