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(C|Net)   Truck driver uses GPS jammer to successfully prevent his boss from tracking his whereabouts. Finds out that FCC can still track him   ( divider line
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2013-08-12 03:48:36 PM  
CSB time...

In 1994 I personally got to play with one of the Army's first GPS units.

It sucked, was huge and heavy (compared to today's stuff), and was off by a good 30-90 feet when we used it. But for the time, it was mind blowingly awesome.

I can't remember exactly (as this was almost 20 years ago now), but I think this was the model we used:
usarmy.vo.llnwd.netView Full Size
2013-08-12 08:52:18 PM  

China White Tea: Get some guys with directional antennae and follow the signal?

2-3 antennas and you can located him to within a couple meters with some triangulation.  No need for 'following'.  Given that he's blocking GPS they likely had to break out the map and go 'he's here', but that's about it.

StoPPeRmobile: They should ban it. That way no one will do it.

It doesn't stop everyone, but it does stop loads of people, and the FCC is one agency that actually has a good number of teeth within it's domain.

HairBolus: Umm, a sophisticated system should determine the vectors to the jamming sources so that they can be cancelled out, meanwhile using inertial navigation and at worst crude approximations such as "up in the sky" for the good sources. Think of GPS as a way to calibrate inertial navigation systems.

I'll note that with the US Military, one of the 'cancel out' options is the high explosive warhead of a HARM missile.  And not all of them cost $1M.  Heck, only the latest AGM-88E costs $870k.
2013-08-12 08:58:53 PM  

demaL-demaL-yeH: strategic ass

I resemble that statement.

And I ETS'd before Desert Storm.
2013-08-12 09:08:52 PM  

Satyagraha: The idea of attaching one to a balloon...clever thinking citizen

Yeah, I'm funny that way.

Actually, GPS makes balloon-born attacks like the Japaneses tried to do in WWII possible:  You program in the boundaries of all the cities you want to attack, and release the balloon.  When it end up over one of those cities, drop the payload.

Payload doesn't even have to be explosive, really:  From a high enough altitude (like above 60,000 feet), something like a steel rod with one end tapered and small metal fins on the other will do a lot of damage when it hits something, especially if it's gone supersonic, which it should do easily.  Drop a bunch of them sequentially, and well, there you go.  You're bound to hit something.

The other alternative is to make an autonomous GPS guided glider that has some sort of payload.   They are easy enough to make, being essentially model airplanes, and you can put any kind of a payload you want on something like that:  explosive, incendiary, biological, chemical, radiological.

With a 10 to 1 glide ratio, and a release height of 60,000 feet, you'd get a range of over 100 miles in still air.
2013-08-12 09:25:04 PM  

HairBolus: The handheld AN/PSN-13 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver  is supposed to be somewhat jam resistant, and its Applications Menu contains the entry "JAMMER FINDER"

Which kind of brings up an important thing that this fellow didn't realize:  Don't be co-located with the jammer.
2013-08-12 09:51:58 PM  

Snarfangel: On the other hand, an airport charged with landing airplanes worth hundreds of millions of dollars would seem to warrant having a system that can't be blocked with a $100 jammer.

Regular folks could jam any of the other navigation aids as well - they're  not protected. It's only because GPS is widely used and some douche builds a jammer and some bigger douche would actually use it that we now have a problem.

Perhaps we shouldn't have let mere citizens uses GPS and retained it solely for the military.
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