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(CBS News)   The USA's bar tab has reached $223 billion   ( divider line
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2013-08-15 02:58:00 PM  
3 votes:
Binge drinking; Defined by MADD as anyone who purchases a 6 pack.
2013-08-15 05:14:17 PM  
2 votes:

Hoblit: How in the world are these monetary statistics 'determined'. The article basically sites other articles for these numbers. I fail to see how they determine that whatever costs incurred were directly related to alcohol beyond a shadow of a doubt.

They are always made up horseshiat.

They'll do things like figure 'this many people come in an hour late' and then turn it into a number based on labor productivity stats. Of course it's bullshiat because people just move their work around and do it later.
2013-08-15 03:29:46 PM  
2 votes:
Being part French, I feel your pain over the ravages of alcohol. I mock it pitilessly, but I feel it. The French are like that. If you fall on your head, they'll laugh and laugh and help you up, dust your coat and send you to the hospital for high quality, low cost government-insured medical care. But they will have their laugh first.

I admit it. I saw a drunk slipping on ice once and he fell on his head (not in a cartoony up and down way, more of an inverted V like the caret symbol). I had to laugh. I had to wait to see if he got up again also. The ice was terrible, the street sloped, I didn't want to get close to him for my safety's sake, but I did wait to see if he would be moving along all right. That's the French spirit: always ready for a good laugh at somebody else's expense, but willing to be a Good Catholic afterwards, even if not Catholic or Good.

Despite the ravages of alcoholism on individuals, families and societies, you're real amateurs when it comes to alcoholism. Too many teetotalitarians, as James Joyce put it. And too many young people who drink like savages (in binges, for the sake of getting drunk fast). Not dedicated professionals like the Russians, or Good Amateurs like the Germans, or even Half-Assed Wannabees like the British or Australians. Just good old-fashioned quasi-puritanical American amateurs. You worry about your health too much to be fully-qualified alcoholics.

The French may have more liver damage, but it isn't because they don't know how to drink. They just don't know how to stop. May have something with how they drive, come to think of it.

I admire a drunk who can hold his liquor. A gentle, quiet drunk who some how manages to make it home before throwing up or falling down. I've only seen a few of these, but they exist. They are the gentlemen of the drinking classes, because when you drink, it's just your inhibitions that go, not your sense of right and wrong. To behave like a gentlemen when you are drunk, you have only to be a gentleman. Not a wild dog in a cage, but a gentleman to the bone. The kind of civilized person who is still civilized when falling down drunk. A saint, some might say.

As I said already, I have met a very few, bless 'em.

All in all you're on the right path provided you eventually get the balance right and wander neither to the right nor the left. What's a couple of hundred billion dollars, after all? The damages are cheaper than the booze!
2013-08-15 03:11:30 PM  
2 votes:
I'm getting a kick out of this.

I've not had a drink in 5 years and I support Alcohol Prohibition until it's decided that the war on drugs needs to end, what's good for the goose and all that. 
Let's see how happy everyone is when SWAT kicks in your door for a 12 pack of Schlitz and sentences you to 25 - life.

It'd be so divine to see that happen to all the hypocrites of the world.
2013-08-15 07:53:07 PM  
1 vote:
lh3.googleusercontent.comView Full Size

Back in MY day, we knew how to binge drink.
2013-08-15 05:12:25 PM  
1 vote:
Binge drinking -- defined as when men drink more than five drinks and women drink more than four drinks in two hours...

2013-08-15 04:26:51 PM  
1 vote:
Also, Pennsylvania's draconian (not to mention literally Quaker) laws on the sale of alcohol have completely eliminated anything resembling "alcohol related" problems statewide.  Let's do more of that!
2013-08-15 03:46:38 PM  
1 vote:
This study just focuses on the costs of binge drinking without taking into consideration any of the offsetting savings and benefits. For example, I have 5 kids at home and a wife who works nights, making me virtually a single parent most of the time. Binge drinking is what allows me to get through the week without chopping up my family with an ax and then heading to the nearest mall to shoot the place up. Do they figure THAT in anywhere? I didn't think so.
2013-08-15 03:30:28 PM  
1 vote:

kindms: MrBallou: "Binge drinking -- defined as when men drink more than five drinks and women drink more than four drinks in two hours"

or what Farkers consider "a light lunch".

1 drink every 20 or 30 minutes is binge drinking ?

I thought the 1 drink every 1/2 hour or so was responsible drinking.

The military standard is moving toward the Air Force standard, which is no more than one drink per hour, no more than three drinks per day. Also known as WTP drinking (what's the point?). Your liver metabolizes one drink per hour, more or less, so anything above one an hour after the first two is pushing you into DUI/binge territory.
2013-08-15 03:11:46 PM  
1 vote:
America will gladly you pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

A deal which you can not get, oddly enough, at the British hamburger chain, Wimpy's.

Artist's impression of American tourists
sadly turning away from a Wimpy's Restaurant:

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

How the Mighty Art Fallen

Did you know that Wimpy's full name is J. Wellington Wimpy? Why didn't the British name their restaurnt J. Wellington Wimpy's. Rather out of character, dontchurthink?
2013-08-15 03:04:01 PM  
1 vote:
How in the world are these monetary statistics 'determined'. The article basically sites other articles for these numbers. I fail to see how they determine that whatever costs incurred were directly related to alcohol beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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