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(Opposing Views)   Ted Nugent craps himself over Florida boycott   ( divider line
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9303 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 25 Jul 2013 at 6:46 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-26 09:44:16 AM  
The only time anyone in Chicago listens to this Diarrhea-spewing Fart Nugget is when Stranglehold comes on during the pre-game montage at a Blackhawks game.

I'm sure they could easily replace it with a number of generic high-energy rock songs.
2013-07-26 09:49:41 AM  
Someone needs to tell Mr. Ted that namedropping black music stars you've never even met is not an effective way of dealing with the public perception that you're a racist.

Someone gave me a video of a recent concert of his filmed on the night Zimmerman was sprung, and all through the show he keeps name checking Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Motown, Wilson PIckett, etc, and referring to him and his band as "little black boys".

I don't think it's helping him any.
2013-07-26 10:47:46 AM  
I think the lesson we can all take away from this boys & girls, is that if you attain a certain plateau of public adoration, you can get away with dodging the draft, diddling little girls, threatening the president, and in O.J.'s case, double-murder. The only reason O.J. is in the clink now is because he was too dumb to stop being a criminal, and eventually that shiat catches up with you even if you're a football hero.

So remember kids... either be a rock star or learn to throw a football really well, and maybe you can grow up to be Patrick Bateman, and no one will bat an eye.

Liberty and justice for all (of the rich people).
2013-07-26 11:42:14 AM  

OgreMagi: The juror said he got away with murder because of the lack of evidence. Again, not one farking thing to do with stand your ground.

shhhhhh. no one like their paradigms sprinkled with facts.  now when there is a jury trial the jurors will judge based off of what the masses want and not based off of evidence. that is one way to destroy the justice system.
2013-07-26 12:08:39 PM  

Smeggy Smurf: Avoiding the free fire zone that is Chicago doesn't make sense for him.  You'd think he'd appreciate a chance to shoot back first with little chance the pigs will even notice another couple dozen dead inner city punks.

That's because he's chikenshiat. But I think that's the point you were making.
2013-07-26 01:40:05 PM  

Wintermute6: It still amazes me that the right pays any attention to a draft-dodging has-been pedophile.

Because they see him as a god fearing patriot.  Really.  They actually call him this. ht ml of -the-union-20130211
2013-07-26 02:27:34 PM  

Mugato: OgreMagi: 1. The Zimmerman case had nothing (zero, zip, nada) to do with stand your ground.

They didn't implicitly invoke "stand your ground" but Zimmerman stalked a person and murdered him because he claimed he was scared for his life. And he got off. That's pretty much the spirit of the "stand your ground" law. One of the jurors is now coming out saying that he got away with murder but because of the law, there wasn't anything she could do.

what the hell is wrong with you?  you straight up know that what you said there is complete crap.

also, that juror is an idiot.  stand your ground had nothing whatever to do with anything on the Zimmerman case and the juror in question basically said that she felt he was guilty of something, but the law said otherwise.

Your FEELINGS don't mean shiat.  Zimmerman was attacked and defended himself, and the law was very clear, and stand your ground had NOTHING WHATEVER to do with the case.

You know, I know, hell, DOGS know that Zimmerman should never have been charged with a crime.  The prosecution had ZERO case.  Trayvon's own friend admitted ON THE STAND and on CNN that Trayvon went all the way home and then RETURNED to Zimmerman to "whoop ass".

So seriously.  What the hell is wrong with you?
2013-07-26 02:29:59 PM  

ristst: Wintermute6: It still amazes me that the right pays any attention to a draft-dodging has-been pedophile.

Because they see him as a god fearing patriot.  Really.  They actually call him this. ht ml of -the-union-20130211

I vote republican.  I have odd standings on many things.  I like Nugent's music and Double Live Gonzo is a great record.

Ted himself is a gaddamned idiot with a derp level that surpasses the stupid bint that thinks kids don't need vaccinations.
2013-07-26 05:11:12 PM  
I totally agree with the Zimmerman verdict, but ted nugent is a complete utter moron.
2013-07-26 07:34:56 PM  
The whole "Nuge pants-poop draft dodge" is indeed true no doubt. I remember reading an interview with him in the early 80s where he actually bragged about this.

does ANYBODY have a link or a vid of somebody "outing" Ted on this?

I have seen Nuge shooting his mouth off and ranting so many times on TV but have NEVER seen or heard of anyone confronting him about him being a chicken-hawk pussy draft dodger. much as Nuge is an ass... there is nothing wrong with "castle doctrine" or "stand your ground" laws.
This issue is being blown WAY out of proportion. If you shoot someone, you will still likely face a jury. Blame the jury or the state prosecution if you think a killer walks free.
2013-07-27 01:14:36 AM  

Bruce Campbell: I may have missed a memo here, but when did Courtney Love gain credibility?

Compared to Ted Nugent she's a bastion of integrity. Besides, he's admitted it, and she wasn't the first or last way too young girl that he raped.
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