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(Gawker)   Blowing up your devil-possessed dog as part of your preparations for the coming nuclear holocaust is many things, but not animal cruelty   ( divider line
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2013-08-06 07:54:00 PM  

justtray: Ivo Shandor: justtray: Ivo Shandor: Bashar and Asma's Infinite Playlist: Thinking your dog is possessed by the devil should cause some sort of mandatory psychiatric examination by the state.

Won't happen. The DSM specifically excludes religious beliefs from the definition of a delusion.

I'm sure someone will hit on this, but thinking your dog is possessed by the devil isn't a religious belief.

Believing in the Devil is a religious belief. Thinking the dog is possessed by him is psychosis.

OK, so...
Pigs possessed by demons - religion
Dog possessed by the devil - psychosis

Seems legit.

You're allowed to believe what you want, but your understanding of the DSM is factually flawed.

There's a significant difference between - "I believe that demons can possess animals," and "I believe my dog is possessed by a demon so I need to kill it."

Schizophrenics commonly invoke religious dogma and are still accurately diagnosed despite it.

For example, a very normal behavior of a lab may be to roll around in the grass on it's back. A crazy person might look at this as a sign a demon has possessed it..... and.... why am I even continually this ridiculous conversation?

My hypothesis:
2013-08-06 08:29:28 PM  
How about a possessed CAT?
2013-08-07 01:00:41 AM  
The guy sounds like a schizophrenic with auditory or visual hallucinations that should be locked away. Or better yet, let's tie M-80's to him and blow off little chunks at a time until dead.
2013-08-07 02:06:35 AM  

FrancoFile: would someone with an 'extensive criminal record' be able get a license for running a fireworks stand?

He votes Republican.
2013-08-07 03:29:24 AM  
I'm betting Christians and no matter what, what is important is that murder is involved

/Not like Sicilians
//they only kill themselves
2013-08-07 10:07:57 AM  

sigdiamond2000: Skamania County deputies

Why do all Washington State county names sound like the titles to punk compilation albums from the early 80s?

Apparently, they're really tough on littering up there. If they catch you, they'll make you pickitup pickitup pickitup.
2013-08-07 10:24:23 AM  
"Dillingham, a fireworks stand owner with a lengthy criminal record..."  Now there's a winning combo.
2013-08-07 01:50:12 PM  
He was also in the process of preparing for a nuclear "rapture" and had removed all the metal objects from his home because they were inhabited by "the souls of demons."

So, demon souls are magnetic?
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