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(BBC)   Solution: Train vicious pit bulls to be guide dogs   ( divider line
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2013-08-08 09:48:41 AM  
2 votes:
punishing the owners is probably the best bet to limit the population of dogs who are owned by shiatbags who abuse them and make them mean.

I own a pittbull black lab mix I got from the pound, that's pretty much all they had, he's an old man now but in his 13 years with us he has never shown any sign of being aggressive to anyone or animal. I also own a  lot of acreage and live in a rural area. A perfect dog around livestock because they are hearty and can get knocked around a bit. Not a good dog where hundreds/thousands of people are all packed in projects or suburbs.
2013-08-08 11:39:18 AM  
1 vote:

lantawa: Beginning of clip:  In eight years, sixteen fatalities from dog attacks.

To be fair, it doesn't say that all of the attacks are from pit bulls/bull terriers, but, yeah, pit bulls are farkin' dangerous.  It has now been bred into many of the lineages of this breed's animals. Pits ae the main reason that I carry concelaed, not so much to save myself (I'm large and can pull up a pretty fierce command voice), but for the little kids or females, possibly smaller men, who might become the target of a pit or other large-prey killing canine breed.


You do realize that pit bulls were bred as nursing animals and designed to eliminate aggression towards humans, to the point where any that showed human aggression were killed?  "Oh dear me, they're dangerous around THE CHILDREN oh no..." They were NURSEDOGS, bred to nurseguard children and infants, due to their incredible calmness and tolerance towards kids and insane devotion to their owners and charges, the same trait that makes them dangerous ONLY when their owners are worthless shiatbags.  Even the breeds which were bred to fight had human aggression bred out of them, as organized fighting required the human owners to literally be in the fight with the dogs as the fight went on.

Normal pit bulls, without shiatbag owners, are rated better for temperament than the average breed, including such breeds as Australian Shepherds, Dalmation, Italian Greyhound, and Yorkshire Terriers.

There was no societal stigma against pit bulls until the media created it very recently.  Now, pit bulls are trapped in a vicious cycle, where people who want a vicious dog think they should get a pit bull, and that type of owner becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, ending in a result that brings attention to a so called "threat" which then leads to more assholes raising and abusing pit bulls.

Have some reading material.
2013-08-08 09:43:55 AM  
1 vote:
In Canada there are two kinds if gun licenses: non-restricted and restricted. Restricted is for the more dangerous weapons, and you have to pass a tougher test.

We already have licenses for dogs, why don't we have a restricted license for the physically more dangerous breeds. We won't have to destroy/outright ban dangerous breeds, and morons will no longer be able to keep them.
2013-08-08 09:40:15 AM  
1 vote:
That article made no sense. Did you link the wrong one or something?

Good job on reading it before green lighting it though. You guys are doing a bang up job automatically green lighting flame-worthy troll-baiting headlines.
2013-08-08 09:36:51 AM  
1 vote:
Pit bulls aren't dangerous. Owners who fail to train them and owners who train them to be violent are dangerous.

<picture of cute pit bull puppy>
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