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(Huffington Post UK)   The cost of a good education keeps getting higher and harder which is why many students are becoming student sex workers   ( divider line
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2013-08-07 08:03:52 PM  
3 votes:
Cool story Bro.

My first year of college, I got a job delivering pizza. I started on a Friday night which was prime tip night, as long as you were delivering to the residential addresses and not the frat houses or dorms. An order came up for my next run which the others drivers snickered about it being a perfect initiation for me, the new guy. Suite 1323 in the Devonwood towers was evidently an infamous customer - a 40-something woman who would order the same thing every Friday night -- a large pepperoni with "extra meat." As I bagged up the three pies for my run, the manager pulled me aside and gave me a warning to NOT GO INTO HER PLACE. I took off with three 'zas and made 1323 my last delivery. I walked up to the lobby and was buzzed in by a security guard.

When I got to the door, it was slightly ajar. I knocked. A voice inside that sounded of Wild Turkey and unfiltered Camels beckoned me to come in. "Sorry ma'am." I said. "Have to stay out here - that'll be $13.50." I heard footsteps clomping down the hall and as the door was opened, I saw what looked not unlike Ernest Borgnine in a wig and a diaphanous robe with fuzzy slippers. "I see you brought the meat, ha ha, ha ha..."

I wasn't sure if she was laughing or expectorating.

"That's $13.50, ma'am." I repeated.

She counted out exact change. "Your tip is inside." She said, posing in what I suppose was her version of a 'come-hither' look. "Why don't you come in and find it..."

While it was incredibly tempting to explore the lair of this infamous sea-donkey, I decided that I'd rather not. "That's alright ma'am, you have yourself a good night."

When I returned to the shop, the immediate question was, "So how'd she tip?" I admitted that I didn't take up her offer to go inside to find out and just like that, I was in the club.

For the next year, the sea-donkey would call and place her order every Friday night. I always managed to pawn off that address on a new driver who would return with their own story about their encounter with the mythical beast. The new drivers would all report the same thing except for this one guy, Kevin, who upon his return, bragged about getting a five dollar tip. We all mused about the sort of fresh hell he'd gone through to earn that five dollars until we found out that our nemesis had passed away a month before and suite 1323 was now occupied by two hot girls who were studying law.
2013-08-07 07:41:57 PM  
3 votes:
So the price of student sex should be falling.

/invisible hand
2013-08-07 07:50:28 PM  
2 votes:

Banned on the Run: Old news is so exciting!

Every stripper I've ever met has been working her way through school.
Every. Single. One.

I once talked to a stripper who was, and I quote, "Studying radiology; you know, with radios".

/ she was a taco short of a fiesta platter
2013-08-07 07:45:29 PM  
2 votes:

AverageAmericanGuy: I actually think it's related to the pervasiveness and accessibility of pornography today. The current generation of college aged kids have grown up never having known that porn was not easily available on the Internet. They've become both desensitized to porn, and they have also become more extreme in what they expect sex to be. So when they need money, there's no moral sensitivity towards sex work (whether that be something like pole dancing or nude modeling or even prostitution).

The genie's out of the bottle now, so we'll just see more of this. It will be interesting to see how the current 'porn generation' sees itself in hindsight when it's responsible for raising their children.

HAHAHAHA... oh wait... you were serious.

/let me laugh harder.
2013-08-08 12:13:24 AM  
1 vote:
static.tvtropes.orgView Full Size
2013-08-07 10:55:27 PM  
1 vote:
2013-08-07 10:49:26 PM  
1 vote:

iheartscotch: Mega Steve: iheartscotch: Why have sex for money; when you could take your clothes off for money? It's an much safer occupation; plus, you probably make more money. And, you only have sex with the people you want to have sex with.

Or you could become a camwhore. Isn't that safer?

That is a viable option. That way; you'd be raking in the dough and never actually have to interact with people.

But one mental breakdown when some viewer wants to see your entrails and your little show is permanently archived on the net at Not a good idea.
2013-08-07 08:35:59 PM  
1 vote:
I would totally go for a college sugar baby.  Except I doubt I could afford one ($750/month, no problem, $2000/month I can't do).  Besides, I'm sure I'd be very disappointed with someone that young in the sack.  At that age they think they know what they are doing, but in reality they are rather inept.

/you don't actually blow on it
2013-08-07 08:35:29 PM  
1 vote:
It's a career building experience.
In today's corporate world, it's always good to be able to say, "this isn't the hardest I've been farked."
2013-08-07 08:11:43 PM  
1 vote:

Banned on the Run: Old news is so exciting!

Every stripper I've ever met has been working her way through school.
Every. Single. One.

Kind of like every waiter in the greater L.A. area is an "actor."
2013-08-07 08:04:15 PM  
1 vote:

Omahawg: hey, I'll be happy to please any 18-22 woman so much that she'll walk funny for a week

and I work cheap!

ladies, call me!

So what you're saying is that she'll enjoy all three minutes of it?
2013-08-07 08:01:37 PM  
1 vote:
universityprograms.columbia.eduView Full Size

"I'll pimp y'all out!  All a ya!"
2013-08-07 07:56:53 PM  
1 vote:
brucemctague.comView Full Size

i2.kym-cdn.comView Full Size
2013-08-07 07:53:07 PM  
1 vote:
I feel like I've wasted my whole life as an unpaid sex volunteer.
2013-08-07 07:49:04 PM  
1 vote:
99 problems, but a degree ain't one?
2013-08-07 07:42:44 PM  
1 vote:

MrEricSir: No, the headline was funnier the first time when "education" was misspelled.

"All proceeds to go literacy."
2013-08-07 07:40:06 PM  
1 vote:
No, the headline was funnier the first time when "education" was misspelled.
2013-08-07 07:39:03 PM  
1 vote:
Win/Win situation for everyone involved, especially the university.
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