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(   Owner of eight New Jersey TGI Fridays pays $500,000 for refilling top-shelf alcohol bottles with rail booze (and possibly rubbing alcohol and dirty water)   ( divider line
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2013-08-01 10:42:22 PM  

Tyrosine: Pawprint:

Tyrosine: Nice novella in response to a one line comment.

Sorry dude, but your one-line comment with no context made you appear to be the douche that MythDragon smacked you down for. Your further exposition in the reply made you appear far less so, but the opening lines were still rather douche-y. (I happen to agree with you about TGI Friday's, at least to a point. I used to really like them, but I think they've gone downhill over the past decade or so.)

Seriously? How exactly does "If you're a customer of TGI Fridays you deserve to get ripped off" get extrapolated to include all chain restaurants? If I had said "places like TGI Fridays" I could understand, but I cited a specific example. No context? The context was a thread about TGI Fridays.  How exactly do you misunderstand that? Are you ESL? Sporting an extra 23rd chromosome? Have Fragile X? Seriously, what prevents you from comprehending basic English?

Wow. Too much hostility on both sides. I didnt mean to start a war. I was only getting into other chains in general because you brought up a chain. Some people might just hate one of them, like you ( I *hate* hooters. The girls are nice to look at, but I can see boobs on the internet. I think the food sucks there) but other people feel that way about every chain in existance. I kinda thought thats were you were going.

Lets all calm down here. How about we all meet up at Lone Star Steak House, and Ill buy you each a watered down beer?
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