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( thinks that if you want to buy "IT" you might also like to watch boobies   ( divider line
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7544 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Dec 2001 at 10:02 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-01 10:08:27 PM  
Well, yes. Everyone knows that nerds also like watching b00bies, because we don't ususally get to watch them personally.
2001-12-01 10:08:57 PM  
I imagine there are playboy models named 'Ginger'.......
2001-12-01 10:16:03 PM  
I vaguely remember reading something about IT/Ginger in my local paper or something...

Don't remember a thing, though. Oh well.
2001-12-01 10:22:46 PM  
Goes to who that those "Peopel who bought this also bought..." Are probably fake.
2001-12-01 10:23:23 PM  
Did anyone click on the monopoly thing? It's a great game but they don't have to do it up into every theme imaginable. I got a star trek monopoly for Christmas (ugh) and the really sad thing is I knew almost half of the alien races on the board. And who the hell is IT?
2001-12-01 10:25:22 PM  
i think amazon is making a pretty safe bet with that... is there anyone that does NOT like boobies?
2001-12-01 10:26:26 PM  
You may also want to get Jacko's "Invincible" whatever (album?).
2001-12-01 10:26:55 PM  
I find that funny. Also, anyone actually get on of those Girls Gone Wild tapes? I downloaded one and only made it through like 5 minutes, bored the hell out of me despite the boobies.
2001-12-01 10:33:03 PM  
I got ahold of about 7 of the GGW videos, and yeah, aside from a couple of really good lesbian scenes, not too exciting. Kind of depressing to know that there are girls in this world that like to act like that and that I am nowhere near them.
2001-12-01 10:33:04 PM  
Jimtess - was it a lot of this: WOOOO! Sigma Delta! Spring Break! WOOO! (boobies) OMIGOD!!!
2001-12-01 10:34:20 PM  
Can somebody please explain (or post a link that explains) "Ginger" in depth? Wasn't it a hoax? Or is it still coming? Is there a snopes or something. Info, please, thank you. :)
2001-12-01 10:35:56 PM  
WOOO! Perpetual Motion! WOOO! OMG!
2001-12-01 10:40:02 PM
will have the info you're looking for. And a forum to troll if that's your bag.
2001-12-01 10:41:39 PM  
Batmn42: Ginger was one of the three women on Gilligan's Island (the other two being, of course, Mrs Howell and Mary Anne.) Apparently she's set to make a big comeback sometime soon.
2001-12-01 10:43:55 PM  
it seemed every 5 minutes a new person was saying "They've gone wild"
2001-12-01 10:44:02 PM  
Holy crap, that's funny.

By the way, the only thing I've heard about "it" was the spoof on South Park this week.
2001-12-01 10:47:48 PM  
Those Girls gone wild tapes are a waste. Hour ofter hour of flashing boobie. Seen one tape seen them all.
2001-12-01 10:53:15 PM  
or, worse: Michael Jackson
2001-12-01 10:55:38 PM  
My prediction is that "IT" is one of those now-trendy push scooters, but with a little hydrogen-powered motor. It'll probably have slightly bigger wheels.

Well, when "IT" is introduced in 2002, we'll see how close I was.
2001-12-01 11:00:06 PM  
Well, I just hope IT doesn't have anything that needs to go into my ass to work.
2001-12-01 11:11:46 PM  
I'm hopeing its a giant hydrogen powered mecha in the shape of a llama.
2001-12-01 11:16:18 PM  
Click on "Loosely Related" or "Moderately Related"
The choices get even more interesting.
2001-12-01 11:32:14 PM  
The .com version of matter how hard you play,you're gonna get tanked...
2001-12-01 11:37:05 PM  
With the exception of of course...
2001-12-01 11:53:17 PM  
I typed in a search for the Dr. Zhivago CD (for my aunt, I swear, but it is a good old flick)
and I got THIS

Now it DID return "zhivago", but #2 looks like a lot more fun! Think I will type in "Harry Potter" or "Bible" next...
2001-12-01 11:58:33 PM  
Knowing full well there is no Harry Potter DVD, I typed it in, got several Harry Potter things, but the fun starts about #6 "Eat My Dust" with Ron Howard , #7 has Happy Gilmore and Patch Adams on one DVD, interesting I admit, but relevant to Harry Potter? Gotta try Bible next!
2001-12-01 11:59:29 PM  
Over 18? I think... Whoooooaaa! Take it off!! Wheeeee! yeah!

