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(TaxProf)   Number of taxpayers who renounced U.S. citizenship hits record high. And that's not even counting Edward Snowden   (taxprof.typepad.com) divider line 355
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2013-08-11 05:41:01 AM  

TopoGigo: Anyway, I find it amazing that you see 95% of the problem with SSI, but completely fail to see the cause. SSI is a secret unemployment number. Sure, there are some people who are legitimately disabled, and there are some people who are just gaming the system. The vast majority of people on SSI, though, are collecting literally ones of thousands of dollars per year because THEY CAN'T GET A GODDAMNED JOB. Get some f*cking decent jobs in this country and you'd see a whole lot of disabled people have miraculous recoveries--nobody wants to live on $13k when they could get a job and make $20k.

So much farking THIS.

SSI, and the similar programs that it covers are defintely worse off compared to work.  That said, about the only way to get the private sector to budge seems to be by making it a royal pain to not hire(directly, full-time, and for the long-term).  Employers would rather use every trick in the book to avoid hiring(guest or illegal worker abuse), or do so in bad faith(such as the rampant use of 29er/49er/permatemp/agency employment).  Once employers have to actually compete for workers (for lack of ways to avoid hiring them), things can get better.

~$1200/mo is not pleasant by any means, especially with all the paperwork and documentation involved - it is almost a job in itself.  In my case, I'd rather deal with tax forms(1040 + W-2, no 1099/agency employment tax forms) as a result of having a good employer(which I've had) than the bureaucracy involved in maintaining benefits.
2013-08-11 05:43:16 AM  

dr-shotgun: a drug enforcement policy that costs $50B a year with no real benefits

Maybe no real benefits to you...
2013-08-11 06:28:59 AM  

FloydA: Personally, I don't think that you and I are getting our money's worth. I think that Paris Hilton and Mitt Romney and others of their ilk have been getting a free ride on my and your money. I agree with you about the problem, although we may have different ideas about the cause.

I don't know about Paris Hilton's taxes but a guy who paid $3 million in taxes and gave another $4 million to charity is not getting  a free ride regardless of income. Giving what government does with our money more power and praises to anybody who can legally lower his or her tax burden.   Those getting the free ride  are the millions who not only pay no taxes but get extra money from the rest of us in the form of things like EITC or business that  get subsidies that exceed their taxes and loans  they don't have to pay back.
2013-08-11 10:30:55 AM  
There are other considerations beside taxation that will influence a decision to renounce citizenship. For example, a person's adopted country may prohibit dual nationality. While much of the time such laws are ignored by dual-nationals, occasionally a fish or cut bait situation arises that will force such a person to make a decision.

For example, Canada does not collect taxes from non-resident Canadians.Thirty years ago, and I do not know if this situation exists today, an Austrian-born Canadian, i.e., a dual-national, living in Austria, could not obtain certain old-age benefits if they held a second nationality. It was fairly common at the embassy to process renunciation of Canadian citizenship by elderly Austrians. They were at a stage in their lives when, from a practical viewpoint, they needed to maximize the extensive benefits paid by the Austrian government, and unlikely to reside in Canada for the remainder of their life.
2013-08-11 10:32:48 PM  

iheartscotch: This is why raising taxes on the rich to absurd levels won't work. Millionaires and billionaires can afford to move somewhere else and give the IRS the finger.

How about raising them to reasonable levels then? And then, any that still want to pike out and renounce their citizenship should be allowed to go. But permanently.
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