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(UPI)   Doesn't it just ruin your day when you wake up from a hangover and find yourself in a crate on a cargo ship departing on a two-week-long trip to Los Angeles   ( divider line
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2013-08-15 04:12:18 AM  
That's a refreshing change: a slow boat from China.
2013-08-15 05:40:24 AM  
The B&B's in China look like shipping containers? Probably.
2013-08-15 05:41:08 AM
2013-08-15 05:43:17 AM  
I'd like to get you... On slow boat to China...
2013-08-15 05:45:53 AM  
Seasick Asian Man?
2013-08-15 05:46:02 AM  
I want to party with that guy
2013-08-15 06:03:47 AM  
I can't think of a worse fate than having to go to LA
2013-08-15 06:08:47 AM  
At least, that's what you tell the record producer.
2013-08-15 06:20:16 AM  
This is how terrorists will be shipping themselves into America from now on lol!
2013-08-15 06:23:09 AM  
Intermodal Container ≠ Crate

Good thing he could get a signal on his cell phone. Two weeks in one of those could easily be fatal.
2013-08-15 06:42:41 AM  
Wu, that was a close one.
2013-08-15 06:59:59 AM  
I can't imagine the horror that poor bloke went through.
Waking up after a night like that and not being able to get a drink of water. Poor sod, his throat must have been like sandpaper.
2013-08-15 07:00:17 AM  
Fake. That container looked nearly empty.
2013-08-15 07:05:36 AM  

gfid: I can't think of a worse fate than having to go to LA

Maybe it's true what they say about people now lacking imagination.
2013-08-15 07:25:02 AM
2013-08-15 07:41:35 AM  
That would be a horrible way to go.
2013-08-15 08:18:13 AM  
No pictures of Nijima?
2013-08-15 08:19:56 AM  
I've gotta admit, being Los Angeles'd doesn't quite have the same ring to it as being Shanghai'd.

/want to kill myself for those apostrophes but the words looked even worse without.
2013-08-15 08:46:17 AM  
Waking up from a hangover? He didn't have a hangover when he woke?
2013-08-15 09:02:36 AM  
This is the premise of Lester the Unlikely
2013-08-15 10:13:38 AM  
Sometimes those containers fall overboard in rough seas. He could have easily been lost at sea with no one the wiser. He also could have died of thirst or heat exhaustion or lack of air. That guy was very lucky.
2013-08-15 10:26:38 AM  
It happens to rather often!
2013-08-15 10:53:24 AM  
Phillip Marlowe?
2013-08-15 11:19:47 AM  
Oops left out the word "me".. "It happens to ME rather often"
2013-08-15 11:40:24 AM  
And the worst thing of it all is you're now in LA.

Congrats, I guess.
2013-08-15 12:03:54 PM  

Quackadam: It happens to rather often!

[ image 540x720]

props for the AYBS Mr. Humphries reference.

I would think with proper food and water and reading material and a drill to make a "bathroom" and ventilation it would be a fine way to escape China. Although stumbling around drunk those things probably wouldn't cross your mind.
2013-08-15 12:15:43 PM  

Abacus9: That's a refreshing change: a slow boat from China.

well done
2013-08-15 01:22:06 PM  
Hangover 4
2013-08-15 01:26:08 PM  

Dahnkster: Seasick Asian Man?

They've give you a container, and taken Jiang away.
2013-08-15 01:26:48 PM  
2013-08-15 01:32:45 PM  

funzyr: No pictures of Nijima?

Wow. Good reference!
2013-08-15 07:42:52 PM  

Dahnkster: Seasick Asian Man?

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