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(Gallup)   Gallup poll says 15% of U.S. women feel they've been unfairly denied a promotion. The other 85% just cut through the red tape and sleep with the boss   ( divider line
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196 clicks; posted to Business » on 19 Aug 2013 at 8:08 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-08-19 08:17:37 AM  
And this is compared to men feeling they've been unfairly denied a promotion? People think they're unfairly denied promotions all the time.
2013-08-19 08:20:40 AM  
Gallup predicted Romney would handily win the election.
2013-08-19 08:21:02 AM  
Only 15% ?

They should have asked how many black guys think they've been unfairly denied a promotion...
2013-08-19 08:29:03 AM  
As a man who WAS unfairly denied a promotion because his female coworker DID sleep with the boss, I'm getting a kick from subby's headline.

Seeing them get caught in the end was the sweetest schadenfreude.
2013-08-19 08:30:31 AM  
100% of people who have been denied a promotion have some narrative in their mind that blames a 3rd party for them not getting the promotion.

Some may be right, but most probably are not.
2013-08-19 08:46:48 AM  
I was recently unfairly denied a promotion. And I have a feeling that my boss (who was retiring) didn't really put in a good word to help me get that promotion.
2013-08-19 08:49:38 AM  

Weatherkiss: And this is compared to men feeling they've been unfairly denied a promotion? People think they're unfairly denied promotions all the time.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that every man who has worked anyplace for longer than three years feels like they have been denied a promotion.So ... 15%? That's why women make less.
2013-08-19 09:24:03 AM  
Are these the same women that are in their "middle age crazy" years and spend all their time talking about the conspiracy against them?
2013-08-19 09:59:06 AM  
Poll data isn't very diagnostic here, except to take a temperature of people's attitudes. Everyone thinks they are better than they objectively are. Everyone thinks the world has stiffed them.
2013-08-19 10:17:03 AM  

malle-herbert: Only 15% ?

They should have asked how many black guys think they've been unfairly denied a promotion...

Obviously you are not from around this part of NC. Don't you know about the long history of the white man being held down and denied promotions and rights by the mean old negros that are oppressing their rights? It quite clearly a grand conspiracy to wipe out the race with their evil ways.
2013-08-19 10:24:04 AM  
3 of my coworkers have slept with my boss. None have been promoted as a result.
2013-08-19 10:29:35 AM  
Well that settles it then. Nothing more scientific than feelings.
2013-08-19 10:52:53 AM  
Stop your whining and deal with it, why does everyone have to act like a victim all the time.
2013-08-19 10:53:19 AM  

ChaoticLimbs: 3 of my coworkers have slept with my boss. None have been promoted as a result.

Is your boss attractive enough that they would sleep with him otherwise or are 2 of them bad at learning from the evidence?
2013-08-19 10:58:39 AM  
I may get denied a promotion due to our damn client. It's frustrating as hell and this is the one I've been waiting for more money, closer to home. But I do work with one woman that can't understand why she hasent been promoted. Can't be that she is late every day misses at least one day a week and spends most of the time on the phone sorting out one of her baby daddys drama.
2013-08-19 11:05:59 AM  
Everyone is convinced of their greatness except for the people who are actually great.

/ This is just me tricking myself into thinking I'm great and deserve promotions
2013-08-19 11:15:19 AM  
There's not really anywhere to promote at my job, because our office isn't very large. Fortunately they already pay well and give raises based on performance reviews and merit. Besides, I don't really want to be on the phone with corporate all day.
2013-08-19 01:00:08 PM  
My last job, I had been there around 3 months and was essentially running my department, one day they brought a new guy in, they said something along the lines of "Hey, here is your new boss, go ahead and train him for us, show him what to do, also - we're gonna need you to come in on Saturday"

/not joking
2013-08-19 01:58:26 PM  
There was a link to the actual poll results in the article.  Actual poll question asked if you thought you were denied a promotion due to gender.  Result was 15% of women, 4% of men who thought that.
2013-08-19 02:18:37 PM  
I haven't been denied my promotion per se', it's just been put on hold since the company just went through a round of lay-offs and furloughs. The good news is the higher ups have told me my promotion does kick in, it will be retro-active to April when I assumed the duties (but not the title or salary) of the deputy director.
2013-08-19 02:35:01 PM  
At a later age I'd think nearly everyone has felt they could have deserved a promotion they didn't get.  But didn't everyone think they deserved a promotion when they were maybe 22-years-old and in the 8 month of their first job out of school?  I sure did.  I'm sure if you asked me I would have said it was age discrimination vs. the reality which was excellent job performance but very limited time on the job, scope of knowledge and flexibility within the company, and I could have been easily replaced.

Reminds me somewhat tangentially of my kids' friends when they used to say the police pull them over a lot just for being Mexican.  In their own minds maybe, but to everyone else it was for speeding or plain shiatty driving, having a stereo that was louder than the broken exhaust,having tinted windows on a shiatbox car while looking to be around 15-years-old, child "mustache" and all.  And toss in a seeming inability to look anything but guilty.

As kids, you'd think knowing just about everything and being cognitively superior to about everyone around us would have led to runaway success in all things.  Which only goes to show how deep the scriminatin went...

What was the article about again?
2013-08-20 06:13:28 AM  
Lets just say I was not denied a promotion, but hired at a lower rate than a man with no experience to my 6 years of experience. Just cause I got tits.
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