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(NASCAR)   NASCAR Nationwide Series at Mid Ohio Drinking Game: Every time a car goes off the notoriously narrow road course, drink. That should be enough. 2:30 PM ET on ESPN   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, Roger McDowell, Ohio, road course, Nationwide Children, AJ Allmendinger, Tony Stewart, Allmendinger, Austin Dillon  
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130 clicks; posted to Sports » on 17 Aug 2013 at 3:00 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-08-17 05:09:59 PM  

Professor Farksworth: My liver hates you all right now.

What liver? I just have a nodule in the area where my liver used to be.
2013-08-17 05:12:13 PM  
Ambrose 360s off the track, and it took me 3 attempts to type "360" just now.

/Yes, I'm actually playing
2013-08-17 05:17:35 PM  
Be afraid, Owen. Be very afraid.
2013-08-17 05:19:25 PM  
Craven sounds like he's been playing too. It sounds like he called the 3 "Awesome Dillon."
2013-08-17 05:21:02 PM  
2013-08-17 05:21:12 PM  
Smith off again! DRINK.
2013-08-17 05:23:12 PM  

Warchild: *hic*

lol, funnied and smrted and chortld
2013-08-17 05:26:28 PM  
Good grief, poor AJ.
2013-08-17 05:26:33 PM  
75 in the gravel. Impending Green White Checkers. Notify your next of kin.
2013-08-17 05:27:05 PM  
Drink more!!!
2013-08-17 05:30:13 PM  
Piquet might win?  NO!
2013-08-17 05:31:44 PM  
I kinda liked the 7 with the bowed up hood. Almost made it look like an old Trans-Am car.

SPEED showed an old old "Speedvision" documentary about the history of "the Trans Am" hosted by Sam Posey late last night before the conversion to farks sports 1. He was talking about how bright the future of the series was.

2013-08-17 05:33:57 PM  
2013-08-17 05:34:30 PM  
Replays don't count.

Unless you're suicidal.
2013-08-17 05:35:03 PM  
Nelson Piquet Jr sounds like a kid who frequently got beat up and had his lunch money taken from him in school.
2013-08-17 05:36:26 PM  
2013-08-17 05:36:41 PM  
2013-08-17 05:37:36 PM  


2013-08-17 05:37:40 PM  
Piquet totally photobombing that TV shot.
2013-08-17 05:38:48 PM  
AJ Fuelsaver
2013-08-17 05:39:09 PM  

ski9600: Piquet might win?  NO!

2013-08-17 05:39:15 PM  
Ooh... Looks like we shall enjoy some extracurricular post race driver interactions!
2013-08-17 05:40:05 PM  
Now for the battle royal in the pits
2013-08-17 05:40:52 PM  
NASCAR Road course racing. fark yeah.

/trucks at Mosport in a couple weeks
2013-08-17 05:41:08 PM  
Dingers crewman picked him up like a rag doll.
2013-08-17 05:41:44 PM  
I want some fighting!
2013-08-17 05:42:32 PM  

Also, now its sober up time.
2013-08-17 05:43:15 PM  
We need more road races! Fun to watch!

/can't believe I agree with Harvick on anything
2013-08-17 05:45:13 PM  

swampgirl: Ooh... Looks like we shall enjoy some extracurricular post race driver interactions!

No, how about some commercials instead?
2013-08-17 05:51:04 PM  
Too many sick children around to throw punches.
2013-08-17 05:53:08 PM  
If AJ had always been this humble I may have been a bigger fan of him earlier in his career.
2013-08-17 05:54:12 PM  
Apparently Papis's kid has never been on TV before.
2013-08-17 05:56:23 PM  
How the hell is Sadler 2nd in points?
2013-08-17 07:55:01 PM  
Just watching it on the DVR.  Interesting how they threw cautions for every car off the track in the first half, and at the end it was only when cars were stuck in the gravel.  Seems like they might be learning what a local caution is.
2013-08-17 10:00:39 PM  
Missed the race. Did any of you live through it?
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