Listen to some drunk guy say that for 3 hours, and youve got GGW. Without the boobies of course.
2001-12-02 12:00:58 AM  
I apologize, fellow farkers. Ammo-zon is killing links as fast as I type them in. Sorry, but it really does return Happy Gilmore for Harry Potter. (Happy Gilmore in Hogwarts, anyone?)
2001-12-02 12:35:18 AM  
Actually Dean Kamen is announcing this monday on Good Morning America what IT is. It should be very interesting.
Dean Kamen is a neat guy....and horribly smart
2001-12-02 01:02:50 AM  
"it" is almost certainly a hydrogen powered personal mobility scooter with two parallel wheels and a balancing mechanism to counter tipping. the significance of this isnt just the end product itself, but the technologies. jeff bezos serves on the board of directors of the company founded by kamen for this venture. the whole story behind the guy and his invention is fascinating, and i highly recommend doing a lil readup on it.
2001-12-02 01:15:38 AM  
"balancing mechanism" = gyroscope?
2001-12-02 02:48:47 AM  
IT must be a Stirling powered porn star for under $2,000 that we can ride to work. I mean Jeff Bezos has seen it so Amazon must have the inside scoop.
2001-12-02 02:52:03 AM  
Hasn't anyone else seen this thing yet? It's a sort of dumbass motorized unicycle/pogo stick dealie that screams "retard" loud and proud. Looks reeeeal safe, too. I predict we'll see about 500,000 of these things sold in the first week they're available, followed quickly by 500,000 horrible deaths.
2001-12-02 04:01:16 AM  
Kamen might be a "genius" but he sure is annoying, and in an "anarchy" i wouldn't hesitate to beat the shiat out of him. I hate all things that create hype, Pokemon, Apple Computers, Volkswagen (with the beetle, for the dim ones here), American Express, N'Sync and yes, Dean Kamen.

In fact, Dean Kamen is probably nothing more than N'Sync of the scientific community. Same thing with the F.I.R.S.T competition he created... Waste of time.

I mean, sure it keeps kids off the streets and occupied(yea right), but so does N'Sync... Doesn't make it good.
2001-12-02 04:18:40 AM  
If you buy IT then they will invent it and charge way too much for it, and Fools will be parted from their money again!

Sounds like another "Pet Rock" from the 70's.
2001-12-02 05:09:22 AM  
I thought farkers were more observant than this. That tape isn't Girls Gone Wild, it's Girls Gone Crazy.

Of course we want to watch boobies.

I like cheese.
2001-12-02 04:00:26 PM  
Mock Dean Kamen all you want. He even said himself that he didn't enjoy all the hype going in about all of this.

I'll laugh at all you people mocking him and his invention now when he becomes richer than bill gates and revolutionizes the way we live our lives.

F.I.R.S.T. is great. I did it for 3 years in high school. And now I'm in college for eingineering.
2001-12-02 09:23:38 PM  
Heh - Here's a funny tagline from one of the articles :

After nearly a year of speculation and media hype, inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen will unveil "Ginger" on ABC's "Good Morning America" Monday, an invention that some say could change the world and others believe is a motor scooter.
2001-12-02 11:49:08 PM  
For those interested, has an alleged photo of Ginger on its page. This concept of a non-tippable scooter seems great until it breaks down and you end up with no teeth. I wonder who will be rich after the massive lawsuits that result. Unfortunately, it will just be the lawyers or should I say bottom-feeders as my father-in-law calls them (yes,he is a disgustingly successful bottom-feeder).
2001-12-03 07:11:10 AM  
Drifter: That is farking hilarious! I can't believe there's all this hype about a Goddamned scooter. Change the world? Hardly. Change my life? Not at all. Change my tires? Yes. I want one as a hood ornament.
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