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(Mental Floss)   When you mock someone's accent, you come off as an idiot. Not because you're being a jerk. It's because you're doing it wrong   ( ) divider line
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2013-07-30 02:02:47 PM  

gfid: That's funny because when I was younger and told people where I was from, I'd often hear "That's funny, you don't have an accent."  I haven't heard that in a while, not because I've developed an accent, but probably more so that I haven't run across uneducated idiots who thinks everyone has an over-exaggerated accent.

I moved from south central KS to San Antonio when I was 11.  To me, I really heard no difference in the way they talked compared to how we talked "back home".  But I was mocked relentlessly for the first year for my "Kansas boy" accent.  So apparently they heard a difference.

I've since lived in NM, AZ, GA and back to central TX.  I've picked up bits and pieces from everywhere I've lived, and people just can't figure my manner of speaking out.  Suckers.
2013-07-30 05:21:03 PM  

CtrlAltDestroy: I was born in Illinois, grew up in Arizona, and returned to Illinois as a teenager. I speak with a General American English accent. I think a large part of that is that I actively try to not fark up English. I actively avoid things like vowel dropping, vowel shifting, R dropping, strange inflections, etc. I also have no desire to use slang that doesn't make any sense or seems to be bred from an inability to speak correctly. My grammar may not always be correct but I do try to speak well. Several people have commented that I'm well spoken. I think that I present myself well enough to avoid the common stereotypes that tends to come with being a 20 something genetic mutt.

As a personal thing I can't stand accents that, IMHO, butcher English. Southern accents tend to annoy me more than any other. It's one of several reasons that I will never live in the South.

The main being not wanted to squeal like a pig, right?
2013-07-30 05:28:00 PM
2013-07-31 12:18:40 AM  

John Buck 41: ciberido: It's no more "wrong" than, say, to use "love" with both "I love to fish" and "I love fish."

Except those two phrases have radically different meanings. Or did I miss your point?

You missed my point.  I'm well aware that "I love fish" and "I love to fish" mean different things, just as "I'm fixing lunch" and "I'm fixing to eat lunch" mean different things.
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