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(Yahoo)   PA appeals court rules that maybe, just maybe, a judge should have given a widow a hearing before ordering her $300k home sold to satisfy a $6.30 "late fee" on her property taxes   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, late fees, Western Pennsylvania, settlement offer, evidentiary hearing  
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2013-08-20 11:28:04 AM  
3 votes:
"An attorney for Lewis offered to settle the dispute last year for $160,000 from Battisti."

What sort of asshole do you have to be to consider this an "offer"? "I 'bought' your $280k home for $110k, which you haven't received a penny of, but how about I 'sell' it back to you for $160k and we'll call it even."

If you're going to scam an old lady out of $50k, at least pretend to be a Nigerian prince.
2013-08-20 10:58:51 AM  
3 votes:
If you have to pay the state every year for perpetuity, do you really own your home?

/trick etymological question
2013-08-20 10:24:15 AM  
2 votes:
Leavitt said the stateSupreme Court has "emphasized that due process under both the United States andPennsylvania Constitutions must be satisfied whenever the government subjects a citizen's property to forfeiture for nonpayment of taxes."

Well, just "find" a couple of joints in the house and they can take it, no questions asked. No due process, problem solved.
2013-08-20 12:58:43 PM  
1 vote:
There should be some common-sense rule, like if the "fine" or other discrepancy is less than approximately 1% of the money owed on the next tax bill then it should be carried over. Especially in cases where it would cost more money to enforce than it would generate.

You don't throw good money after bad.
2013-08-20 12:58:13 PM  
1 vote:

spawn73: Dead for Tax Reasons: $300k in aliquippa?  i guess i didn't see that part of town when i went there

It was only sold for 116k.

I don't know why they think it's 280k worth. IMHO it should be valued at what people are willing to pay for it.

vultures at an auction aren't going to pay anything near what is worth anyway
2013-08-20 12:48:58 PM  
1 vote:

CokeBear: doyner: If you have to pay the state every year for perpetuity, do you really own your home?

/trick etymological question

I know its a trick question, but I'll give it a shot anyway:
The annual payment isn't for the property, its for the maintenance of the road that lets you get to the property, and all the other services provided to the property (fire dept, police, etc). If you would rather not pay for those services, you are free to move to a location where everyone buys them for themselves on the free market.

/I hear there are no property taxes in Somalia.

I'm about the farthest you can get from being a soverign teahaddist.  Basically, "own" is a former conjugation of "to owe."  No one can ever really "own" real property.
2013-08-20 12:48:29 PM  
1 vote:

doyner: If you have to pay the state every year for perpetuity, do you really own your home?

/trick etymological question

Actually you never own anything, it's only "on loan" until you die.
2013-08-20 12:43:49 PM  
1 vote:

wambu: I'm glad she wasn't facing an HOA or she would be on the street by now for $6.30,

She would have been hung in the square as a warning to everyone else in the neighborhood.

In Central PA here I goofed and totally forgot about the property taxes one year. Went the next year to pay them and Found out about the past due balance. Yeah there were fees on there, but never got a threat of foreclosure, never even got a letter that they were missed/late.

Why the fees went that high on $6.30 is easy. Some of the fees are a set amount, not a percentage. For instance one was more than likely constable fees and that is 100-200$ flat depending on the type of service.
2013-08-20 12:36:03 PM  
1 vote:
Government should have to collect like any other creditor. Stealing your home is bullshiat.
2013-08-20 12:14:06 PM  
1 vote:
Wow just wow. I have no words for this. Whatever laws make it legal to steal anyone's home for any reason whatsoever under the guise of "government" needs to stop. Property ownership is one of the basic foundations of a free society. Two mail notices about a 6 dollar late fee is enough cause to lose your paid for house? We are really ok with this. Obviously they are in PA since nobody is doing anything about it and it would be the same in any state I'm sure. I'm simply stunned
2013-08-20 12:06:05 PM  
1 vote:

SilentStrider: This state legal system is populated with farking nitwits, top to bottom and is f*cked up,

2013-08-20 11:40:53 AM  
1 vote:
Some buddy of the judge must really want that house.
2013-08-20 11:34:20 AM  
1 vote:
CSB Time:

The last place I lived I paid the property taxes on my car but transposed 2 numbers for the cents, wrote 36 instead of 63 on the check.  2 months later a county deputy shows up at my door with a summons for unpaid taxes.  Which I could pay with no additional fees.   They probably spent $300 to recover $.27.   Great use of taxpayer dollars!

2013-08-20 11:24:32 AM  
1 vote:

doyner: If you have to pay the state every year for perpetuity, do you really own your home?

/trick etymological question

Paying for perpetuity? Really?

It's a simple legal question: Who has superior title to the property, the one who had the property taken away, or the one who took the property away? If the one who took the property away did not have superior title, that's theft.

On a side note, this is why you should go big if you decide to steal. Steal $200 million, the government makes you pay $65 million in fines and you're home-free.  Steal $6.30, and the government sells your house. Yeah, "for the people", sure, riiiiiiiight.
2013-08-20 11:24:22 AM  
1 vote:
FTFA: The $6.30 penalty was added to her tax bill in 2009, which grew with interests and costs to $235 by late 2011, when the home was sold at auction.

A a $6.30 penalty turn into a $235.00 penalty due to interest and costs in the course of 2 years? That's farking criminal.
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