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2013-08-13 04:25:29 PM  

Nana's Vibrator: Exception, of course, is when an unnamed source (*cough* Larry Lucchino*cough*) plants the info directly with the Globe and insists they print it.

I think that's exactly what this is. The Sox trade Iglesias who fans were high on right now, and suddenly there's all sorts of wink-nudge info about him buzzing around. Now that John Henry is buying the Globe they'll be even more of a PR branch for the Sox. I won't be able to listen to anything they say.
2013-08-13 04:34:37 PM  

funk_soul_bubby: I'm actually with subby here. I think this kid may be special.

Earlier this year, Baseball Prospectus wrote a series of articles ("Top Tools") where they talked about the best individual skills in the minor leagues.  For example, Billy Hamilton was the obvious "best speed" guy, after stealing 155 bases in 2012 and routinely clocking home to first in 3.4 seconds.

Under "best glove (infield)", they picked Iglesias.  Here's their review, in a series where usually they hedge a bit and talk about "Well... maybe this other guy is in the mix...  Needs to work on....":

"At times it can be difficult to succinctly describe something as impressive as Iglesias' defense. BP's Chris Mellen noted that he thought Iglesias' defense "has actually gotten better than when he first came over from Cuba," which seems impossible given the quality of his leather upon arrival. Iglesias does it all in the field; he has uncanny instincts for the position, excellent first-step quickness, and the foot speed to parlay that into plus-plus range. His hands are truly exceptional and his footwork is near flawless, allowing him to remain in balance and make accurate throws. He has the ability to make the routine plays look mundane but can then leave you in awe as he makes the spectacular plays seem far too simple. Iglesias is an elite defender and there really isn't anyone close to him in the minor leagues."

So yeah, the scouts like his defense.
2013-08-13 06:06:00 PM  

RAWISRADFORD: Dodger fan -

But when I was ten I heard that if you sent a self addressed stamped envelope with a baseball card to a major leaguer - you had a good chance to get it returned signed.

Loved baseball cards (never cared for autographs that much) - decided to give it a try - put together letters and cards to about 30 different players c/o the stadium address.

About 10 replied - often times with something you could tell was presigned and either returned my card unsigned or not at all (I assumed some PR guy was doing the handling)

Trammell - sent the card back signed with a thank you and signature on the letter.

Whiticker - good ole sweet Lou wrote a personal letter saying he was keeping my letter - signed my card - included a signed team set a couple of 8x10s and a plush tiger all in a box that was shipped priority mail.


That is pretty darn cool, my story is similar except I grew up a Mets fan and it was Gary Carter sending a picture back with a note.
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