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(The Daily Beast)   Secretary of State Hillary Clinton throws Benghazi State Department officials under the bus, Secretary of State John Kerry picks them up from under the bus and reinstates them   ( divider line
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2013-08-20 03:57:14 PM  
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Infernalist: Nah, it was outrage that your mom was raising her price from $5 to $7 per fark.

Mugato: What difference does it make what the cause was? How does that change anything?

Heraclitus: Because that riot was completely different from the 60 other riots that happened that week.

firemanbuck: Who really cares what they were protesting or raging about?

Good work as usual advertising to the world what incompetent partisan boobs you all are.

It's very noble of all of you to rationalize and defend POTUS and SOS.  They blatantly lied for weeks before finally being forced to admit that the laughable youtube excuse was, in fact, complete horseshiat.
I remember reading threads at the time on Fark in which conservatives argued that the youtube story couldn't possibly be true, because, well, common sense.  The response from Liberals was to call them conspiracy theorists and the usual "DERRRP" while applauding the President and shaming the creator of the dreaded youtube video.  It turns out you were duped and made to defend the bullshiat story.  Now that you all are exposed to have been used as the Democrat party's gullible sheep your response is that it "doesn't matter".  You're like sad whipped brainwashed puppydogs of scandalous politicians.  You eat up their shiat and beg for more.  It ridiculous.
"Youtube video?  Jail the creator!  Sieze the hatemonger!!"
"Oh it wasn't a youtube video at all?  It was a Terrorist attack?" that case let's not bicker about who killed who...
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2013-08-20 01:29:11 PM  
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mediablitz: Cletus C.: mediablitz: Cletus C.: Turns out Benghazi was not a riot. You need to update your talking points.

Wait. You didn't know that IMMEDIATELY?

A lot of people knew that immediately. But not everyone.

Really. A lot of people knew immediately? Like?

Ugh. Not that it makes it the scandal you're seeking but:

David Petraus, then head of the CIA, testified to that in Congress
Greg Hicks, the top diplomat in Libya told Congress he knew almost immediately it was a terrorist attack.
Hicks also said Stevens, right before he was killed, reported it as an terrorist attack, not a spontaneous demonstration.
AFRICOM commander Carter Hamm said he knew within hours it was a coordinated attack.
The Libyan president was insistent almost immediately
The BBC, Reuters and CNN were quickly reporting it as a terrorist attack, based on sources in the CIA and state department.
And of course, the president, who said it on Sept. 12
2013-08-20 11:50:46 AM  
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Boswell and Maxwell shouldn't have lost their jobs to begin with, and DAS Lamb should never be allowed anywhere near a diplomatic facility again. Ever. Because she's an incompetent farktard (not based on Benghazi, but based on her prior track record in Iraq).
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