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(NewsBusters)   Chris Matthews apologizes for actions of "all white people" to his black guests, still no word on diabetic leg tingle sufferers   ( divider line
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765 clicks; posted to Politics » on 25 Jul 2013 at 10:39 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-25 06:47:12 PM  

captmingus: Johnny_Whistle: captmingus: On behalf of the more than 50% of white Americans whose ancestors arrived in the US after the civil war I wish to thank you Mr Mathews!.....still don't feel a lick of guilt though

Because, as we all know, the civil war signaled THE END OF ALL RACISM, BIGOTRY, AND OPPRESSION.

I apologize for my ancestors raping and pillaging the English and Irish coastline for hundreds of years, not to mention certain French tributaries. Also for inspiring expansionism, bad German operas, lutefisk and mediocre NFL teams from the NFC North.  I love bleeding heart liberals who embrace the Sin of Omission in their desire to correct the injustices of the past.  To feel guilt you must earn it...does Johnny Whistle feel guilty for some reason?

Not really, no.  Just thought your statement was kinda stupid.
2013-07-25 07:09:45 PM  

Frank N Stein: White guilt is one of the favorite hobbies of the liberal.

Hey now I am a white,male,liberal who is also a nasty racist. No phony guilt here.
2013-07-25 11:10:22 PM  

BMulligan: Tyee: Chris Mathews doesn't speak for me, please people, whether your black, white, purple, green, orange (NJ.), red, polka-dotted, whatever...  Chris Mathews does not speak for me and never has or will.  I'll speak for myself.

If you're going to be speaking for yourself, I suggest you learn the difference between "your" and "you're." Otherwise, listeners will presume that your sloppy use of language coincides with sloppy thinking.

I suggest you shut the fark up, you grammer Nazi lib douche.
2013-07-26 10:37:49 AM  

Facetious_Speciest: Think these things through. Champ. Smh.

What the fark is "Champ Smh?"

What vague thread of subculture are you referring to?
2013-07-26 10:49:04 AM  

What the fark is "Champ Smh?"

A petty mockery of another poster, same as it was yesterday.

2013-07-26 11:06:29 AM  
I wonder why white people do this? I've seen other white folks in one forum or another issue a blanket apology for white people and it's always weird.

Mainly because, I don't want a blanket apology from white people. What I would like is not to get followed in a store. Or to not have my credit card checked with my ID when the five white people in front of me didn't have theirs checked.

I would like to walk out the door and have my neighbors speak to me and maybe even sit on my porch like they do with each other instead of regarding us with suspicion after 16 years of living here. At least they speak now. Even crazy militia guy will wave so I guess that's progress. Mainly because when his wife died my mother made a point of going to the memorial service and taking them chicken (we laughed about that).

I would like white women to stop touching my hair. I would like to listen to country music without getting stared at. I would like to go to a country music concert without worrying about being lynched or hurt. Or even a Fark party for that matter.

I would like for Fark to be less racist. But sometimes I'm glad it's not because so many white people here are really good folks and the ones who are dicks...they teach me what I'm up against when I go out into the world. This site has gone a long way to understanding how white people think and who I can trust and who I can't.

I gotta get this day started. I'm going to go out into the world and be happy today. Fark helps with that too.
2013-07-26 12:42:52 PM  
Chris Matthews does not speak for me.

I refuse to apologize or feel guilty for something I personally did not do.  If you find an instance of my specific ancestors oppressing your specific ancestors, I will express sympathy for their plight, but do not think that I need to feel guilty or make some type of apology or reparation to you for something I did not do.  I do not care what color you are, I do not care where your ancestors came from.  If I am going to apologize, it will be because I did something, not someone dead for dozens or hundreds of years.
2013-07-26 01:01:56 PM  
Frank N Stein Was that post an attempt at communication?

No, it was calling out a Troll Who Decried Trolling, which maybe making their point for them-so yes, Politics Tab sucks for those reasons-for your 'communication' a dog whistle...
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