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(Huffington Post)   Vogue editor says he's not gay, despite having some "very gay experiences." Fair enough. After all, just about any fraternity brother would say the same thing   ( divider line
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2013-08-13 05:59:05 AM  

fusillade762: Do you post that in every Fark frat thread?

It's kinda my thing. Don't take my minor meme away from me, man!
2013-08-13 05:59:46 AM  

Fallout Boy: 8/10, considering the responses so far.

I'm surprised I got as many as I did, as quickly as I did.
2013-08-13 06:35:51 AM  

milkyshirt: Hey men, when you start flipping out because some other men are bisexual or comfortable with experimenting it makes you look panicky and stupid, like you're scared that if THOSE guys can be attracted to both males and females to varying degrees, then it means you must be too.

Maybe they're sore because the bisexuals gave AIDS to the rest of us.
2013-08-13 06:47:20 AM  

Coco LaFemme: TuteTibiImperes: Good for him.  Too many people are locked into thinking that sexuality is binary, when in reality most people are some shade of bisexual and just lean to varying degrees towards one side or the other.

I'm 100% heterosexual.  I've never been sexually attracted to women, and that'll never change.  What I'm curious to know is, what do you mean by "some shade of bisexual?"  Are you proposing that there are people walking around that consider themselves 80% gay or something?

Right here. More like 85-90% straight. I identify personally as bisexual but I just go by straight because I'm monogamous and it's easier and noone really needs to know about it and I'm sick of hearing about this one drop rule where because someone isn't straight as an arrow 100% of the time I must be some flaming homo.

It's cool for women to be bi and not get the whole "lol butch dyke 100%" and I think men are starting to enjoy the same kind of freedom do express that same kind of open sexuality. But there's still a lot of insecure people who think that a bisexual man, despite whether they fall closer to straight on the spectrum, is really just a gay man in denial.
2013-08-13 07:22:28 AM  
*shrugs* i guess some people just like sex
2013-08-13 09:06:34 AM  
Anyone else remember the SNL sketch about the effeminate heterosexual man? Some people have complex gender presentation.
2013-08-13 08:01:46 PM  

Nurglitch: Anyone else remember the SNL sketch about the effeminate heterosexual man? Some people have complex gender presentation.

He's Lyle, the Effeminate Heterosexual
He's so terribly conjectual.
Why he behaves that way, he's not gay!
He's just Lyle, he's swishy yes it's true
But he's as straight as me, and probably you!
The effeminate heterosexual
No use getting intellectual
Because nobody knows why
He runs like a girl, he throws like a girl,
Walks like a girl, talks like a girl
He's Lyle and I'll tell you so help me
He's all guy
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